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July 6, 2015 - Latest:

The very best of British funds: The Grand Prix for investors

2 July 2015

Ahead of the British Grand Prix this weekend Andy Parsons, head of investment research and advisory services at The Share Centre, matches three of his best British fund picks with [...]

Greek crisis Q&A – what might happen next?

29 June 2015

Guy Foster, group head of research at Brewin Dolphin takes a look at what to expect next in regards to the Greek crisis… What happens next? Greece will hold an [...]

“Grexit is not yet what Greece is facing…”

29 June 2015

Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist for Europe at JP Morgan Asset Management examines the current state of affairs in Greece and looks at what it potentially means for investors… Eurozone [...]

Five fund managers you should have followed when they switched firm

24 June 2015

Chelsea Financial Services managing director Darius McDermott looks at five fund managers with a proven track record In the asset management business there’s a lot of competition to attract star [...]

Sell Woodford Patient Capital says broker Stifel. But will you get the fund at a better price in future asks Axa Wealth

23 June 2015

Investment bank and broker Stifel has put a sell signal on Woodford Patient Capital due the fund trading at a 13% premium to its Net Asset Value. But Axa Wealth [...]

Nearly a fifth of investment trusts appoint a new manager in the last year and a half

23 June 2015

Almost a fifth (18%) of investment companies have appointed a new fund manager over the last year and a half, either as a sole manager or as part of a [...]

New ISA flexibility should boost saving but drive more risk-taking too

22 June 2015

The onset of new tax-free allowances and increased flexibility may spur on investors to save more but it could mean they take on more risk too, warns new research from [...]

Salary Sacrifice: Why repay your student loan when you can fund your pension instead?

22 June 2015

David Smith, financial planning director at Tilney Bestinvest examines the benefit of using so-called salary sacrifice to reduce student loan repayments… With the introduction of Auto Enrolment, more and more [...]

Greek debt crisis- what should investors do?

18 June 2015

The troubles engulfing the eurozone are on the rise given that Greece now has less than two weeks to come to an agreement with its creditors. If the economically challenged [...]

Premium bonds – are they worth your while and money?

18 June 2015

As the limit for premium bonds rises to £50,000, Chelsea Financial Services managing director and Mindful Money columnist Darius McDermott considers whether or not they are worth investing in… With [...]

“China’s Rubik’s Cube: Rethinking Risk”

18 June 2015

Douglas Turnbull, head of Chinese equities and manager of the Neptune China and Greater China Income funds takes a look at the current investing environment in the world’s second largest [...]

“With bond yields soaring, should investors take flight?”

15 June 2015

Gareth Isaac, fixed income fund manager at Schroders takes a look at the recent bond market volatility and its implications for investors over the longer term… The steep bond market [...]

Nearly £48.5bn of investors’ cash languishing in poorly performing investment funds

15 June 2015

Investors collectively have a massive £48.5bn languishing in underperforming funds with the majority of the cash invested in poorly performing UK portfolios. The latest ‘RedZone’ update from broker Chelsea Financial [...]

“Is this déjà vu for the 2013 taper tantrum?‏”

15 June 2015

In a new research note John Bilton, global head of multi-asset strategy at JP Morgan Asset Management argues that comparisons of today’s bond market volatility to the 2013 taper tantrum [...]

Ashmore’s Jan Dehn: “Political landscape unclear for Turkey‏”

10 June 2015

Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore discusses Turkey, who voted for pluralism over a single strong leader and China which launches a market for certificates to link policy rates [...]

Despite the drop in sales Sainsbury’s shares are still rated a ‘buy’

10 June 2015

As Sainsbury’s updates the market with its first quarter results, Helal Miah, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, explains why the supermarket’s shares are still a ‘buy’ even though [...]

“Two Swords of Damocles” Greek bail-out negotiations and possible US interest rates rise‏

10 June 2015

Rowan Dartington Signature’s Guy Stephens looks at the markets’ attitude towards Greek bail-out negotiations and a possible rise in interest rates in the US… I have to confess that the [...]

Savings interest on notice accounts hits two-year high‏

9 June 2015

Savers desperately looking for a better deal would be wise to take notice of the news that the average interest rate for notice accounts has hit a two-year high of [...]

“Turkish equities could now offer an attractive entry point”

8 June 2015

Erdinç Benli, co-head of the global emerging markets team at fund manager GAM takes a look at the result of the Turkish election and what it might mean for investors… [...]

Woodford Equity Income tops the performance league tables

8 June 2015

Almost a year on since the launch of the hugely popular Woodford Equity Income fund its star manager is sitting on top of the performance league tables after achieving a [...]

“How much should markets fear a Greek default?”

4 June 2015

Alan Cauberghs, senior investment director, fixed income at Schroders takes a look at the implications of the current situation in Greece, and what it means for investors…  The spectre of a Greek default [...]

Emerging market share prices “poised to double in next four years”

4 June 2015

Tim Love, manager of the JB Emerging Equity fund believes valuations could drive returns of as much as 100% over the next four years across the world’s developing nations, below [...]

The number of female fund managers remains stubbornly low

3 June 2015

The proportion of female retail fund managers and co-managers has remained stuck at 7% over the past year, new analysis reveals. In its third annual analysis of the proportion of [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown launches ready-made portfolios for investors not seeking advice

2 June 2015

Hargreaves Lansdown has launched six ready-made portfolios featuring its multi-manager funds aimed at non-advised investors. The range is called Portfolio + and it will be managed and rebalanced by Hargreaves’ [...]

£400bn of investors’ money languishing in ‘dinosaur funds’

29 May 2015

A massive £400 billion is being held in out-of-date ‘dinosaur’ investment funds in the UK.   According to research by Hargreaves Lansdown some of these funds started life in the [...]

Top performing but “largely unknown” India and China stocks

28 May 2015

As regional allocation comes to the fore in the emerging markets, Gary Greenberg, head of Hermes emerging markets (EM) reveals some of his top developing market picks… The paths of [...]

Why there is lots of potential upside to the weaker US dollar right now

21 May 2015

Matt Cobon, head of government and FX at Columbia Threadneedle Investments, outlines why he is rebuilding his US dollar risk position during this period of dollar weakness… We believe the [...]

Newton loses star fund manager Jason Pidcock to rival Jupiter

21 May 2015

Jason Pidcock lead manager of the Newton Asian Income fund since November 2005 is leaving the group to join Jupiter. Pidcock had established himself as a leading fund manager in [...]

Convertible bonds – the underappreciated asset class?

21 May 2015

In today’s low interest rate environment, investors need to make maximum use of all available asset classes when they construct their portfolios. One, often under appreciated asset class are convertible [...]

Can currencies save economies?

21 May 2015

Much has been said of global currency wars in the past few years writes Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist for Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management…  If there has been [...]

Confidence in UK asset classes collapses to its lowest point since November 2014

18 May 2015

May has witnessed the steepest fall in confidence towards UK asset classes since November 2014 as pre-election tension took hold claims new research. The analysis from the monthly Lloyds Bank [...]

All Tory “blue” budget to held on 8 July – what should investors do now?

18 May 2015

Prime minister David Cameron has pledged that his new government intends to execute all the plans contained in the Conservative’s election manifesto and Britons will find out how quickly they [...]

Why the market is probably into “injury time” on the great bond bull market

18 May 2015

Every now and then, markets deliver a wakeup call to question consensus and shake out lazy positioning in our view, a shake out from extreme levels explains a good deal [...]

UK Election: The impact of unexpected political clarity

14 May 2015

The unexpected clarity provided by the outcome of the general election has freed the UK economy from the shackles of uncertainty, leaving the domestic economy, and banks in particular, set [...]

Why pharma giant GlaxoSmithKline is a ‘buy’ for income seeking investors

11 May 2015

Helal Miah, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, explains why pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline is a ‘buy’… The defensive nature of the GlaxoSmithKline and the competitive yields paid to investors [...]

China – “the outlook is more nuanced than the pessimists argue”

11 May 2015

Some segments of the Chinese economy could see exceptional growth in a global context for some years to come and it can continue its transition to sustainable economic development argues [...]

Five actions the new government needs to carry out to help savers and investors

11 May 2015

As Prime Minister David Cameron chooses his cabinet, Hargreaves Lansdown chartered financial planner Danny Cox has listed a five-point plan for the new government to help savers and investors… There [...]

Mindful Money’s weekly shares watch: Easyjet, Compass Group & ITV

11 May 2015

Easyjet has some hype to live up to when it publishes its second quarter results on Tuesday, given the very positive tone of its last market report when it raised [...]

China cuts interest rates as concerns persist over slowing economic growth

11 May 2015

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) announced a 25bps cut for both China’s one-year benchmark lending rate and benchmark deposit rate, to 5.1% and 2.25%, respectively, effective Monday 11 May [...]

Rising bond yields send a stark warning to investors but what are their options?

7 May 2015

Given that bond prices in the UK, US and Germany have fallen dramatically, as a rising oil price has fuelled speculation interest rates may rise sooner rather than later, fixed [...]

Despite the strong greenback, US shares are still offering value

7 May 2015

One tangent of monetary policy that the US Federal Reserve will have on its radar screen in the coming months is the trajectory of the US dollar writes Jason Vaillancourt [...]

Whatever the election results, investors must avoid knee jerk reactions‏…

7 May 2015

General Election day is here at last with the final polls still pointing to a hung parliament, leaving open the prospect of another coalition or a minority government propped up [...]

BT – What its annual results mean for investors and why it is still a ‘buy’

7 May 2015

As BT reports its full year results, Ian Forrest, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, explains what they mean for investors… BT’s fourth quarter and final results reported today [...]

HSBC nears decision over relocation as profits rise

5 May 2015

HSBC has said it will decide whether or not to move its headquarters out of the UK within months as it reported  4% increase in first quarter profits to $7.1 [...]

Fund picks for a royal baby’s junior ISA

5 May 2015

As the Royal Family celebrates the birth of baby Charlotte, Andy Parsons, head of investment research at The Share Centre, suggests three funds for new parents considering opening a Junior [...]

Rising life expectancy means you need to keep testing your financial plans

1 May 2015

Ben Kumar, investment manager at Seven Investment Management, looks at the implications of rising life expectancy for the state pension and your plans. The basic state pension, in more or [...]

Church of England goes green: plans to sell fossil fuel investments

1 May 2015

The Church of England is ditching it investment in fossil fuel companies after adopting a new climate change policy. It plans to sell investments in companies where more than 10% [...]

Investment ISA sales fall off a cliff as investors shy away from markets

30 April 2015

Fund sales during the height of the so-called ISA season fell off a cliff during March as investors turned their back on stockmarkets. According to data from trade body, the [...]

Half of UK actively managed funds underperformed in 2014 says S&P Dow Jones Indices

29 April 2015

More than half of UK actively managed funds underperformed in 2014 according to a new report from  S&P Dow Jones Indices. The new report called the Europe S&P Indices Versus Active [...]

Significant slip, or just a blip in emerging markets’ foreign exchange reserves?

28 April 2015

Dr Mark Mobius of the Templeton Emerging Markets Trust, explains what the recent movement in emerging market foreign exchange reserves means for investors…. For those looking to invest in emerging [...]

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