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October 6, 2015 - Latest:

US interest rate hike is likely to boost equity markets, highlights new report

5 October 2015

ecent market volatility has rattled investors but the global economy continues to grow and the likelihood of a US rate rise may not be as problematic as many believe, experts [...]

Why the price of oil has “changed for a generation”

5 October 2015

Chris Taylor, investment director and head of research at Neptune Investment Management, explains why he believes sub-$50 oil could be the norm for investors for the next decade or two… [...]

Confidence in house price growth remains robust despite the threat of higher interest rates

5 October 2015

Despite a steep rise in the number of Britons anticipating an interest rate rise in the coming 12 months, confidence in the outlook for house price growth remains robust claims [...]

Leading trade body calls for single rate of tax relief on pensions at 25% or 33% as current system “benefits the rich”

4 October 2015

The UK insurance industry’s leading trade body has called on the Government to sweep away the current system of pension tax relief which it argues is too complex and benefits [...]

An end in sight for PPI calls as financial watchdog sets 2018 complaints deadline

2 October 2015

All PPI claims may have to be settled by spring 2018 with a new deadline being proposed by the UK’s financial watchdog. The new rules proposed by the Financial Conduct [...]

Employers attack training levy as ‘little more than a tax on business’

2 October 2015

The CBI and the manufacturer’s trade body the EEF have criticised Government plans to create three million apprenticeships by 2020. The employers’ bodies are worried that they will face a [...]

Three scenarios for the future of Volkswagen and its impact on the German economy

1 October 2015

Maxime Alimi, Senior Economist at AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM), discusses the impact of the Volkswagen (VW) scandal on the German economy and concludes that the impact is uncertain in [...]

Economic consequences of VW scandal are ‘anything but negligible’, warns AXA IM

30 September 2015

Maxime Alimi, senior economist at AXA Investment Managers, looks at the potential impact of Volkswagen (VW) scandal on the German economy… The economic consequences are highly uncertain, and anything but [...]

Bank governor spells out climate change threat to financial stability

30 September 2015

The Bank of England Governor has warned that climate change poses a huge threat to the global economy. Speaking at Lloyds of London yesterday, Mark Carney talked of the accumulation [...]

‘QE’ currencies set to follow the shape of Kilimanjaro

30 September 2015

Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore, discusses the similarity between Kilimanjaro’s form and the inevitable evolution of currencies subject to quantitative easing (QE). Enormous, majestic and almost perfectly symmetrical, [...]

Corbyn attacks Tories’ economic record and pledges “more caring society”

29 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn has promised “a more caring society” and an end to “inequality and injustice”, while attacking Tory economic policy in his speech to the Labour Party Conference in Brighton [...]

Why the Chinese economy matters to European investors

29 September 2015

Nigel Bolton, head of European equities at BlackRock looks at how the Chinese economy affects European equities… China is a key trading partner for Europe and specific sectors within European-listed [...]

Consumer spending power confidence collapses to its lowest point since May

28 September 2015

Consumer confidence took a hit last month as anxieties rose over the strength of the job’s market according to research from Lloyds. The bank’s latest Spending Power index dropped for [...]

Impact of the Fed decision on five asset classes

23 September 2015

Thomas Becket, chief investment officer at Psigma considers the decision by the Fed not to raise rates and its impact on five asset classes. The Federal Reserve opted against their [...]

‘The game of cat and mouse between markets and rate-setters continues’

22 September 2015

Markets are significantly influenced by backward-looking data releases and periodic Fed statements, says Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens… The historical big event of last week which preoccupied the markets was [...]

Chancellor reveals plan to link UK and Chinese stock markets

22 September 2015

The Chancellor has revealed that the UK and Chinese governments are considering plans to link their stock markets. Speaking at the Shanghai Stock Exchange, George Osborne said the countries should [...]

Fed leaves US rates unchanged: markets breathe a sigh of relief

18 September 2015

Global markets are breathing a sigh of relief after the Fed decided against a rise in US interest rates.   Members of the Federal Reserve voted to hold US interest [...]

US Federal Reserve interest rate rise should result in positive market returns

17 September 2015

Market returns tend to be positive and volatility low when the US Federal Reserve (Fed) starts to raise interest rates, according to analysis of historical market data by Exchange Traded [...]

Conflicting employment and inflation data create dilemma for interest rate setters

16 September 2015

Ben Brettell, senior economist at Hargreaves Lansdown, says that conflicting signs from inflation and labour market statistics are creating a quandary for interest-rate setters… Once again the UK labour market [...]

Number of jobless rises by 10,000, but wages grow at fastest rate in six years

16 September 2015

Employment rose by 42,000 in the three months to July to reach 31.095 million and wages grew at their fastest pace for six years. Employment returned to close to record [...]

Markets predict a one in three chance of Fed rate hike

16 September 2015

Larry Hatheway, group chief economist, GAM, says we shouldn’t expect the Fed to underpin a genuine market reversal this month… Markets currently think there is around a one in three [...]

“The expectation of further US volatility boosts the appeal of Asia”

15 September 2015

Volatility on the horizon in the US is improving the appeal of Asia, says Russ Koesterich, BlackRock’s global chief investment strategist… After weeks of struggling, global equities stabilized last week. [...]

Inflation dips back to 0% on falling oil and supermarket prices

15 September 2015

Inflation fell to 0% in August from July’s rate of 0.1%, Office for National Statistics (ONS) data has revealed. Inflation by the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) measure, fell due to [...]

“Equity investors should not fear a US rate hike”

14 September 2015

Stephen Jones, chief investment officer at Kames Capital, analyses the likelihood of a US rate rise next week and explains why a move to hike rates would not spell disaster [...]

Corbyn’s victory will be a “major issue” for global investors warns financial adviser group

14 September 2015

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour leadership victory will be a “major issue” for global investors and his economic policies would be “detrimental” to Britain’s pro-business reputation, Nigel Green chief executive of independent [...]

Bank of England MPC votes 8-1 to keep interest rates at historic low of 0.5%

10 September 2015

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has voted 8-1 to keep interest rates at their historic low of 0.5% for at least another month. MPC member Ian McCafferty once [...]

University property index suggests Durham University is best based on property prices and entrance points required

9 September 2015

Online estate agent says the best locations in the country when investing in a university property are Scotland and the North of England with Durham the best location of [...]

Five financial tips for a happy marriage

9 September 2015

In 2014, the average cost of a wedding was £20,983 in the UK, with almost a third of couples found to still be paying off their wedding loans 6 years [...]

TUC reports claims 700,000 more households face problem debt

9 September 2015

The number of households with problem debt has increased by 700,000 (28 per cent) since 2012, according to new TUC and UNISON-commissioned research published today. The report, Britain in the [...]

Living wage looks set to drive inflation and hurt share prices

8 September 2015

The new National Living Wage looks set to drive inflation and could hurt share price performance says Hargreaves Lansdown. Hargreaves Lansdown senior analyst Laith Khalaf has suggested that many supermarkets [...]

Volatility shows developed markets are sitting on a timebomb when rates rise says Ashmore’s Jan Dehn

8 September 2015

Quantitative easing has exerted a gravitational pull on developed market assets but it means they are sitting on an interest rate timebomb argues Jan Dehn, head of research at fund [...]

Fifth of Britons say they are unable to use public transport to get to work

8 September 2015

Nearly a fifth of Britons (19 per cent) say they would be unable to get to work if they had to use public transport according to the latest survey by [...]

Re-enter the dragon

8 September 2015

Tom Becket, chief investment officer at Psigma gives his view of China’s investment prospects “I manage to pick my trips to Hong Kong at opportune times. One of my first [...]

TUC: Government’s tax and benefit policies will take wealth away from the poorest

7 September 2015

The Trade Union Congress (TUC) has claimed that as a result of the government’s actions the UK’s poorest working households will lose on average £460 a year by 2020 while [...]

Business lobby halves its UK manufacturing growth forecast as ‘rollercoaster of risks’ takes its toll

7 September 2015

Business lobby, EEF, has cut its 2015 manufacturing growth forecast in half as result of the spate of economic woes it sees facing the UK. The latest quarterly EEF/DLA Piper [...]

US economy adds 173,000 jobs in August but chances of a September interest rate hike are “50/50”

4 September 2015

Following the announcement of the latest US job numbers some believe the chances of its central bank raising interest rates in September are now “50/50”. On Friday the US Labor [...]

China spreads uncertainty but European high yield in favour says Pictet Asset Management

3 September 2015

The world is currently focused on the slowdown in Chinese growth which can be mainly attributed to falling manufacturing production though some of the impact is mitigated by expansion in [...]

European Central Bank lowers growth and inflation forecasts

3 September 2015

The European Central Bank (ECB) has slashed forecasts for inflation and growth in 2015, as well as the coming two years. On Thursday, after the ECB announced it was maintaining [...]

‘Chinese authorities are losing the trust of global markets’

2 September 2015

Rowan Dartington’s Guy Stephens looks at this week’s developments in China… This week sees the big players return from the beach and the first meetings of investment committees which have [...]

Why you should invest in emerging markets now

28 August 2015

Investors may be wary of putting their money into emerging markets but for the brave the rewards could be huge.   Ben Preston, director of Orbis Investment Advisory, said that [...]

Market woes sees consumers confidence dip

28 August 2015

Financial markets and unemployment meant consumer confidence fell this month.   Although the first two weeks of the month were positive with consumer confidence reaching a high point for the [...]

US economy grew by far more than initially thought in the second quarter, official numbers show

27 August 2015

The US economy expanded by more than initially thought in the second quarter, official figures show. In its second estimate, the US Department of Commerce, said that GDP increased at [...]

Is this the start of a bear market?

26 August 2015

Emiel van den Heiligenberg, head of asset allocation at Legal & General Investment Management explains his team’s view that we are witnessing a correction in global markets rather than the [...]

European markets dip again on ongoing China fears

26 August 2015

European stock markets have fallen again on fears of a slowdown in China. The FTSE 100 was down by more than 1% this morning, as mining stocks fared particularly badly. [...]

What the Chinese slowdown means for investors

25 August 2015

Didier Saint-Georges, managing director and member of the Investment Committee at Carmignac, looks at the ongoing market turbulence in China and what it means for global investors… Interpreting the violence [...]

European shares bounce back after sharp falls

25 August 2015

European shares bounced back after the markets opened this morning in spite of another bleak day for Chinese stocks. The FTSE 100 rose 1.6% to 5,994.11, while Germany’s Dax and Paris Cac were both up [...]

“China crisis”…the implications for broader economies and financial markets

24 August 2015

David Jane, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, looks the turmoil in China and examines the parallels with financial market history… The state of the economy in China has troubled [...]

Business lobby hikes GDP growth forecast on the back of “twin-engined” UK economic recovery

24 August 2015

A leading business lobby has upped its forecasts for UK economic growth this year and next as a result of better consumer spending and stronger investment growth. The Confederation of [...]

‘Frightful fortnight’ wipes £160bn off UK-listed companies

21 August 2015

A ‘frightful fortnight’ for the UK stockmarket has seen £160 billion wiped off the value of UK-listed companies.   Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at stockbroker Hargreaves Lansdown, said the FTSE [...]

China crisis: the outcome for investors

21 August 2015

  David Jane, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range looks at the crisis in China and what it means for investors.   The state of the economy in China has [...]

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