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September 21, 2014 - Latest:

The thing we definitely know about the Scottish vote – sterling will react one way or another

18 September 2014

Alex Plester, senior foreign exchange broker with VFX Financial considers the implications of tomorrow’s vote in Scotland. With only one day left before the Scots decide whether to leave the [...]

Is volatility imminent? Investors must not believe the benign backdrop will persist indefinitely…

18 September 2014

As investors, we are in many respects living through some pretty gentle times. Those who would counter that view by pointing to the bleak news emanating from areas such as [...]

The thing we definitely know about the Scottish vote – the pound will react one way or another

17 September 2014

Alex Plester, senior foreign exchange broker with VFX Financial considers the implications of tomorrow’s vote in Scotland. With only one day left before the Scots decide whether to leave the [...]

“Scotland could be next Greece,” warns Alan Miller

16 September 2014

They might already call Edinburgh the “Athens of the north”, but an independent Scotland would be at risk of becoming the next Greece, Alan Miller has warned. Miller, who is [...]

Junior Isas: Are parents being too cautious when it comes to saving for their children?

15 September 2014

Parents could be denying their children a more prosperous future warns accountancy group UHY Hacker Young, as just a quarter of the money saved in junior Isas is invested in [...]

Neil Woodford on the Scottish referendum: “The UK has already crossed a constitutional Rubicon”

15 September 2014

Neil Woodford, manager of the CF Woodford Equity Income fund discusses the potential impact of this week’s referendum… Later this week, Scotland votes on whether to remain part of the [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown cuts minimum regular investment to just £50 a month

9 September 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown’s new Vantage Service have gone live today with new, lower minimum investment amounts, which permit investors to start saving with smaller sums of money. The minimum regular savings [...]

Sterling steals ugly stick from single currency

9 September 2014

Alex Plester, a senior foreign exchange broker with City firm VFX Financial plc, examines the turbulent events in the currency markets as polls show a surge of support for Scottish [...]

Chinese internet giant Alibaba hits the road ahead of $162bn float

8 September 2014

Chinese internet giant Alibaba is launching its investor roadshow in New York this week ahead of its stock market flotation with an anticipated valuation of up to $162 billion (£98 [...]

Sterling plummets as Scotland’s ‘yes’ campaign gathers further pace

8 September 2014

Brenda Kelly, chief market strategist at IG Group, comments on the upcoming Scottish referendum’s impact on the pound… The level of complacency in financial markets surrounding the Scottish referendum became [...]

Investors who “sold in May” miss out on the majority of 2014′s best returns

8 September 2014

Cautious investors who “sold in May and went away” would have missed out on the majority of 2014’s gains says new research. According to the trade body the Association of [...]

‘Euro sinks, dollar surges with sterling somewhere in the middle’

8 September 2014

Alex Plester, a senior foreign exchange broker with VFX Financial, takes a look at the big developments in the currency markets last week. Last week’s events have seen currency markets [...]

Should investors be shifting their portfolios because of the global political crises?

3 September 2014

Kleinwort Benson’s chief investment officer Mouhammed Choukeir asks whether investors should be adjusting their portfolios to cope with global political risks. He notes that historic crises – even those as [...]

A year on from Fed tapering, emerging markets have proved their resilience unlike their developed market peers

3 September 2014

Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore discusses the resilience of emerging markets and why developed markets are sustained by deliberate policies of asset price inflation instead of reforms below. [...]

Could markets be heading towards a 60% crash?

28 August 2014

Two analysts have warned that markets could be facing a collapse of up to 60%. Speaking to CNBC David Tice, president of Tice Capital and founder of the Prudent Bear [...]

What are the implications for emerging market investors of a ‘Cold War in miniature’?

27 August 2014

Jan Dehn, head of research at Ashmore discusses current geopolitical issues and the implications for emerging markets investors The transformation of finance, economic policy and global politics that was sparked by [...]

Britons’ household savings jump by 500% in the past 40 years

21 August 2014

Despite the UK’s personal debt tally hitting £1.4 trillion the value of household savings in Britain has surged by more than 500% over the past four decades. According to research [...]

Does a ten year bund yield of 1% mean deflation?

20 August 2014

Michael Krautzberger, Head of European Fixed Income at BlackRock, comments on German 10-year Bund yields crossing below 1% and provides some graphs for his analysis too.  German short-dated yields have been low for several [...]

Is it time for investors to once again look at UK banking stocks?

18 August 2014

The UK’s banking sector has been vastly under-owned in recent years but with good reason. Almost six years on since US banking giant Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy, many investors [...]

Randgold Resouces tipped for investors willing to ride the volatility of bullion

18 August 2014

As the price of bullion enjoys a rebound broker interest in African gold mining and exploration group Randgold Resources is accelerating. Following a caustic period in 2013, the price of [...]

European real estate could return 7% a year but deflation remains a threat

18 August 2014

Aviva Investors is forecasting that the European ex-UK real estate market could return up to 8.2% a year over the 2014-2016 period and 7% per annum over the longer term [...]

Risky AIM shares prove to be a young investor’s game

18 August 2014

Just 12 months down the road since the Chancellor George Osborne opened the gates for investors to put AIM stocks into ISAs, new research shows it is the younger generations [...]

Eurozone should bounce back says Schroders’ Zangana

14 August 2014

The Eurozone should bounce back from disappointing economic numbers says Schroders European economist Azad Zangana. In a note issued today, he writes: “Within the eurozone, Germany surprised most by posting growth [...]

Bond funds a ‘hold’ not a ‘sell’ warns broker

12 August 2014

Brewin Dolphin’s head of fund research Ben Gutteridge explains why investors should not sell their fixed income holdings in haste… The chorus of Western policy makers calling for tighter monetary [...]

Investors warned over threat of Russian recession

12 August 2014

The Russian economy is in severe danger of falling into recession as the European Union sanctions against the nation are likely to hit hard. The latest flash estimate suggests that [...]

Emerging market recovery: Are we nearly there yet?

11 August 2014

Craig Botham, emerging market economist at Schroders, gives his view on the emerging market export recovery… The emerging market (EM) export recovery is seemingly always on the horizon, but never [...]

Investment funds to globalise your new ISA

11 August 2014

The beefed-up £15,000 new Isa (NISA) threshold is now with us. And while the summer holidays are here, investors venturing overseas for a break may want to take the time [...]

UK plc sales growth comes at the expense of squeezed profit margins

11 August 2014

Upbeat sales growth across UK firms maybe enjoying a rise in sales revenues but the growth is not translating into higher profits. Total annual revenues for British listed firms who [...]

Investors – “Keep Calm and Carry On” when interest rates rise

11 August 2014

In response to the Bank of England Governor’s comment last week that “the economy has edged closer to the point at which the Bank Rate will gradually need to rise” [...]

Expert views on Bank’s rate hold decision

8 August 2014

Mindful Money looks at the expert views about interest rates in light of the Bank of England’s decision to maintain the base rate at 0.5%. Could there be a split [...]

Will BRICS bank mark a significant shift in economic power?

7 August 2014

Emerging markets have submerged over the past years, with their one time promise failing to keep up with the reality of more mature equity arenas. But longer term, led by [...]

UK All Companies sector boasts most consistent fund performers in the last three years

6 August 2014

The UK All Companies sector is the most consistent sector for top quartile performance over the last three years, according to the F&C FundWatch survey. The survey compiled by F&C’s [...]

Global exchange traded product inflows reach $32bn in July says BlackRock ETP Landscape report

5 August 2014

Global ETP flows reached $32.0bn in July with non-US equities bringing in $13.5bn according to the BlackRock ETP Landscape report. US equities gathered $13.5bn, driven almost singlehandedly by US large cap [...]

Emerging markets make a return to top of the outperformance tables

1 August 2014

After a tumultuous 2013, emerging market have bounced back this year to provide outperformance for investors. Six out of the top 10 performing funds are invested in emerging market economies, [...]

Watchdog finds “best execution” less than best

31 July 2014

Investors risk losing out on transactions because those carrying them out on their behalf often flout rules designed to protect clients. A new paper from the Financial Conduct Authority concludes [...]

Crowdfunded convertible loans now an option for the retail investor

31 July 2014

Financial firms are now able to apply crowd-funding techniques to convertible loans opening up a source of new source of potential returns to retail investors. These have  generally only been [...]

Best sellers in the first month of the NISA

31 July 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown has listed the most popular shares, active and passive funds invested in the New Isa since it launched a month ago. The CF Woodford Equity Income topped the [...]

Free direct investment guide aims to get to the heart of what matters for investors

30 July 2014

An investment platform consultancy, the Lang Cat, has launched a free-to-download direct investment guide. “Come and have a go: a direct approach to platform investing” is a must-read for all investors, from [...]

Saudi Arabia – undervalued and underowned until now?

29 July 2014

Jan Dehn, Head of Research at Ashmore discusses the investment opportunities presented by the under-valued, under-owned and, until now, under the radar Saudi Arabia equity markets along with the situation [...]

The UK equity income funds that consistently deliver – and those that struggle

28 July 2014

Equity income funds are hugely popular among UK investors. According to the latest count from trade body, the Investment Management Association, British investors ploughed a hefty £270m into UK equity [...]

Financial watchdog warns investors about interest rate risk to corporate bonds

27 July 2014

The City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority has issued a warning to investors about the risks of corporate bond funds. In a consumer update, the regulator outlined the risks facing [...]

The big hurdles investors face in the equity bull market

24 July 2014

Keith Wade, chief economist at asset manager Schroders, comments on the macro hurdles that he believes could challenge the continuation of the bull market and warrant a slightly more cautious [...]

Which towns pay the highest amount of income tax in the UK?

22 July 2014

While the typical worker pays an average of almost £5,000 in income tax new research shows that inhabitants of the ‘Beverly Hills of Britain’ can fork out up to three [...]

Pension reforms: The six points savers need to know

21 July 2014

Following the changes announced in this year’s Budget, from 2015 savers will be able to do as they please with their nest-eggs. We round up the key points the Treasury [...]

UK dividend growth grinds to a near halt as the strength of the pound hits payouts

21 July 2014

Dividend payouts from UK firms have hit their worst patch in some three years as the strength of sterling takes its toll. According to the latest UK Dividend Monitor from [...]

Are you invested in a ‘dog’ fund?

19 July 2014

Savers have nearly £20 billion sitting in underperforming funds, the latest ‘dog’ report from Bestinvest reveals. The twice yearly Spot the Dog report has highlighted 49 underachieving funds containing £19.55 [...]

Small caps firms embracing self-improvement to up their earnings

17 July 2014

Henry Lowson, manager of the AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies fund looks at how smaller companies are building value through acquisitions and expanding their global footprint… Smaller companies with good [...]

The dangers of relying on foresight when it comes to your finances…

17 July 2014

Patrick Connolly, certified financial planner at independent financial advisers Chase de Vere looks at the perils of predicting the unpredictable in the world of savings and investsments… Renowned economist JK [...]

Church of England puts an end to Wonga investment

11 July 2014

The Church of England has pulled its investment in payday lender Wonga, that was last month order to pay compensation after sending fake debt collection letters to borrowers.   The [...]

This is an “unloved” rally. Expect a bumpy transition to a normal environment says JP Morgan’s Stephanie Flanders

9 July 2014

The market rally in the first half of 2014 is “unloved” says Stephanie Flanders, chief market strategist, UK and Europe at J.P. Morgan Asset Management because investors know the days of cheap [...]

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