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March 27, 2015 - Latest:

Last minute tax planning: how to save yourself money

20 March 2015

The end of the tax year is fast approaching and individuals have just about enough time to do some last minute tax planning.   The tax year ends on 5 [...]

Help to Buy: ISA to launch this autumn with £50 Government ‘bonus’ for every £200 saved

18 March 2015

The Government is launching a new Help to Buy ISA for first time buyers with the state contributing £50 for every £200 saved towards a deposit on a first home. [...]

IOU Ostriches: half of Britons may have damaged their credit score

27 February 2015

Half of Britons may have ruined their credit history without realising as a nation of ‘IOU Ostriches’ fails to keep on top of their borrowing record.   A total of [...]

How to appeal a penalty for a mistake on your tax return

24 February 2015

Taxpayers who  made a mistake in their self-assessment tax return could face a penalty from HM Revenue and Customs for 15% of the tax understated. The Low Incomes Tax Reform [...]

Holiday hotspots where you’ll get more bang for your buck

13 February 2015

If you’re thinking about your summer holidays already, the eurozone is looking like a good bet thanks to the strengthening pound buying you more bang for your buck.   The [...]

Eight million people living with a ‘debt problem’

13 February 2015

Eight million people in the UK believe they have a ‘debt problem’ and it is taking an increasing toll on people’s lives.   Research from the Debt Advisory Centre shows [...]

Then and now: inflation pushes up prices 9,000% in 100 years

13 February 2015

The UK may be heading for negative inflation but over the past century the cost of goods has risen almost 9,000%.   Figures from Lloyds Private Banking show price increases [...]

Standard Life to target retirees with new national advice arm

6 February 2015

Insurer Standard Life is moving into face-to-face advice as it predicts more people than ever will need help with their finances, particularly around retirement choices.   It has launched its [...]

MPs criticise PwC over ‘industrial scale’ tax avoidance schemes

6 February 2015

Accountancy giant PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has been slammed by MPs for aiding clients with ‘industrial scale’ levels of tax avoidance.   In a Public Accounts Committee (PAC) report into the role [...]

Lighting the way: financial adviser Lighthouse to offer simplified advice

9 January 2015

Financial advisers Lighthouse will offer simplified advice through online advice service Money on Toast.   Money on Toast offers simplified advice through its website; the advice is known as ‘simplified’ [...]

New online service offers full financial advice for £299

2 January 2015

A financial advice firm is offering a ‘simplified advice service’ and a full financial review for £299.   The service being offered by Chapters Financial in Guildford, Surrey will provide [...]

Water bills to fall 5% by 2020 after regulatory push

12 December 2014

Water bills are set to fall 5% by 2020, the water regulator has announced today.   Ofwat said it has finalised decisions that mean average bills for water and wastewater [...]

Do you live in a debt hotspot?

5 December 2014

Denbighshire, Merthyr Tydfil and Stoke on Trent have been given the dubious honour of being the top three debt hotspots in England and Wales. Denbighshire in North Wales is the [...]

How a financial adviser can save you three times the cost of their advice

5 December 2014

If you think financial advisers aren’t worth the money, think again; you could save three times the cost of advice. While many investors are taking a DIY approach to their [...]

Heating versus health: 2,000 died last year due to cold homes

28 November 2014

Over 2,000 people died last year as a result of living in a cold home as the decision between heating and eating hits households. Rising energy bills have placed a [...]

2015 sunshine for equities – but lower Chinese growth may drag on emerging markets

19 November 2014

Christmas appears to be earlier each year – it often hits stores before many of us have opened our summer sunblock. It’s not much different with economic and stock market [...]

The most tax efficient ways to give to charity

14 November 2014

Leaving money to charity when you die not only helps a good cause but can cut the inheritance tax (IHT) bill for your family. Not only is money left to [...]

Energy errors: incorrect billing costs consumers £280m and Scottish Power is worst offender

14 November 2014

Bill errors have left more than three million energy customers £280 million out of pocket, with Scottish Power the worst offender. Incorrect bills have cost consumers an average of £78, [...]

Are you a secret shopper? Half of Britons admit to telling financial fibs

7 November 2014

From secret shopping sprees to hidden debt, nearly half of British adults has admitted to telling financial fibs. Research by Standard Life shows 48% of people have told a lie [...]

5 million join ‘stretched middle’, supporting older or younger family members

24 October 2014

Five million Britons have been caught in the ‘stretched middle’ financially supporting younger or older family members. With elderly parents living longer and grown up children unable to fly the [...]

Standard Life in final push to reunite investors with £113 million of assets still unclaimed from 2006′s demutualisation

13 October 2014

Standard Life is launching another major exercise to reunite people with £113 million* of assets that have still to be claimed following the demutualisation of The Standard Life Assurance Company [...]

Funeral costs leave Britons £142m in debt

10 October 2014

Britons are living with £142 million of debt after struggling to pay the average £3,551 cost of a funeral. Figures from Royal London show individuals are struggling to pay for [...]

Car insurance premiums increase for first time in three years

10 October 2014

The cost of insuring a car has risen for the first time in more than three years and more increases are expected. The average cost of annual comprehensive car insurance [...]

Unmarried couples warned about lack of rights despite intestacy rule change

3 October 2014

The rules around intestacy are being updated but unmarried couples are still not being recognised and individuals who die without a will run the risk of leaving their partner without [...]

Eight elderly people a day forced to sell home to cover care costs

26 September 2014

Councils are forcing eight elderly people a day to use their homes to pay for long-term care costs, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. The request, placed by NFU [...]

Allow consumers to compare energy costs like petrol prices, says Which?

12 September 2014

Just one in five people trust their energy supplier to charge a fair price, leading consumer group Which? to call for a more transparent way to compare costs. The group [...]

Culture of financial mis-selling unchanged for a decade, says consumer champion

12 September 2014

The culture of mis-selling and distrust in financial services has been unchanged for a decade as companies put profits before customers. Sue Lewis, chair of the Financial Services Consumer Panel, [...]

Insurer Skandia U-turns on plan to stop Invesco Perpetual investment

5 September 2014

Insurer Skandia has u-turned on its controversial decision to stop investors money being put in Invesco Perptual income funds in favour of veteran fund manager Neil Woodford’s new fund. In [...]

British adults believe they have lost £428 per person by failing to understand financial jargon and small print

3 September 2014

The British public believes that misunderstanding financial terms and conditions cost an average of £428 per person in the last 12 months or a staggering total for the adult population [...]

Workers can expect salary drop of £400 a year when they turn 50

6 August 2014

Workers can expect a salary drop of £400 per year once they turn 50, according to Office for National Statistics earnings data analysed by pension firm Friends Life. The majority [...]

UK parents offering average £610 reward to older children for doing well in exams

5 August 2014

UK parents are offering their children as much as £610 as a reward for passing their exams with good grades research from has found. Some 61% of parents with [...]

Scrap pensions in favour of cradle-to-grave ‘lifetime ISA’, says think-tank

4 August 2014

The government has been urged to scrap pensions and put in place a ‘lifetime ISA’ that follows a person from cradle to grave. A new report from the think-tank Centre [...]

Your glasses may be stylish but is your eye test more important? The MM interview

22 July 2014

The Mindful Money interview with Jeremy Chadwick, managing director, VSP Vision Care VSP Vision Care is a global firm specialising in providing eye care to employees as a workplace benefit. [...]

Independent, restricted or simplified: what type of financial advice are you getting?

11 July 2014

Most people will need financial advice at some point in their lives but not all ‘advice’ is created equal and consumers need to make sure they know exactly what they’re [...]

British ex-pats in the Eurozone see value of state pension rise 26% in five years as sterling strengthens

9 July 2014

British expats who live in Eurozone countries will have seen their State Pension income increase by 10 per cent in a year says Prudential. UK Pensioners living in the Eurozone [...]

Just like Bill Gates – 10% of over 50s not planning to leave their children money

8 July 2014

Parents are following in the footsteps of Bill Gates and aren’t planning to leave all of their wealth to their children, a study by Skipton Financial Services has revealed. As [...]

Rural families paying 6 per cent more for childcare with nearly a third close to just one nursery

13 May 2014

Rural families face higher costs for childcare than their urban counterparts, while having limited family support available, suggests the latest Countryside Living Index published by NFU Mutual. The survey compares [...]

Don’t get caught in the IHT trap as property prices soar

13 May 2014

Rising house prices may be good news for homeowners now but it may become a problem in the long-term if they fail to consider the impact on inheritance tax (IHT). [...]

One in five have only stayed in a relationship for financial reasons some for more than three years

28 April 2014

Nearly one in five people in the UK say they have had to stay in a romantic relationship for longer than they wanted because they could not afford to break [...]

The UK’s first-time parents are together spending almost £500m preparing for their baby’s arrival

22 April 2014

First-time parents in the UK are together spending more than £492m every year on the likes of prams, baby clothes, cots and car seats research from Aviva has found. This [...]

Copenhagen, Geneva and Brussels are most expensive airport taxis per kilometre in Europe

16 April 2014

It may be too late to change your Easter break holiday destination, but one travel currency specialist has worked out the most expensive and cheapest taxi runs from Europe’s airports [...]

One in ten say it is not important to save

16 April 2014

More than one in 10 UK adults do not think it’s important to regularly save money for the future. New research* for alternative account provider thinkmoney reveals that 12.4% of [...]

The financial services industry must rise to the challenge of the budget and ensure investors benefit fully

7 April 2014

Lee Robertson, CEO of financial planning firm Investment Quorum says the financial industry must get things right following the budget. The budget has just proven to be a retail savings [...]

Are you likely to be caught by the pension lifetime allowance changes and if so what are your options?

24 February 2014

Financial planning expert, Investment Quorum’s Lee Robertson looks at the risks that you might be caught by the cut in the pension lifetime allowance due from 6 April this year [...]

Take advantage of your Isa allowance now and enjoy the long-term rewards

11 February 2014

UK taxpayers who have taken full advantage of the tax-free benefits of cash Isas every year since their introduction in April 1999 would be almost £5,000 richer than if the [...]

Monarchy could save nearly £50,000 a year if it switched energy suppliers for Buckingham Palace argues Gocompare

29 January 2014

Comparison site has calculated that the British monarchy could save nearly £50,000 of taxpayers’ money if they switched energy providers for Buckingham Palace alone. The Public Accounts Committee, reporting [...]

What are the tax planning options for higher earners?

8 December 2013

It has become increasingly difficult for wealthier people and high earners to manage their financial affairs tax efficiently. Despite the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement passing relatively painlessly, taxes have risen significantly [...]

Financial planners offering free surgeries across the UK to mark Financial Planning Week. But you may need to be quick

25 November 2013

The United Kingdom’s financial planners are to offer free financial check ups this week as part of financial planning week. The trade body, the Institute of Financial Planning is offering [...]

Insurer Partnership says councils face flood of inquiries when £72,000 care cap is introduced

21 November 2013

The introduction of the £72,000 Care Cap in April 2016 should see councils experience a surge of inquiries as people contact them for assessments in order to start their care [...]

Are you getting value for money from your financial adviser?

20 November 2013

It is almost a year since the City watchdog overhauled the financial advice industry in the UK whereby consumers must now pay for consultations with professional intermediaries – but how [...]

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