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July 24, 2014 - Latest:

The big hurdles investors face in the equity bull market

24 July 2014

Keith Wade, chief economist at asset manager Schroders, comments on the macro hurdles that he believes could challenge the continuation of the bull market and warrant a slightly more cautious [...]

Which towns pay the highest amount of income tax in the UK?

22 July 2014

While the typical worker pays an average of almost £5,000 in income tax new research shows that inhabitants of the ‘Beverly Hills of Britain’ can fork out up to three [...]

Pension reforms: The six points savers need to know

21 July 2014

Following the changes announced in this year’s Budget, from 2015 savers will be able to do as they please with their nest-eggs. We round up the key points the Treasury [...]

UK dividend growth grinds to a near halt as the strength of the pound hits payouts

21 July 2014

Dividend payouts from UK firms have hit their worst patch in some three years as the strength of sterling takes its toll. According to the latest UK Dividend Monitor from [...]

Are you invested in a ‘dog’ fund?

19 July 2014

Savers have nearly £20 billion sitting in underperforming funds, the latest ‘dog’ report from Bestinvest reveals. The twice yearly Spot the Dog report has highlighted 49 underachieving funds containing £19.55 [...]

Small caps firms embracing self-improvement to up their earnings

17 July 2014

Henry Lowson, manager of the AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies fund looks at how smaller companies are building value through acquisitions and expanding their global footprint… Smaller companies with good [...]

The dangers of relying on foresight when it comes to your finances…

17 July 2014

Patrick Connolly, certified financial planner at independent financial advisers Chase de Vere looks at the perils of predicting the unpredictable in the world of savings and investsments… Renowned economist JK [...]

Church of England puts an end to Wonga investment

11 July 2014

The Church of England has pulled its investment in payday lender Wonga, that was last month order to pay compensation after sending fake debt collection letters to borrowers.   The [...]

This is an “unloved” rally. Expect a bumpy transition to a normal environment says JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders

9 July 2014

The market rally in the first half of 2014 is “unloved” says Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist, UK and Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management because investors know the days of cheap [...]

Platinum and Palladium ETPs see largest inflows in the second quarter

8 July 2014

Platinum and palladium were the commodity Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) with the strongest demand in the second quarter with inflows $400m and $410m of inflows respectively according to ETF Securities. [...]

The official return of bubble economics – Ashmore’s Jan Dehn

8 July 2014

Last week’s Fed and ECB announcements have given both institutions the opportunity to speculate. Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore discusses the concept of bubble economics and the challenges [...]

A couple could garner a £1million in twenty years investing their full NISA allowance

1 July 2014

A couple who maximise their ISAs at the new £15,000 limit could be ISA millionaires within 20 years, allowing for investment returns says financial advice and investment firm Towry. Andy [...]

Property funds take £491m in May the highest sales since December 2009

1 July 2014

The property sector saw highest net retail sales since December 2009 at £491 million in sales in May this year according to the Investment Management Association. Overall fund net retail [...]

Is this the end of the line for gold? What next for investors?

30 June 2014

Adrian Ash, head of the research at gold dealer BullionVault, looks at how the shine has come off the precious metal… Want to blame Iraq or Ukraine for gold’s recent [...]

Solving the conundrum of pensions advice‏

26 June 2014

Ian Sayers, director general of investment trust trade body, the Association of Investment Companies (AIC) considers the problem of solving the conundrum of pensions advice‏… There is a puzzle at [...]

Three funds to consider for your NISA

25 June 2014

The Share Centre’s head of investment research Andy Parsons has identified three funds across a breadth of investment risk that may prove attractive for investors to top up on as [...]

Woodford fund attracts £1.6bn in offer period

25 June 2014

Woodford Investment Management has attracted £1.6bn for its CF Woodford Equity Income Fund. The offer period, which began on 2 June, closed at noon on 19 June 2014. Daily pricing of the [...]

Three tax planning strategies using the NISA

24 June 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown has put together three tax planning strategies which can be optimised using the NISA or upgraded Isa. The limit for the Isa is to increase to £15,000 from [...]

Five low to high-risk share tips to include in your NISA

23 June 2014

From the start of July UK savers will be able to squirrel away up to £15,000 into their Isa every tax year – up from the current limit of £11,880. [...]

Expectations of 2014 interest rate rise gather further pace

19 June 2014

Asset manager Standard Life Investments is the latest firm to call time on the UK’s prolonged period of ultra low interest rates. It says the the Bank of England (BoE) [...]

Crowdfunders offered 7.25% annual return in new wind power venture

19 June 2014

Intrepid crowdfunders are being offered the opportunity to earn an annual 7.25% return for as little as a £50 stake in a new venture in the renewable energy sector. E2Energy, [...]

“Become a New ISA millionaire in 25 years”

18 June 2014

Investing the full New Isa allowance of £15,000 each should mean investors can reach a £1,000,000 in their 25th year of investing. Fund platform Fidelity made the calculations based on [...]

Mexico will grow faster for longer because of reforms though cyclical factors masking impact for now

17 June 2014

Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore has reviewed several important emerging markets discussing Mexico, Turkey, Columbia’s important election and the failure of China to be included in the MSCI Emerging [...]

IHT bills to soar by a third in the current tax year says The Sunday Telegraph

16 June 2014

The amount of families set to be walloped with inheritance tax (IHT) bills this year is due to rocket by a third according to an analysis by The Sunday Telegraph. [...]

What next for Russia as Ukraine “unsettles the bear”?

12 June 2014

Craig Botham, emerging markets economist at fund management house Schroders looks at developing economy of Russia and what investors can expect going forward… Our growth forecast for Russia has seen [...]

Equity markets may be flying high but place your bets carefully…

12 June 2014

Patrick Connolly certified financial planner and head of communications at wealth manager Chase de Vere looks at the lay of the land given the exuberance of equity markets… Good news, [...]

How to build an efficient portfolio using ETFs

12 June 2014

Watch Mindful Money’s special ETF webcast where editor John Lappin speaks to Edmund Shing, global equity portfolio manager at BCS Asset Management and Lyxor’s Ben Thompson…

The World Cup starting Eleven (though in fund manager form)

5 June 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown’s head of investment research Mark Dampier, a man whom his colleagues are describing as the Roy Hodgson of the investment world, has selected his fantasy fund management World [...]

The broker’s view on Neil Woodford’s new fund launch: “We expect market-beating returns”

5 June 2014

Mick Gilligan, head of research at fund and stockbrokers Killik & Co gives his verdict on Neil Woodford’s upcoming portfolio launch – the CF Woodford Equity Income Fund. Woodford is [...]

Government seeks to get retirees better financial advice – how to find the right adviser today

5 June 2014

The Government backed Money Advice Service (MAS) has launched a salvo to make it easier for consumers to get better independent financial advice as they approach retirement and beyond. A [...]

Investors warned of dangers of jumping on bandwagons

5 June 2014

Investors have been warned of the dangers of jumping on investment bandwagons driven by fairy tales rather than traditional market drivers. Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore says the [...]

Five things that investors learned this week

30 May 2014

1. Drugs and prostitution are to add around £10bn annually to the economy as Investment Week reports. Shaun Richards is a little cynical about the numbers. 2. More than half of [...]

Qatar and UAE are promoted to emerging market status

30 May 2014

Qatar and the United Arab Emirates have been promoted to emerging market status from their previous frontier market designations by index firm MSCI. Sam Vecht, manager of the BlackRock BSF [...]

A new way to invest in UK tech start ups. The Mindful Money interview with Force Over Mass Capital

30 May 2014

A new investment vehicle has been launched in the UK with the aim of allowing high net worth investors access to the tech start-up sector. The group – Force Over [...]

Boost your income – the top dividend paying shares to watch

29 May 2014

Do you live in a home that now has two post deliveries some days? If so, you probably think you are better off. But don’t be so sure of that [...]

Mega caps in focus as sentiment shifts

29 May 2014

Richard Marwood, manager of the AXA Distribution fund looks at the change in sentiment in favour of large caps… Volatility continues to be a feature of the markets due to [...]

Newton Real Return fund team worry that equities may be ripe for a correction

27 May 2014

The trade-off between risk and potential looks distinctly unattractive implying that ‘risk assets’ may be ripe for another correction says Iain Stewart, lead manager of the Newton Real Return Fund. [...]

Fidelity slashes the cost of passive investing with a range starting at 0.07% for UK

27 May 2014

Fidelity Worldwide Investment has cut passive charges across its newly launched equity index range saying it has become the price leader in the UK retail market across the seven most [...]

More than two fifths of investors planning to increase their pharma exposure

27 May 2014

Investors are increasingly interested in pharmaceutical stocks according to a poll from Barclays Stockbrokers. The poll which ran between 14th May and 22 May 2014, asked investors for their current [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown says it will have the market leading price for investing with Neil Woodford

27 May 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown says it has obtained the best price of any broker for the new Neil Woodford fund. HL Vantage says that charges on the CF Woodford fund will be [...]

Five things investors learned this week

23 May 2014

1) Regulatory risk combined with competitive threats came back to haunt investors in the Royal Mail. It posted a decent set of first annual results since the float. But it [...]

Low interest rates bringing rebound in M&A especially among small and medium sized firms says Allianz Global Investors

20 May 2014

Ultra-low interest rates are encouraging a rebound in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), with premiums on deals for small and medium-sized companies far outstripping larger transactions, according to new research by [...]

India may be at start of three year bull run say specialist fund managers

20 May 2014

The Indian stock market should be one of the best performing markets of the next three years, says Andrew Swan, Manager of the BlackRock Asia Fund and the BlackRock’s Asia [...]

Neil Woodford says long term future is very bright for an independent AstraZeneca

20 May 2014

Neil Woodford, head of investment at Woodford Investment Management, has provided some detailed analysis of the prospects for  AstraZeneca. We include his note in full below. Pfizer’s recent bid approach for [...]

As prospects for AstraZeneca deal recede, fund managers still divided over ‘need to talk’

20 May 2014

Even the media outlets are divided. While one UK newspaper says Pfizer has walked away, another says it is hoping that pressure from investors could still see a deal pushed [...]

Modi’s mandate could invigorate India

19 May 2014

Craig Botham, emerging markets economist at Schroders, shares his view on the recent Indian elections… The elections have handed Prime Minister Modi a strong mandate. There had been a risk that the [...]

Five things investors learned in the last week

16 May 2014

1) What have we learned about Pfizer/AstraZeneca? Broker Panmure Gordon now say shares are worth as much as £105 as International Business Times reports. On Mindful Money Tony Levene says [...]

AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities manager Nigel Thomas on his top stock picks right now

12 May 2014

The £4.8bn AXA Framlington UK Select Opportunities fund has achieved a 130% return over the past five years, well ahead of its peer group average of 93%. Its manager and [...]

Five things investors learned in the last week

9 May 2014

1) City analysts have backed the Barclays (BARC.L)  restructure, job losses and the creation of a bad bank as the stock sees several  upgrades. 2) Saga customers get preferential treatment [...]

Invesco Perpetual launches global distribution fund

8 May 2014

Invesco Perpetual has launched the Invesco Perpetual Global Distribution Fund. The fund will be managed by co-heads of fixed interest, Paul Causer and Paul Read, and the Invesco Perpetual Global Equity Income [...]

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