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September 17, 2014 - Latest:

Unemployment falls to 6.2% with 966,500 claiming jobseeker’s allowance

17 September 2014

The unemployment rate fell to 6.2% over the three months to the end of July, its lowest level since 2008, figures from the Office for National Statistics show. The number [...]

Investor rate rise expectations at three year high

17 September 2014

Investors’ expectations of an interest rate rise are now at a 3 year high according to a survey of Hargreaves Lansdown investors.Investor confidence is Europe has fallen sharply but is [...]

Inflation falls to lowest level in five years

16 September 2014

The annual rate of inflation fell to its lowest level for five years in August as a result of a drop in the cost of petrol, food and non-alcoholic drinks. [...]

Neil Woodford on the Scottish referendum: “The UK has already crossed a constitutional Rubicon”

15 September 2014

Neil Woodford, manager of the CF Woodford Equity Income fund discusses the potential impact of this week’s referendum… Later this week, Scotland votes on whether to remain part of the [...]

Scottish referendum: A ‘yes’ vote will mean far greater cost burden on Scotland’s state pension says report

15 September 2014

An Independent Scotland will have to raise its taxes and slash spending in order to afford the state pension set out by the Scotland National Party (SNP). According to evidence [...]

Britons open to new housing developments – just not in their own area

15 September 2014

Despite the UK’s severe housing shortage the majority of Britons would only back up to 10 new properties being built in their neighbourhood. In fact while the nation is crying [...]

Female empowerment key to a strong economy, says IMF leader

12 September 2014

The leader of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has called for countries to change policies to unleash the economic potential of women. Christine Lagarde, head of the IMF, said countries [...]

Just one week left to save the union

11 September 2014

With one week to go today Azad Zangana, European economist at fund manager Schroders gives his latest economic insight into the Scottish Referendum… On the 18th of September, Scotland will decide [...]

Mortgage approvals up 10% in July but is the property market finally cooling?

11 September 2014

Mortgage advances for home buyers jumped 10% month-on-month during July and 21% on an annual basis. But despite the robust headline figures they hint at a slight easing in the [...]

YES vote: What would happen to Scotland’s currency, economy and people?

11 September 2014

Toby Nangle, head of multi-asset allocation at fund manager Threadneedle Investments, looks at the implications of a ‘Yes’ vote for Scottish independence on the country’s currency, economy and its people… [...]

Royal Bank of Scotland confirms it will relocate to London if Scotland votes ‘yes’

11 September 2014

Taxpayer backed lender, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) will relocate its legal headquarters to London if the ‘Yes’ campaign in Scotland is successful. In a statement issued today on the [...]

The investment impact of more sanctions on Russia

10 September 2014

Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore discusses the situation on the ground in Ukraine and his view of the impact of more sanctions on Russia below. Pro-Russian separatist rebels [...]

UK economic engine remains healthy but growth likely to ease says OECD

8 September 2014

The OECD’s leading indicator for the UK for the UK economy has moderated from its July total, suggesting that while the economy is likely to see growth slow, it still [...]

Sterling plummets as Scotland’s ‘yes’ campaign gathers further pace

8 September 2014

Brenda Kelly, chief market strategist at IG Group, comments on the upcoming Scottish referendum’s impact on the pound… The level of complacency in financial markets surrounding the Scottish referendum became [...]

Annual UK house price growth moderates but only just

8 September 2014

UK annual house price growth eased back to 9.7% in the three months to August from 10.2% in the three months to July according to the latest Halifax house price [...]

ECB rate cut and asset buying programme – analysts’ views

4 September 2014

Expert views on the European Central Bank moves on interest rates and the asset buying programme Interest cut will have limited impact Schroders European Economist Azad Zangana, and Fixed Income [...]

A year on from Fed tapering, emerging markets have proved their resilience unlike their developed market peers

3 September 2014

Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore discusses the resilience of emerging markets and why developed markets are sustained by deliberate policies of asset price inflation instead of reforms below. [...]

Britain must invest and export more to ensure 2014′s “stellar” growth is not a flash in the pan

28 August 2014

Leading business lobby the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) has warned that the UK needs to invest and export more to ensure “the stellar 2014 growth is not a flash [...]

Bank lending continues to slide – as do savings rates

28 August 2014

Lending to UK businesses contracted further during the second quarter of 2014, the Bank of England (BoE) has confirmed, despite its attempt to stimulate lending via the Funding for Lending [...]

Could markets be heading towards a 60% crash?

28 August 2014

Two analysts have warned that markets could be facing a collapse of up to 60%. Speaking to CNBC David Tice, president of Tice Capital and founder of the Prudent Bear [...]

Housing costs on a “cliff edge” with three in five anxious over household bills

28 August 2014

Charity group Citizens Advice has warned that the pressure of hefty bills such as childcare and energy costs will mean that half of households will have to slash spending this [...]

200 business leaders sign letter backing an independant Scotland

28 August 2014

Some 200 business leaders have signed a letter backing the case for an independent Scotland. In the letter published in The Herald, the signatories include Stagecoach chairman Sir Brian Souter, [...]

Royal Mail reveals the UK’s most desirable postcodes…

25 August 2014

A survey from Royal Mail has revealed the country’s most desirable postcodes and Tidworth has emerged as England’s winner. Situated on the edge of Salisbury Plain, with HRH the Prince [...]

Eurozone recovery stumbles further as business growth eases in August

21 August 2014

Pressure is mounting on European policymakers to undertake new measures to reignite the Eurozone’s ailing economy as new numbers show business activity in the region fell back once again in [...]

Small British businesses set to create 1.9m new jobs

21 August 2014

With the UK’s economy getting back on track business confidence is on a roll as new research shows that small firms across Britain are looking to take on a raft [...]

Mortgage lending jumps to its highest level in six years

21 August 2014

Despite the recent arrival of tighter regulations on home loans gross mortgage lending jumped 7% in July taking it to its highest monthly level in almost six years. According to [...]

Labour pledges to give new regulator the powers to revoke energy firm licences

21 August 2014

Labour has pledged to give a new regulator the powers to tear-up energy companies’ licenses if they are found to be not acting in the best interests of consumers. Caroline [...]

Britons’ household savings jump by 500% in the past 40 years

21 August 2014

Despite the UK’s personal debt tally hitting £1.4 trillion the value of household savings in Britain has surged by more than 500% over the past four decades. According to research [...]

Bank of England Monetary Policy Committee splits seven to two on interest rate rise

20 August 2014

Two out of nine members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted to raise interest rates in August. This is the first split in the MPC for three [...]

UK households still pessimistic about their finances

20 August 2014

The UK’s Markit Household Finance Index rose fractionally to 42.2 in August, up from 42.0 in July but still well below the neutral 50.0 value says Markit, indicating pessimism. Negative [...]

Self employed at all time high of 4.6 million but average income falls 22 per cent since 2008

20 August 2014

Self-employment is at its highest level for 40 years with 4.6 million self-employed in the period April to June. More people (both self-employed and employees) continuing to work beyond the state [...]

CPI inflation falls to 1.6%. Pound falls as rate rise now seen as very unlikely this year

19 August 2014

The Consumer Prices Index (CPI) grew by 1.6% in the year to July 2014, down from 1.9% in June according to the Office for National Statistics. Falls in clothing prices [...]

European real estate could return 7% a year but deflation remains a threat

18 August 2014

Aviva Investors is forecasting that the European ex-UK real estate market could return up to 8.2% a year over the 2014-2016 period and 7% per annum over the longer term [...]

Housebuilding gets £1bn boost from gov’t fund

15 August 2014

A lack of supply in the property market has pushed up house prices but the government is hoping to counter the problem with a £1 billion house-building project.   Communities [...]

Government rule change boosts home-based businesses

15 August 2014

Britain is a nation of budding entrepreneurs and from today the government is making it easier to set up a business from home.   The number of self-employed has risen [...]

UK’s reluctant self-employed are not the sort of entrepreneurs to boost economic growth

14 August 2014

Thinktank the Social Market Foundation is arguing that the UK’s growing number of self employed are not the sort of entrepreneurs who boost economic growth. The SMF considers whether the [...]

UK unemployment falls to 6.4% but outlook for wages “remains bleak”

13 August 2014

UK unemployment fell to 6.4% in the three months to June from 6.4% the previous month according to the Office for National Statistics. The number of people unemployed fell by [...]

Japan sees fall in second quarter GDP of 1.7% as increased sales tax bites

13 August 2014

Japanese GDP contracted by 1.7% in Q2 2014, the largest economic contraction in Japan since the 2011 earthquake. The contraction is seen by experts as primarily a result of an [...]

Almost 2.5 million households struggling financially despite better economic backdrop

12 August 2014

Despite the UK’s vastly improved economic backdrop and a more buoyant jobs market, one in eight households are still battling to make ends meet. According to Legal & General’a latest [...]

German investor sentiment plummets as fears over the Ukraine crisis deepen

12 August 2014

The problems facing Europe are showing no signs of abating as investor sentiment in Germany has nosedived on the back of escalating concerns over the crisis in the Ukraine. August’s [...]

Investors warned over threat of Russian recession

12 August 2014

The Russian economy is in severe danger of falling into recession as the European Union sanctions against the nation are likely to hit hard. The latest flash estimate suggests that [...]

Mortgage lending continues to rise despite tougher regulations

11 August 2014

The number of home loans granted to borrowers enjoyed an uptick in June indicating that the introduction of tougher lending rules has failed to ease the pace of the UK’s [...]

Economy and jobs market buoyant but wages squeeze set to continue

11 August 2014

Despite the better economic backdrop and a more buoyant jobs market, UK wage growth is still expected to remain weak. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in its [...]

UK plc sales growth comes at the expense of squeezed profit margins

11 August 2014

Upbeat sales growth across UK firms maybe enjoying a rise in sales revenues but the growth is not translating into higher profits. Total annual revenues for British listed firms who [...]

Investors – “Keep Calm and Carry On” when interest rates rise

11 August 2014

In response to the Bank of England Governor’s comment last week that “the economy has edged closer to the point at which the Bank Rate will gradually need to rise” [...]

Recruitment plans among UK firms hit their best rate since 1998

11 August 2014

UK businesses are intending to dramatically bolster their headcount with hiring intentions now at their highest level since 1998 according to research from accountancy group BDO. The firm’s latest Business [...]

UK slipping down the savings league table compared with other advanced economies

7 August 2014

UK households have fallen behind other European households when it comes to the amount they could be saving each year – slipping behind both Spain and Italy and only just [...]

Italy suffering triple dip

6 August 2014

Italy has slipped back into a recession for the third time since 2007 with the economy contracting by 0.2% in the second quarter following on from a 0.1% fall in [...]

Argentine default – what it means for bond holders, for Argentina and other countries

6 August 2014

Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore discusses the recent news that Argentina defaulted after failing to ensure that holders of 2033 Discount Bonds under New York Law received their [...]

Insurers warn that new Riot Damages Act could see riot cover removed as standard from property insurance

5 August 2014

The Association of British Insurers has warned that Government  proposals to change the Riot Damages Act would leave many firms and motorists facing financial hardship. The ABI estimates that for [...]

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