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April 17, 2014 - Latest:

Tackling climate change is not prohibitively expensive and investors can benefit argues Jupiter’s ecology fund manager

16 April 2014

The latest UN report on climate change reinforces the view that environmental investing is essentially an investment in the long term structural growth of the global economy Charlie Thomas, manager [...]

Are the oil majors having to come to terms with the dawning of solar power and what should investors do?

16 April 2014

The sun’s been shining these past few days. But that’s nothing compared with the amount of hot stuff shining upon power from the sun. So forget fossil fuels and fracking, [...]

Challenger banks Shawbrook and Close Brothers launch market leading fixed-rate bonds

15 April 2014

With inflation having dropped back to 1.6%, the upstarts in the savings arena are continuing to shake-up the sector as Shawbrook Bank and Close Brothers launch market leading accounts writes [...]

Is China set for transformational reform and what does this mean for investors?

15 April 2014

Asian equity markets have lagged their developed market peers over the last twelve months as China – its biggest and most significant economy – has disappointed.  Stuart Parks head of [...]

It’s a myth that emerging market debt is as risky and volatile as emerging market equity argues Insight

14 April 2014

Emerging market corporate debt has shrugged off everything that has been thrown at it so far this year argues fund manager Insight’s emerging market fixed income managers Rodica Glavan and [...]

Five things investors learned in the last week

13 April 2014

1) Hargreaves Lansdown leads a FTSE sell off as Morgan Stanley cuts its target price to £14.95 from £16.70 but topping the FCA complaints table for investment companies can’t have [...]

Guest blog: what are the implications of plans for the ‘through train’ between the Shanghai and Hong Kong stock markets

12 April 2014

Mark Tinker, head of AXA Framlington Asia, has put together his thoughts on the short and long term implications for both markets, stocks and China of the decision to allow, [...]

Co-operative Bank boss says sorry to customers as it unveils £1.3bn loss including potential customer redress bill of £411m

11 April 2014

Embattled business the Co-operative Bank has revealed it made a massive £1.3bn loss in 2013 and is unlikely to return to profitability until 2015 writes Philip Scott. The group, which [...]

Fears of a Chinese financial crisis are arguably overblown says Schroders

9 April 2014

Fears of a Chinese financial crisis are growing, but are arguably overblown says Craig Botham, Emerging Markets Economist at Schroders. He has outlined his view of the economic outlook below [...]

Commodities back in favour says ETF Securities

9 April 2014

Commodities moved back into favour in the first quarter of 2014, with commodity prices as measured by the DJ-UBS Commodity Index rising by 7%. Commodity Exchange traded products saw their [...]

Emerging markets prospects recovering as global economy rebalances says Ashmore

8 April 2014

The rebound in emerging markets has gained momentum, supported by benign global macro data and positive local news says Gustavo Medeiros, Portfolio Manager at Ashmore. He says the global economy [...]

Axa Self Investor extends charge free offer on new investment accounts until the end of April

8 April 2014

AXA Self Investor has extended its charge free offer on investment accounts until the end of April. Previously it had offered customers an account charge-free period up to 1 May [...]

Our new wine column: Investing in wine is not so new an idea

7 April 2014

David Porter, Operations Manager for Lea and Sanderman, discusses wine investing and a big challenge for Bordeaux this week as the industry and media try the 2013 vintage. Investing in [...]

The best and indeed worst performing funds of the last tax-year

7 April 2014

With investors’ minds now on how to use their new ISA allowance Rob Morgan, pension and investments analyst at brokerage Charles Stanley Direct looks back on what areas did well – [...]

The financial services industry must rise to the challenge of the budget and ensure investors benefit fully

7 April 2014

Lee Robertson, CEO of financial planning firm Investment Quorum says the financial industry must get things right following the budget. The budget has just proven to be a retail savings [...]

City watchdog slams financial advisers for not being clear on costs – what you need to ask if getting advice

7 April 2014

Despite the arrival of new laws last year, the majority of financial advisers are still not being clear with consumers on not only the service they offer but how much [...]

Guest blog – Budget 2014: was it really one for ALL savers?

6 April 2014

Calum Bennie, communications director at Scottish Friendly argues that you do not have to be a millionaire to take advantage of the New ISA below. Those of more modest means [...]

Five things investors learned in the last week

6 April 2014

1. On the the Telegraph, Jeremy Warner defends Vince Cable over the Royal Mail float. But he suggests the price may be too high now. Worth a read if you [...]

Halifax to keep branches open late over tax year end while Leeds Building Society extends fixed rate ISAs to £15,000 from 1 July

3 April 2014

With the end of the tax year looming, Halifax has announced that the majority of its branches are to open late. The bank says it expects to open a new [...]

Southern European nations and Ireland post big gains in March

1 April 2014

The unloved stock markets dubbed the PIIGS by churlish investment managers have had a very good March according to the latest figures. Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain have posted good [...]

UK IPOs still beating the market five years out says Capita Asset Services

31 March 2014

Investors who buy into an IPO will see their returns oustrip the wider market, says Capita Asset Services. The firm has analysed 10 years of UK IPOs and suggests that [...]

Three fund managers, three investment views: Fidelity, M&G and Threadneedle give their outlook.

31 March 2014

As the end of the tax year approaches, savers may be looking to add a global angle to their ISA portfolio. Three fund managers including Jeremy Podger manager of Fidelity [...]

The ISA savers five-point guide to avoid becoming an April fool

31 March 2014

With the tax year deadline only five days away, lots of savers will be making quick decisions about their annual allowances. But in their rush to make their choices before Saturday’s [...]

Savers plough more than £550m into UK equity funds in just one month

31 March 2014

The love affair with equities continued apace in February as investors squirrelled away millions into funds that invest in UK shares over the month writes Philip Scott. According to the [...]

Five things investors learned in the last week

30 March 2014

1) What a fortnight for investors in insurance companies. Stocks took another pounding on Friday following news that some 30million older insurance policies are to be reviewed. Insurers with closed [...]

Deflation now primary Eurozone concern

28 March 2014

Fixed income veteran and manager of the M&G Global Macro Bond fund Jim Leaviss, gives his thoughts on how deflation has replaced credit worthiness and default risk as the main [...]

City watchdog set to help beleaguered investors trapped in ‘zombie funds’. Insurers’ share prices take another hit

28 March 2014

Millions of savers trapped in poorly performing investments and pension funds may be given a lifeline and allowed to take their cash or switch to a better deal writes Philip [...]

Time for investors to look at India again?

26 March 2014

Edmund Shing considers whether investors should look at India again. Astute observers will have noticed that the Indian Sensex index has just hit a multi-year high at over 22,000 (Figure [...]

Post Budget – pensions still more tax efficient than Isas (almost always) says Hargreaves Lansdown

26 March 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown says that pensions remain more tax efficient than Isas except for basic rate taxpayers who want to make big cash withdrawals. The firm says that pensions win the [...]

Potential with-profits reprieve for thousands of Equitable Life policyholders

24 March 2014

Hundreds of thousands of Equitable Life savers have been handed a lifeline to help them potentially escape the group’s £5.5bn with-profits fund as the firm announces it is to boost [...]

Budget 2014 timetable: The saver’s and investor’s guide to when the key changes will happen

21 March 2014

In his Budget speech to the House of Commons this week designed to win the hearts, minds and indeed votes of the nation’s “makers, doers and savers”, the Chancellor George [...]

Ukraine crisis rattling investors not helped by weak US consumer confidence says BlackRock

19 March 2014

Geopolitical events are rattling investors not helped by weakening consumer confidence in the US says Russ Koesterich, BlackRock’s Global Chief Investment Strategist. In a note issued today, the manager says: [...]

High net worth investor confidence at highest level since 2008

18 March 2014

High-net-worth investor confidence has surged to its highest level since the global economic crash of 2008 a poll by international financial advisers deVere Group has revealed. Some 57 per cent [...]

Nationwide boss calls on Chancellor to allow greater ISA flexibility

17 March 2014

Nationwide Building Society is calling for changes to the current ISA system, including allowing people to transfer from stocks and shares into cash ISAs. Research from Nationwide found that more [...]

The M&G Central Bank Credibility Survey – the Carney impact?

17 March 2014

M&G’s veteran bond manager Jim Leaviss assesses the Bank of England’s boss, in regards to his fiscal policies… Whilst YouGov is surveying consumers around the UK, Europe and Asia for the [...]

Five ISA tips for the very last minute investor

17 March 2014

Adrian Lowcock, senior investment manager at Hargreaves Lansdown offers his last minute ISA ideas as this year’s deadline approaches… The Budget reminds us all of the importance of making the [...]

China’s interest rate liberation

14 March 2014

Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore, has issued a note considering the outlook for Chinese growth and interest rate liberation. We publish the full note below. Amidst yet another bout of [...]

Is it time to buy into emerging markets?

14 March 2014

Jade Fu, investment manager at Heartwood Investment Management looks at whether investors should be looking to the world’s developing economies to better their returns… Following the recent sell-off in emerging markets, there is [...]

Is the time right for commodity funds? Investment experts pick their favourites

13 March 2014

In the days when investors were still in love with China and the commodity super cycle on a roll, natural resources and commodities funds were hot. In the three years to [...]

What you need to know about investing in European funds and some ideas for your Isa

13 March 2014

Europe has never been far from the news in recent years, and that has brought investors in European stock markets their fair share of volatility. Investment journalist Cherry Reynard looks [...]

Despite the turmoil, should you consider emerging markets for your Isa?

12 March 2014

Emerging markets have had a difficult time recently in terms of performance and suffering from concerns about tapering in the US. But could this actually mean it is a good [...]

Sterling corporate bond funds for this year’s Isa? Advisers prefer strategic funds but offer some suggestions

10 March 2014

Should you put the Sterling corporate bond funds in your Isa? Investment journalist Cherry Reynard examines the sector for Mindful Money and asks some experts for their recommendations. The sterling [...]

ISA ideas: Five investment themes to play in 2014

10 March 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown’s senior investment manager Adrian Lowcock, outline five investment themes to play in 2014 and what funds to consider… Japanese equities: buy markets that are cheap Our analysis shows [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown publishes performance of Wealth 150 in last ten years

6 March 2014

With all execution only investment platforms changing their pricing plans, Hargreaves Landown has offered evidence of how well the Wealth 150 has performed in the last ten years. In a [...]

The Manek ‘Growth’ fund may not often live up to its name but are there lessons investors can learn?

4 March 2014

Investment journalist Tony Levene looks at a famously poorly performing fund and asks what can investors learn? The British – unlike those folk across the Atlantic – love failure stories. [...]

Two funds for a cautious investor’s ISA

3 March 2014

Tom Stevenson, investment director at Fidelity Personal Investing, highlights three funds for cautious investors looking at a last minute ISA… For many savers, safety is key. As we emerge from [...]

Gold funds shine as the precious metal and mining stocks bounce back

3 March 2014

Funds that invest in bullion and gold mining shares were the best performing funds of February with the top portfolio delivering a 17% return over the month writes Philip Scott. [...]

FTSE 100 reaches for 7000 mark but are there better places for your money?

28 February 2014

A lot has been made in recent days of the fact that the iconic FTSE-100 index is close to breaking its 14-year high, reached during the technology bubble back in [...]

Latin America: BlackRock makes the case for better equity performance this year

27 February 2014

Fund manager BlackRock says that Latin America should post better equity performance this year. Will Landers, senior portfolio manager of BlackRock Latin American Investment Trust, believes Brazil will benefit in particular. Will [...]

UK savers set to invest more as confidence returns

26 February 2014

On the back of improving economic trends the vast majority of UK investors are looking to increase the amount they save in 2014 as they become increasingly confident about the [...]

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