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April 20, 2014 - Latest:

Copenhagen, Geneva and Brussels are most expensive airport taxis per kilometre in Europe

16 April 2014

It may be too late to change your Easter break holiday destination, but one travel currency specialist has worked out the most expensive and cheapest taxi runs from Europe’s airports [...]

One in ten say it is not important to save

16 April 2014

More than one in 10 UK adults do not think it’s important to regularly save money for the future. New research* for alternative account provider thinkmoney reveals that 12.4% of [...]

The financial services industry must rise to the challenge of the budget and ensure investors benefit fully

7 April 2014

Lee Robertson, CEO of financial planning firm Investment Quorum says the financial industry must get things right following the budget. The budget has just proven to be a retail savings [...]

Are you likely to be caught by the pension lifetime allowance changes and if so what are your options?

24 February 2014

Financial planning expert, Investment Quorum’s Lee Robertson looks at the risks that you might be caught by the cut in the pension lifetime allowance due from 6 April this year [...]

Take advantage of your Isa allowance now and enjoy the long-term rewards

11 February 2014

UK taxpayers who have taken full advantage of the tax-free benefits of cash Isas every year since their introduction in April 1999 would be almost £5,000 richer than if the [...]

Monarchy could save nearly £50,000 a year if it switched energy suppliers for Buckingham Palace argues Gocompare

29 January 2014

Comparison site has calculated that the British monarchy could save nearly £50,000 of taxpayers’ money if they switched energy providers for Buckingham Palace alone. The Public Accounts Committee, reporting [...]

What are the tax planning options for higher earners?

8 December 2013

It has become increasingly difficult for wealthier people and high earners to manage their financial affairs tax efficiently. Despite the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement passing relatively painlessly, taxes have risen significantly [...]

Financial planners offering free surgeries across the UK to mark Financial Planning Week. But you may need to be quick

25 November 2013

The United Kingdom’s financial planners are to offer free financial check ups this week as part of financial planning week. The trade body, the Institute of Financial Planning is offering [...]

Insurer Partnership says councils face flood of inquiries when £72,000 care cap is introduced

21 November 2013

The introduction of the £72,000 Care Cap in April 2016 should see councils experience a surge of inquiries as people contact them for assessments in order to start their care [...]

Are you getting value for money from your financial adviser?

20 November 2013

It is almost a year since the City watchdog overhauled the financial advice industry in the UK whereby consumers must now pay for consultations with professional intermediaries – but how [...]

One third of UK households have a financial safety net of £250 or less

13 November 2013

More than a third of people in the UK – around 8.8 million households – only have £250 or less set aside as a financial safety net according to research [...]

Thousands of households being stretched when paying for home-costs

11 November 2013

Almost a third of Britons are overstretching themselves when it comes to paying their mortgage or rent a survey for BBC Panorama found. The study found that 31% of people paying [...]

Energy bills – £111 hike for average SSE customer. Moneysupermarket urges customers to act now to fix tariffs.

10 October 2013

The UK’ s second biggest energy supplier SSE has added £111 to average annual bills affecting 7.3 million customers. The price rise amounts to an increase of 8.2%. Experts are [...]

Help to buy launches with lowest rate from RBS at 4.99% for two years

8 October 2013

The Help to Buy scheme has launched today though so far it is only banks with significant government backing actually offering mortgages with the best rate 4.99% from RBS. Halifax [...]

Thrifty Britain: The UK’s top saving tactics revealed

4 October 2013

In a bid to boost their coffers, the UK’s savviest consumers are saving hundreds of pounds a year by using every money-saving tool and discount at their disposal writes Philip [...]

Five top tips for future national lottery winners (provided you are prepared to pay two quid a ticket)

3 October 2013

The National Lottery is increasing both ticket prices and the potential jackpot from today. Tickets will increase from £1 to £2 and the average jackpot from £2.5 million to an estimated [...]

You are an adult when you achieve financial independence say 45% of Britons

26 September 2013

The average age of a grown up is now 29 years old or at least that is what specialist over 50s insurer RIAS is arguing. RIAS surveyed the public about [...]

Equity heavy homeowners in-line for top mortgage rates

12 September 2013

Homeowners who have a large amount of equity in their properties are in an enviable position right now writes Jill Insley. Mortgage rates for those who need a loan equivalent [...]

Attending university can be much cheaper in other EU countries (and many classes are in English).

11 September 2013

Steve Rees, managing director of debt consultant Vincent Bond & Co considers the benefits of looking abroad for university education. It’s back to school time and the new university terms [...]

Sports injuries abroad costing Britons £55m a year

11 September 2013

Britons accumulated medical bills totalling an average of £55million per year, after injuring themselves playing sport on holiday, new research from Direct Line travel insurance has revealed. Some 31 per [...]

‘Cost of dying’ rockets to £7,622 as local councils ramp up burial and cremation fees

4 September 2013

The cost of dying has reached £7,622 according to Sun Life Direct an increase of 7.1% since 2012 according to Sun Life Direct. The insurer, which offers products to help [...]

The moral dilemma which never was – dealing with poor advice about Arch Cru

2 September 2013

Advisers complain about the cost of the compensation scheme, where good advisers (and ultimately their clients) compensate the clients of bad ones. But faced with clients who had been disastrously [...]

Pocket money averaging £5.75 a week

27 August 2013

Three quarters of parents pay pocket money with an average of £5.75 paid each week or £23 a month. The Aviva Family Finances Report suggests that parents are contributing £43m [...]

Digging deeper into the world of card protection policies

23 August 2013

Investigative journalist Tony Levene, looks at the card protection policy universe. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has reached an agreement with Card Protection Plan (CPP) , 13 high street banks [...]

One in four pensioners looking to downsize

21 August 2013

Millions of UK pensioners expect to sell their property and raise more than £60,000 in a bid to downsize and essentially make life easier writes Philip Scott. According to research [...]

Will you be switching your current account?

20 August 2013

Two-fifths of Britons are gearing up to switch their current account next month as a new fast-transfer service goes live writes Philip Scott. Following the announcement of the Current Account [...]

Adviser group Towry looks at how to get your finances in order

19 August 2013

Andy James, advice policy manager, at wealth manager Towry examines the importance of planning your finances properly and putting money aside A recent Money Advice Service survey of people’s finances [...]

UK financial adviser numbers rise

15 August 2013

  Following the biggest overhaul in decades of the UK’s financial advice industry, the country has seen a rise in the amount of advisers offering their services to investors writes [...]

The financial options for divorcing over 60s

14 August 2013

With increasing numbers of over 60s, consumer journalist Jill Insley talks to legal experts about the potential financial consequences and what you can do about it. First they surfed, now [...]

UK pensioners selling family valuables to fund retirement

13 August 2013

Hundreds of thousands of UK retirees are resorting to selling their family heirlooms in a bid to fund their lifestyles writes Philip Scott. With the need often outweighing sentimentality, research [...]

Graduates likely to notch up debt of £53k

12 August 2013

Students and their parents are hugely underestimating the costs of going to university but some parents say they would even considering retiring later to help fund the cost. The average [...]

Childcare voucher scheme extended but not for all

8 August 2013

Parents who are full time carers or on parental leave will qualify for tax efficient childcare vouchers under new proposals from the Government. But those who chose to stay at [...]

How worried should investors be about QE tapering and should they be changing their portfolios?

30 July 2013

Alan Easter group CEO of Beaufort gives a financial planning perspective on the tapering furore. Much has been talked about recently about the ‘Great Reversion’ from Bonds to Equities. Scenarios [...]

Family conflict over money for 37% of millionaires’ families says Coutts

22 July 2013

Thirty seven per cent of millionaires have admitted to conflict within the family when it comes to dividing money and assets for inheritance purposes. A Coutts report titled ‘Behind closed [...]

Grandparents contributing £6.4bn a year to living costs and savings for grandchildren

22 July 2013

British grandparents are digging deep to help their children and grandchildren by contributing billions of pounds every year towards everyday family costs and long-term savings, according to the latest research [...]

Financial planning and the DIY investor

19 July 2013

What does your future look like? Are you on track to achieve what you want from life?  Do you know? Do you care? Sue Whitbread, communications director at the Institute [...]

UK fixed rate bond holders face a £1bn shortfall if they try and roll over into today’s available best buys

17 July 2013

UK  fixed rate bond  investors  face a £1bn shortfall in returns if they roll over their savings into today’s best buy products because of the drop in rates according to research from [...]

Family disposable incomes rise to £2801 but divorced/single parents struggling to rein in expenditure

10 July 2013

Families have £2801 in income at their disposal a rise of 5% from a year ago according to the Aviva family finances report. The report divides families into six groups [...]

Hollande u-turns on capital gains tax on second homes

18 June 2013

President Francois Hollande has announced a change in the capital gains tax system on second home sales which should benefit UK owners and allow more sales. The taper relief system [...]

Mortgage market unlikely to ever recover to pre-crisis levels

14 June 2013

The financial crisis has battered the mortgage market so hard that lending is unlikely to ever return to pre-fallout levels, leaving thousands of aspiring home-buyers out in the cold, says [...]

UK pensioner income growth far out-pacing younger generation

14 June 2013

The recession appears to have done little to harm pensioners’ wealth as new research shows they have enjoyed faster income growth than any other age-group in the UK over the [...]

Will expected UCIS promotion ban leave too many gaps in the regulations to protect investors?

7 May 2013

It should have been April. Now it will probably be June. But despite the two month timetable slippage reported here on trade website Money Marketing, the new regulator Financial Conduct [...]

IFAs not losing clients and benefitting from banks’ withdrawal says

7 May 2013

IFAs are reporting a surge in demand for their advice according to research by, a site designed to allow consumers to rate their financial adviser. Of 223 advisers surveyed [...]

Insurer claims urban commuters taking their life into their hands 32 times a week

3 May 2013

Insurance firm LV= is clearly trying to convince the British public to take out insurance especially income protection by highlighting the huge number of risks commuters take on their way [...]

Interest only mortgages – fewer options north of the house price divide

2 May 2013

The 1.3 million interest-only mortgage borrowers who may not have enough funds to pay back the capital sum on their mortgage have hit the headlines. But beneath this huge number, [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown’s Danny Cox suggests 6 things those with a repayment shortfall might do

2 May 2013

Hargreaves Lansdown’s head of financial planning Danny Cox  has sent out a brief note about what to do if you face a short fall in your interest only mortgage repayment [...]

Inflation, compound growth and some lessons for investors

30 April 2013

Alan Easter, group chief executive of financial planning and investment firm the Beaufort Group, discusses the lessons he has learned about inflation and what it really means for investors. I [...]

CPI is stuck at 2.8 per cent but inflation for older age groups is higher still

16 April 2013

The rate of the Consumer Price Index may have remained steady this week at 2.8 per cent as the BBC reports. But the rate of inflation facing older savers and [...]

Some structured products dubbed ‘almost spread bets on steroids’ by the financial watchdog. Investors need to be aware of the risks and how a product works.

16 April 2013

The new boss of the financial watchdog Martin Wheatley has just described some structured investment products as ‘almost spread bets on steroids’ as reported in financial adviser trade newspaper Money [...]

House prices up 1.9 per cent on the year says ONS but concerns about affordability revive

16 April 2013

The Office for National Statistics says that UK house prices have increased 1.9 per cent this February compared with February 2012. The average UK house price is £233,000. This is [...]

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