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August 28, 2015 - Latest:

Market woes sees consumers confidence dip

28 August 2015

Financial markets and unemployment meant consumer confidence fell this month.   Although the first two weeks of the month were positive with consumer confidence reaching a high point for the [...]

US economy grew by far more than initially thought in the second quarter, official numbers show

27 August 2015

The US economy expanded by more than initially thought in the second quarter, official figures show. In its second estimate, the US Department of Commerce, said that GDP increased at [...]

European markets dip again on ongoing China fears

26 August 2015

European stock markets have fallen again on fears of a slowdown in China. The FTSE 100 was down by more than 1% this morning, as mining stocks fared particularly badly. [...]

What the Chinese slowdown means for investors

25 August 2015

Didier Saint-Georges, managing director and member of the Investment Committee at Carmignac, looks at the ongoing market turbulence in China and what it means for global investors… Interpreting the violence [...]

European shares bounce back after sharp falls

25 August 2015

European shares bounced back after the markets opened this morning in spite of another bleak day for Chinese stocks. The FTSE 100 rose 1.6% to 5,994.11, while Germany’s Dax and Paris Cac were both up [...]

“China crisis”…the implications for broader economies and financial markets

24 August 2015

David Jane, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, looks the turmoil in China and examines the parallels with financial market history… The state of the economy in China has troubled [...]

Business lobby hikes GDP growth forecast on the back of “twin-engined” UK economic recovery

24 August 2015

A leading business lobby has upped its forecasts for UK economic growth this year and next as a result of better consumer spending and stronger investment growth. The Confederation of [...]

‘Frightful fortnight’ wipes £160bn off UK-listed companies

21 August 2015

A ‘frightful fortnight’ for the UK stockmarket has seen £160 billion wiped off the value of UK-listed companies.   Laith Khalaf, senior analyst at stockbroker Hargreaves Lansdown, said the FTSE [...]

China crisis: the outcome for investors

21 August 2015

  David Jane, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range looks at the crisis in China and what it means for investors.   The state of the economy in China has [...]

Wage increases stuck at 2%

21 August 2015

Annual pay increases have remained static at 2% and show little sign of rising soon.   A survey from human resources services company XpertHR show wage inflation was at 2% [...]

FTSE 100 falls to new 2015 low

21 August 2015

The FTSE 100 has fallen to a new 2015 within an hour of opening this morning, adding another twist to the rollercoaster year.   The blue chip index fell to [...]

A growing number of UK households are expecting interest rates to rise sooner rather than later

20 August 2015

A growing number of UK households are anticipating that interest rates will rise within the coming 12 months. According to the latest Markit Household Finance Index, more than three-quarters of [...]

“China’s currency moves and market volatility”

20 August 2015

Veteran investor and manager of the Templeton Emerging Markets investment trust Dr Mark Mobius examines the volatility engulfing China’s market… After a volatile month for China’s stock market in July, [...]

Co-operative Bank sees losses rise to £204m during the first half of 2015

20 August 2015

The Co-operative Bank has reported a pre-tax loss of £204.2m for the first six months of 2015, partly as a result of steep legal costs. It follows a far lower [...]

Implications of Greek crisis have been exaggerated, says fund manager

19 August 2015

PassStuart Mitchell of S. W. Mitchell Capital and fund manager of the St. James’s Place Continental European, and joint manager of Greater European and Greater European Progressive funds argues that [...]

Inflation turns positive in July at 0.1%

18 August 2015

Inflation turned positive in July, with the Consumer Prices Index increasing to 0.1% from  0% in June. The Office for National Statistics put the change down to a slowdown in [...]

Market expectations for US and UK interest rate rises

17 August 2015

Jack Parker, deputy fund manager on Invesco Perpetual’s fixed interest team, gives his view on market expectations for the first rise in US and UK interest rates for more than [...]

Bank of England policymaker warns on the dangers of waiting too long to raise interest rates

17 August 2015

Bank of England policymaker Kristin Forbes has warned that keeping interest rates at their historic low for too long risks derailing the UK’s economic recovery. Forbes, who is a member [...]

Eurozone economic growth slows to 0.3%

14 August 2015

Eurozone growth has slowed to 0.3% in the second quarter but which countries were the winners and losers.   The latest figures for eurozone economic growth showed it slowed to [...]

Greek MPs agree €85 billion bailout deal

14 August 2015

A third Greek bailout plan has been agreed after talks that lasted through the night.   The Greek parliament has agreed to draft terms for a third bailout in five [...]

Greek economy bounces back into growth territory during the second quarter

13 August 2015

The Greek economy has taken markets by surprise with its economy expanding by 0.8% in the second quarter. The figure released by Greece’s statistic’s office Elstat is based on a [...]

Bad professional advice spurs on massive £6.4bn loss across small UK businesses

13 August 2015

Poor professional third party and consultant advice has resulted in 16% or some 320,000 small businesses losing money, claims new research. Direct Line for Business, who conducted the analysis, as [...]

UK unemployment starts to climb back up

12 August 2015

UK unemployment rose 25,000 in the second quarter, the first time it has increased in two consecutive months for two years, sparking worries that the jobs market could be levelling-off. [...]

“Down Like a Lead Balloon”: The decline of commodities worldwide

11 August 2015

Rowan Dartington’s Guy Stephens takes a look at the decline of commodities worldwide and the reasons behind this current predicament… Almost all commodity markets have had a very painful experience [...]

China devalues yuan – what does it mean for investors?

11 August 2015

Clifford Lau, head of fixed income, Asia Pacific at Columbia Threadneedle Investments examines China’s decision to devalue the yuan to a three-year low against the US dollar… The 2% depreciation [...]

Greek government agrees bailout deal “in principle” with its creditors

11 August 2015

Greece has finally managed to seal a bailout deal “in principle” with its creditors, the European Commission (EC) has confirmed. It will mark the third bailout for the economically challenged [...]

Eurozone earnings set to outstrip US’s this year for the first time since 2007

10 August 2015

For the first time in eight years Eurozone company earnings will outgrow those in the US, claims asset manager NN Investment Partners (NNIP). While US second quarter earnings seasons is [...]

Dollar jumps as US economy adds 215,000 jobs in July

7 August 2015

The dollar strengthened on the back of a positive US employment report that showed 215,000 jobs were created last month.   The dollar jumped after the report to reverse its [...]

Households need to be ‘primed and ready’ for interest rate hike

7 August 2015

Households need to be ‘primed and ready’ for an interest rate rise that could tip some finances over the edge.   Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney has [...]

UK manufacturing output falls 0.3% in the second quarter

6 August 2015

UK growth prospects have been hit with a setback as manufacturing output only managed to edge up 0.2% month-on-month in June after pretty steep retreat in May according to official [...]

“Markets are right to expect a rate rise to come a little sooner than expected”

6 August 2015

Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist for Europe, JP Morgan Asset Management takes a look at ‘Super Thursday’… The key message from the Bank of England is that markets are right [...]

Bank of England slashes inflation forecast for 2015 but increases economic growth expectations

6 August 2015

The Bank of England expects inflation to hit its 2% target in two years’ time but has slashed its forecast for 2015, expecting it to average 0.3% down from May’s [...]

Bank of England keeps interest rates at historic low of 0.5% for another month

6 August 2015

The Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) has held interest rates at their historic low of 0.5% for another month. The Committee also kept its bond-buying programme at £375bn. [...]

Global growth to drop to slowest rate since financial crisis, think tank warns

5 August 2015

The world economy is set to grow at the slowest rate since the crisis a think tank has forecast. The National Institute of Economic and Social Research has predicted that [...]

Government makes £1bn loss selling portion of RBS stake

4 August 2015

The Government has reduced its stake in state-backed lender Royal Bank of Scotland by selling 5.4% for £2.1bn – a third below the price it paid. It sold 630 million [...]

Greek shares collapse by more than 20% as its market re-opens for business

3 August 2015

Greece’s main stock exchange the Athex collapsed on Monday after trading re-commenced following a five-week closure period. The index plummeted by as much as 23% at one point with the [...]

The four key factors influencing the direction of European equity markets

3 August 2015

Hermes Sourcecap Europe ex-UK fund co-manager, Tim Crockford, assesses four key factors that will influence the direction of European equity markets from here… Greek drama masking European recovery While there [...]

Confidence in UK economy falls but personal finances looking strong

31 July 2015

Confidence in the wider economic outlook dipped this month but Britons are upbeat about their prospects for their own personal finances.   Worries about Greece and the global economy and [...]

UK economic growth picks up but exporters wary of strong sterling

31 July 2015

Growth in business and professional services means UK economic growth accelerated in the three months to July, according to the CBI’s growth indicator.   Despite a strong pound affecting exports, [...]

US economy bounces back to deliver 2.3% growth during the second quarter

30 July 2015

The US economy expanded by 2.3% on an annualised basis in the three months to the end of June according to official statistics. The tally marks a strong turnaround for [...]

Is a September lift-off for US interest rates still likely?

30 July 2015

Following the latest rhetoric from the US Federal Reserve some economists are split on whether September will mark the point at which US interest rates move up. In its latest [...]

Bank results season – what do investors need to look out for?

29 July 2015

One in seven UK fund managers hold no banks a survey by Hargreaves Lansdown shows. Active UK managers fund managers are 4% underweight banks, though the 30% which hold RBS [...]

A bull in a China shop

29 July 2015

Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens gives his view on the fall of Chinese equities and its implications for global growth and investors “Chinese equities are having a year to remember. [...]

There are many reasons to avoid investing in China but we only need one

29 July 2015

Kevin Murphy fund manager and contributor to the Value Perspective looks at China from the perspective of value investing. Sizing up whether or not a particular business will make a [...]

Beware Europe-based financial advisers ‘passporting’ into the UK but operating to much lower standards on charges and disclosure

28 July 2015

More needs to be done to protect UK citizens from European financial advisory firms which use freedom of services laws within the EU to dodge UK consumer protection rules according [...]

UK growth of 0.7% in second quarter back to level ‘typical’ of last two years

28 July 2015

Britain’s economic growth reached 0.7% in the second quarter according to the latest data from the Office for National Statistics. Growth in the first quarter was a disappointing 0.4% down [...]

Metal madness – why I’m a gold sceptic

28 July 2015

7IM’s investment manager Ben Kumar is far from enamoured of gold as an investment. Have you ever considered investing in Antimony, Cadmium or Zirconium? Could you identify which was which [...]

Investors urged to “China-proof” their investment portfolios as shares crash

27 July 2015

Stocks in mainland China recorded their sharpest one-day fall since 2007 on Monday, as the Shanghai Composite crashed by 8.5%. The fall was driven primarily by weak economic data which [...]

“Chinese contradictions and Western hypocrisy”

27 July 2015

Anthony Rayner, co-manager of Miton’s multi-asset fund range, compares Chinese and Western responses to crises in equity markets…  The Chinese equity market started to rally last year, in anticipation of [...]

Pay rises stuck ‘firmly’ at 2%

24 July 2015

We may be in the midst of an economic recovery but pay rises are stuck at 2%.   Research by XpertHR, which analyses pay, shows the median rise in pay [...]

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