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December 20, 2014 - Latest:

Connaught directors banned for allowing misuse of £106m of investors’ money

Connaught directors banned for allowing misuse of £106m of investors’ money

Two directors of Connaught Asset Management have been disqualified as directors after they allowed the misuse of £106 million invested in the funds by consumers.   An investigation by the [...]

Bank currency rigging fines help reduce UK borrowing

Bank currency rigging fines help reduce UK borrowing

Fines imposed on some of Britain’s biggest banks for rigging foreign exchange rates have helped wipe 10% off UK borrowing figures over the past year.   Banks were fined £1.1 [...]

City regulator to punish wrongdoers more harshly under new plans

City regulator to punish wrongdoers more harshly under new plans

The City watchdog will be forced to come down harder on financial companies that flout its rules.   The government is planning to overhaul the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) enforcement [...]

Wonga told to cancel charges on unaffordable loan

Wonga told to cancel charges on unaffordable loan

A customer of payday lender Wonga has won a battle to have the interest and fees refunded on a loan that has been written off.   In October, Wonga agreeded [...]

Planning a holiday? Find out which currencies are best value for Brits

Planning a holiday? Find out which currencies are best value for Brits

Before planning your holiday next year, it’s worth having a look at the countries where your pound will buy you more.   Thanks to Britain’s strong economy it has outperformed [...]

Pensioners to spend £4.2bn on Christmas celebrations

Pensioners to spend £4.2bn on Christmas celebrations

Generous pensioners will be spending £4.2 billion on Christmas this year. British pensioners will spend an average of £400 each this Christmas on gifts and entertaining, with 53% – 5.8 [...]

Gov’t limits holiday back-pay claims to 2 years

Gov’t limits holiday back-pay claims to 2 years

Workers who missed out on holiday pay because their overtime was not taken into account when calculating it can only claim back lost money for the past two years.   [...]

Iceland repays UK another £1.36bn to cover Icesave bail out

Iceland repays UK another £1.36bn to cover Icesave bail out

The government has recouped a further payment of £1.36 billion from Iceland to pay for the cost of bailing out Icesave bank after its collapse.   Icesave, which is owned [...]

Extraordinary times…winners and losers in the oil game

Mark Burgess, chief investment officer at Threadneedle Investments analyses the extraordinary backdrop investors are presently facing and what it means going forward in 2015… We are living and investing in [...]

A quarter of consumers will cut down on Christmas spending because of housing costs

Over a quarter of consumers say that they will cut down on spending this Christmas compared to previous years, so that they can pay the bills and make their monthly [...]

Investors warned to reassess their risk appetite in 2015

Over the coming 12 months investors will need to get to grips with how much investment risk they wish to take on, Tom Elliott international investment strategist at advisory firm [...]

The impact of the strengthening US dollar on global economies‏

As the dollar goes from strength to strength, John Chatfeild-Roberts, head of the Jupiter’s independent funds team, asks what this might mean for the US and other economies… Over the past decade, we have [...]

A third of Brits live beyond their means on credit cards

More than a third of Britons believe that owning a credit card has allowed them to live beyond their means, new research suggests. The survey, by, found that more [...]

2015 outlook for UK commercial property

Following an exceptionally good year for UK commercial property, Duncan Owen, head of real estate at Schroders outlines what trends he expects to emerge in 2015… This year has been a [...]

Welcome for maintainance of entrepreneurs’ relief when reinvested in shares under EIS scheme

Tina Riches, national tax partner at Smith & Williamson considers the business tax changes in the Autumn Statement. Entrepreneurs’ relief and venture capital schemes The Government has announced that Entrepreneurs’ [...]

Scotland’s finance minister says George Osborne has copied Scotland’s stamp duty reforms

Scotland’s finance minister and deputy first minister John Swinney has claimed UK Chancellor George Osborne has copied his stamp duty reforms from the SNP Government. Swinney says ‘Imitation is the [...]

Government scraps plans to extend pensions tax relief to over-75s

The Government has abandoned plans to  allow over-75s to receive tax relief on their pension contributions. In the March Budget the Government said it would be exploring with interested parties [...]

Higher rate tax threshold to rise to £42,385 next year

The 40 per cent income tax threshold will increase to £42,385 next year the first increase in five years. The higher rate threshold is currently set at £41,865. Chancellor George [...]

Isa limit to increase to £15,240

The Isa limit will increase to £15,240 from £15,000 from next April roughly keeping pace with inflation. There was no mention made of a total cap on Isa investments in [...]

Breedon Aggregates is a buy for the long term says The Share Centre

Broker the Share Centre has rated construction materials firm Breedon Aggregates is its share of the week and a long term buy. Graham Spooner, investment research analyst says that as [...]

Mindful Money’s new mortgage calculators

Mindful Money has launched a range of mortgage tools so readers can now search online for the best deals.  We’ve teamed up with London & Country, the UK’s leading fee [...]

Kames Capital’s CIO Stephen Jones: “Why interest rates will not rise in the UK next year”

Kames Capital’s chief investment officer Stephen Jones explains why he believes the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) will leave the base rate at 0.5% throughout 2015 – despite [...]

Britons’ top financial stresses revealed…

When it comes to the financial issues that most stress Britons out, being embarrassed while out shopping because their card is declined or they can’t take out cash ranks highly. [...]

Axa Wealth to remove regular charges on platform in response to pension changes

Axa Wealth is set to it remove the regular charges on both its Pension Investment Account and drawdown services available via the Elevate platform. The charges will be removed for [...]

Schroders to launch fund for retirees using new pension freedoms

Schroders is launching a global multi-asset income fund  targeting investors who plan to take advantage of the new pension freedoms being granted by the Government and who are seeking an [...]

Warning about council tax scammers

A Government agency has warned against  scams by companies offering to challenge your council tax band. The Valuation Office Agency (VOA)  said it can be contacted to check or query [...]

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