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August 3, 2015 - Latest:

Confidence in UK economy falls but personal finances looking strong

31 July 2015

Confidence in the wider economic outlook dipped this month but Britons are upbeat about their prospects for their own personal finances.   Worries about Greece and the global economy and [...]

UK economic growth picks up but exporters wary of strong sterling

31 July 2015

Growth in business and professional services means UK economic growth accelerated in the three months to July, according to the CBI’s growth indicator.   Despite a strong pound affecting exports, [...]

US economy bounces back to deliver 2.3% growth during the second quarter

30 July 2015

The US economy expanded by 2.3% on an annualised basis in the three months to the end of June according to official statistics. The tally marks a strong turnaround for [...]

Is a September lift-off for US interest rates still likely?

30 July 2015

Following the latest rhetoric from the US Federal Reserve some economists are split on whether September will mark the point at which US interest rates move up. In its latest [...]

Bank results season – what do investors need to look out for?

29 July 2015

One in seven UK fund managers hold no banks a survey by Hargreaves Lansdown shows. Active UK managers fund managers are 4% underweight banks, though the 30% which hold RBS [...]

A bull in a China shop

29 July 2015

Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens gives his view on the fall of Chinese equities and its implications for global growth and investors “Chinese equities are having a year to remember. [...]

There are many reasons to avoid investing in China but we only need one

29 July 2015

Kevin Murphy fund manager and contributor to the Value Perspective looks at China from the perspective of value investing. Sizing up whether or not a particular business will make a [...]

Beware Europe-based financial advisers ‘passporting’ into the UK but operating to much lower standards on charges and disclosure

28 July 2015

More needs to be done to protect UK citizens from European financial advisory firms which use freedom of services laws within the EU to dodge UK consumer protection rules according [...]

UK growth of 0.7% in second quarter back to level ‘typical’ of last two years

28 July 2015

Britain’s economic growth reached 0.7% in the second quarter according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics. Growth in the first quarter was a disappointing 0.4% down [...]

Metal madness – why I’m a gold sceptic

28 July 2015

7IM’s investment manager Ben Kumar is far from enamoured of gold as an investment. Have you ever considered investing in Antimony, Cadmium or Zirconium? Could you identify which was which [...]

Investors urged to “China-proof” their investment portfolios as shares crash

27 July 2015

Stocks in mainland China recorded their sharpest one-day fall since 2007 on Monday, as the Shanghai Composite crashed by 8.5%. The fall was driven primarily by weak economic data which [...]

“Chinese contradictions and Western hypocrisy”

27 July 2015

Anthony Rayner, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, compares Chinese and Western responses to crises in equity markets…  The Chinese equity market started to rally last year, in anticipation of [...]

Pay rises stuck ‘firmly’ at 2%

24 July 2015

We may be in the midst of an economic recovery but pay rises are stuck at 2%.   Research by XpertHR, which analyses pay, shows the median rise in pay [...]

Greece: Victory for Tsipras? Think again

23 July 2015

Bill McQuaker, co-head of Henderson’s multi-asset team, provides his views on the proposed third bailout deal for Greece… The price is high and there are still legislative hurdles to overcome, [...]

Greek crisis: MPs pass fresh bailout reform terms

23 July 2015

Greece is edging nearer to receiving a bailout package as its parliament has agreed to a second suite of reforms. The acceptance of the new terms means that talks in [...]

Bank of England rate-setters vote unanimously for a freeze, but rate rises draw nearer

22 July 2015

Members of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee voted unanimously to keep rates on hold at the last meeting, but their comments suggest that an increase in interest rates [...]

How have US banks fared during results reporting season?

20 July 2015

With the majority of the US money-center banks having reported for their second quarter results, Filippo Alloatti, senior analyst at Hermes Credit, shares his initial thoughts on the numbers… In [...]

Price of bullion slides to five-year low as concerns over US interest rate rise sparks sell-off

20 July 2015

The price of gold has dropped to its lowest level in more than five years as fears over a potential US interest rate rise has driven investors to dump the [...]

Greek banks finally re-open their doors to the public but with restrictions in place

20 July 2015

Following three weeks’ of closure Greece’s banks have once again opened their doors to the public however a number of trading restrictions have been put in place. The nation’s banks [...]

HMRC tax avoidance clampdown nets £26.6 billion

17 July 2015

A crackdown on tax dodgers netted HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) £26.6 billion in revenue last year.   The 2014/15 annual accounts for the taxman show it secured £3 billion [...]

The three challenges facing global economies

17 July 2015

Global economies face three main challenges that are all very different, according to Anthony Rayner, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range.   Rayner has identified the ‘cracks in the eurozone [...]

Interest rate rise edges closer: can your finances handle it?

17 July 2015

Interest rates could rise within months signalling the end of record low mortgage deals.   Bank of England governor Mark Carney has warned that the historic low of 0.5% interest [...]

“Greek politicians vote overwhelmingly to approve tough austerity measures but big hurdles remain”

16 July 2015

Financial markets and the euro will move higher on news that Greece has a reasonable chance of staying within the eurozone but the Greek saga isn’t over yet, risks remain [...]

Unemployment up for the first time in two years, but wages also rise

15 July 2015

UK unemployment has risen for the first time in two years, reaching 5.6% in the three months to May, but pay for those with jobs increased by 3.2%. Office for [...]

IMF slams EU over Greek bailout deal that leaves country with “highly unsustainable” debt

15 July 2015

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has blasted the bailout deal offered to Greece by eurozone creditors warning that it still leaves the country with “highly unsustainable” debts. It called for [...]

Sterling jumps on Bank governor’s comments

14 July 2015

The pound jumped by more than 1% against the dollar and the euro, following comments by the Bank of England governor Mark Carney suggesting an interest rise could come sooner [...]

Big companies will have to publish pay gap between male and female staff

14 July 2015

Every company with more than 250 employees will be forced to publish the difference in average pay for male and female employees under new plans to tackle the gender pay [...]

Inflation drops back to 0%

14 July 2015

Inflation has dropped back to 0% in June, after one month in positive territory. The Consumer Prices Index reached 0.1% in May after dipping briefly into deflation when the index [...]

Greece to receive a “pay-as-you-go bailout”

13 July 2015

Azad Zangana, senior European economist at Schroders, comments on the Greece bailout agreement… A road map to a long-term bailout deal has been agreed, but not without Greece making major [...]

“Market focus will switch back to fundamentals after Greek deal, which means a weaker euro”

13 July 2015

The deal agreed between eurozone leaders in Brussels this morning provides a basis for a third bailout package for Greece and for Greece to stay in the eurozone writes Christophe [...]

Greek debt crisis: Eurozone leaders finally reach a deal

13 July 2015

Following a prolonged session of overnight negotiations eurozone bosses have finally come to a unanimous agreement over a third bailout package for Greece. European Union chairman Donald Tusk said that [...]

Italy is not the next Greece, says GAM

10 July 2015

There are fears of contagion due to the eurozone crisis but Italy is not the next Greece, says GAM investment expert.   Enzo Puntillo, investment director at GAM, said investors [...]

What is happening in China and which countries are most exposed?

9 July 2015

Jeremy Lawson Chief Economist Standard Life Investments looks at what exactly is happening in China and what other countries might be most affected by the slowdown or a hard landing.  [...]

‘China is a bigger threat to investors than Greece’, adviser warns

9 July 2015

The Chinese stock market’s downward spiral is in its third week and must act as a wake-up call for investors to urgently reassess their portfolios, says  Nigel Green, chief executive [...]

How the Budget turns the Conservative’s pledges into actions

8 July 2015

David Page, Senior Economist at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) says the Chancellor has used this opportunity to turn what were the Conservatives’ pre-election pledges into actions below. George Osborne [...]

UK growth forecasts downgraded

8 July 2015

The independent Office for Budget Responsibility has revised down economic growth forecasts to coincide with today’s Budget statement by the Chancellor. GDP growth is projected at 2.4% (revised down from [...]

‘IHT plans are too complex. Threshold should have been linked to house price inflation’ planners tell Chancellor

8 July 2015

The inheritance tax planning changes may not be as generous as first thought say financial planning experts as it only applies to properties. A generous £1m is now available to [...]

Tax relief on pension savings under threat as Government consults on pensions ‘taxed like ISAs’

8 July 2015

Tax relief on pensions could be abolished as pensions move closer to the ISA structure. In a consultation announced today, the Chancellor says tax relief may not be available on [...]

Minimum wage upgraded to £7.20 an hour from next April and rebranded the ‘Living Wage’ by Chancellor

8 July 2015

The Chancellor George Osborne has introduced a compulsory national living wage to be introduced next year. The new upgraded minimum wage will be introduced from next April at a rate [...]

Greek PM: ‘don’t let Europe be divided’

8 July 2015

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has called on leaders to avoid division in Europe as the country battles to stay in the euro. Speaking at a debate in the European [...]

The next steps in the Greek crisis

7 July 2015

Invesco’s John Greenwood looks at what the future holds for Greece and how the rest of the eurozone will react to the outcome of the referendum.­.. On 5 July the [...]

Will Tsipras’s big gamble pay off?

7 July 2015

Markets are relatively sanguine and pricing in a possible deal for Greece despite high uncertainty, says Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens… The birthplace of democracy has spoken. Prime Minister Tsipras’ [...]

Greece latest: Tsipras submits ‘no concrete plans’ to emergency summit

7 July 2015

- The Greek government has reportedly failed to submit any firm plans for consideration by its eurozone creditors at this evening’s summit, despite being urged to do so. - The [...]

Greece latest: eurozone facing “a new reality”, fresh talks tomorrow

6 July 2015

- Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and German Chancellor Angela Merkel have reportedly spoken by telephone and agreed that Greece will put forward proposals to the eurozone summit tomorrow. - [...]

Will Greek crisis put an end to market complacency?

6 July 2015

Jason Hollands, managing director of Tilney Bestinvest, looks at what events in Greece mean for market sentiment… Yesterday’s “no” vote in Greece, rejecting the terms of an already expired bailout [...]

Greek ‘no’ vote: key events to watch

6 July 2015

Salman Ahmed, global strategist and portfolio manager at Lombard Odier Investment Managers, reflects on Greece’s referendum vote against austerity measures and the events that markets will be monitoring over the [...]

FTSE drops on Greek ‘no’ vote

6 July 2015

The FTSE opened down 1% this morning and European markets fell around 2% in early trading following the Greek referendum which rejected the terms of an international bailout. The FTSE [...]

Greece says no to austerity package. Eurozone politicans consider the options but split between hardliners and compromisers

5 July 2015

Greece has voted No in its referendum on accepting the Troika’s austerity measures, though the deal had already been withdrawn by Greece’s creditors. The Greek interior ministry suggests that nearly [...]

US interest rate rise still looks likely to happen in September despite latest job numbers

2 July 2015

The latest payroll numbers from the US came in weaker than some economists had been anticipating but given the drop in the unemployment rate, a September lift off for interest [...]

Will the Bank of England be forced to raise interest rates this year?

2 July 2015

Steven Bell, economist at BMO Global Asset Management looks at whether the Bank of England will be forced to raise base rates this year… Last month we took a look [...]

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