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October 25, 2014 - Latest:

Lenders cut mortgage rates to record lows

22 October 2014

Nationwide Building Society will tomorrow launch its lowest ever two-year fixed rate mortgage at 1.74% for existing home loan customers and 1.74% for new borrowers. The deal requires a 40% [...]

Older homeowners release record sums from their properties

21 October 2014

Older home owners are benefitting from house price increases to withdraw record sums from their properties, new figures reveal. A record £1 billion was released from properties by over-55s in the [...]

Borrowers shrug of interest rate fears as more opt for tracker mortgages

17 October 2014

Homebuyers have shrugged off concerns about impending interest rate rises as the number applying for a fixed-rate mortgage fell to its lowest level in almost two years. Figures from the [...]

Address inconsistencies cause chaos for borrowers

14 October 2014

Addresses that are not listed on online forms are wreaking havoc for thousands of consumers who want to borrow money, but do not have an accurate credit report. A new [...]

Housing market shows further signs of slowing

14 October 2014

The housing market showed further signs of slowing as official figures revealed that prices increased 11.7% in the year to August, unchanged from the rise in the year to July. [...]

Scotland plans ‘mansion tax’ to pay for stamp duty cut on affordable homes

10 October 2014

Scotland has introduced a new ‘mansion tax’ that will fund a cut in stamp duty on affordable homes. A new land and building transaction tax will be brought in next [...]

Lending to home buyers sinks to lowest level in two years

7 October 2014

Lending to home buyers has sunk to its lowest level in two years following tough new regulations in the mortgage market. The Bank of England’s credit conditions survey showed that [...]

Free iPad with your mortgage? Borrowers warned to look past gimmicks when choosing a home loan

1 October 2014

Lloyds Bank is attempting to win new customers by offering a free iPad Mini to first-time buyers and home movers who take one of its mortgages. The bank is offering [...]

Borrowers with Northern Rock’s infamous 125% mortgages now punished with rates of up to 13%

1 October 2014

Borrowers who took out Northern Rock’s infamous mortgages of 125% before the credit crunch are now being punished with sky-high interest rates of up to 13%. The failed bank’s Together [...]

Mortgage price war continues

30 September 2014

Mortgage lenders are jostling to keep on top of the best-buy tables as West Brom building society and Tesco Bank launch market-leading new deals. Tesco Bank has launched a five-year [...]

House prices dip in September

30 September 2014

After months of speculation that we may be in the midst of a housing market bubble, prices actually fell in September by 0.2% compared to the previous month. This was [...]

More than a quarter would struggle with higher rate according to Building Societies Association research

24 September 2014

Over a quarter of people with a mortgage (27%) say they will be in financial trouble when interest rates rise, according to new research published by the Building Societies Association [...]

Downsizers set to release £137bn over next five years

23 September 2014

Retirees are set to release nearly £137 billion from their properties by downsizing over the next five years, new figures reveal. Nearly 1.4 million people, representing 12% of the UK’s [...]

Mortgage lending up 15% in August

23 September 2014

New mortgage lending rose by 15 per cent  to £11.1 billion in August compared to a year earlier in a sign that the market is beginning to moderate and show [...]

Lenders ramp up competition with mortgage rate reductions

19 September 2014

Lenders have increased competition in the mortgage market further, with both Lloyds and Leeds Building Society reducing rates across their ranges. Lloyds has reduced selected five-year mortgage rates by up [...]

House prices up 12% in biggest annual rise for seven years

16 September 2014

House prices increased by 11.7 per cent in the year to July to an average of £272,000, while London saw a steeper rise of 19.1 per cent to £514,000, official [...]

Brits want more housing just not in their back yard

16 September 2014

The mission to solve Britain’s housing shortage is being thwarted by the “Not in My Back Yard” attitude of millions of residents, a new study has revealed. The majority of [...]

Struggling households sell possessions to survive

9 September 2014

One in ten households have resorted to selling their possessions in a bid to meet their housing costs, new figures from the housing charity Shelter reveal. Over three million households [...]

“Yes” vote could see mortgage payments jump for Scottish borrowers

9 September 2014

Scottish homeowners have been warned that a vote in favour of independence could result in higher mortgage payments. An independent Scotland might have to create a new currency in order [...]

Axe stamp duty for properties under £500,000, urge MPs

5 September 2014

MPs have urged the government to help families and axe stamp duty on homes under £500,000.   Anne Main, Conservative MP for St Albans said the current system, which charges [...]

New European rules will make it harder to get a buy-to-let mortgage

5 September 2014

The Treasury has U-turned on its plans to allow the buy-to-let mortgage market to remain unregulated after pressure from Europe.   Government had promised that buy-to-let mortgages would remain unregulated [...]

More than 48,000 use Help to Buy

2 September 2014

More than 48,000 people have bought homes through the Government’s Help to Buy scheme since it launched last year. Official figures reveal that 82 per cent of those who have [...]

Half of homeowners would struggle with 1% rate rise

1 September 2014

More than half of homeowners would struggle if interest rates rose by just 1 per cent, new figures reveal. While it is impossible to predict exactly when the Bank of [...]

TSB offers borrowers council tax cashback but how do its mortgage rates stack up?

29 August 2014

With the cost of living putting a strain on household budgets, TSB is offering to pay a year’s worth of council tax bills for new mortgage customers. The challenger bank, [...]

Average house now worth £190,000 as prices leap 11% in a year

29 August 2014

Property prices have increased for the sixteenth successive month, taking annual house price growth to 11%. The latest figures from Nationwide reveal the recent slowdown in prices could be just [...]

Mortgage borrowers expecting to pay £590 more a year if rates rise 0.5%

26 August 2014

Mortgage borrowers expect to pay £590 more a year on average if interest rates rise by 0.5% according to research by The firm says that for the 11.2 million [...]

The premium to live near one of England’s top state schools? That’s £483,031

26 August 2014

Parents looking to move to the postal district of the Beaconsfield High School in Buckinghamshire face paying a near £500,000 premium compared to the average house price in neighbouring areas. [...]

Buying instead of renting will save first-time buyers £1,300 a year

23 August 2014

Getting a expensive deposit together to buy your first home could cost you less in the long run as new figures show renting costs £110 more a month than buying. [...]

First-time buyer sales at seven-year high, but you’ll need £26,000 to get on the ladder

22 August 2014

The number of first-time buyers getting a foot on the ladder has risen to a seven-year high but they will have to spend £9,000 more than last year to secure [...]

Planning some DIY over the bank holiday? It could be more costly than you think

22 August 2014

If you’re planning a spot of home improvement this bank holiday weekend, be warned you could find yourself lumbered with an expensive bill to put a DIY disaster right. Research [...]

Mortgage borrowers in the South East and South West most concerned about future base rate rise

20 August 2014

Around half (51%) of UK homeowners are unconcerned about a rate rise and the impact that it could have on their monthly mortgage repayments over the next 12 months. However [...]

One million working households are ‘housing pinched’

15 August 2014

One million working households are ‘housing pinched’, spending more than half of their income on rent or mortgage payments.   Research from think-tank Resolution Foundation, reveals 1.6 million households in [...]

The property rush isn’t over: mortgage lending to increase over rest of year

8 August 2014

The introduction of stricter lending rules and government concern about the mortgage market are not expected to dampen enthusiasm for house buying in the rest of the year, as borrowing [...]

Mortgage lending reaches record high despite affordability clampdown

18 July 2014

Mortgage lending has increased 10% in the past quarter thanks to the seemingly unstoppable rise in house prices, but experts have warned the UK is still far from a fully [...]

Costly homes and income falls: how the burden of homeownership is growing

11 July 2014

Britain’s fiscal watchdog has warned the gap between house price growth and wage inflation will continue to rise, as fears emerge that the average wage could have fallen 20% more [...]

Bank of England warns lenders it will stop mortgages that are too risky

11 July 2014

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) has said it will step in to halt home loans if it believes banks are still underestimating the risks posed by borrowers.   The PRA, [...]

House prices rise by 8.8% in 12 months says Halifax though monthly price falls by 0.6%

9 July 2014

House prices have risen in 8.8% in the 12 months to June, up from 8.7% in May according to the latest Halifax house price index. However prices are declining on [...]

London house prices rise 26% in a year as UK prices pass pre-crisis peak

2 July 2014

UK house prices have risen 11.8% since June 2013 according to the Nationwide house price survey passing their pre-financial crisis peak. All regions saw growth in house prices in the [...]

Red hot London property market needs ‘special measures’ to cool it

27 June 2014

The government may have capped the loan-to-income ratio for mortgage lending but Brian Murphy of Mortgage Advice Bureau said ‘special measures’ are still needed to cool the London property boom. [...]

Popularity of five-year mortgages increases as interest rate rise looms

20 June 2014

An increasing number of homeowners are opting to fix their mortgages for five years as the prospect of the first interest rate rise in five years looms. Although just one-third [...]

Buy-to-let boom sees landlords make over £20,000 per property in the past year

20 June 2014

Landlords have made an average of £20,000 on every property they own in the past twelve months thanks to rising house prices and accelerating rents. The latest buy-to-let index from [...]

Savers, borrowers, investors and pensioners: just how will an interest rate rise affect you?

13 June 2014

Speculation about when interest rates will rise has been rife in recent months and Bank of England governor has added fuel to the fire, warning a rise could happen sooner [...]

Bank warns of ‘sooner than expected’ interest rate rise that will hit ‘vulnerable’ homeowners

13 June 2014

Bank of England governor Mark Carney has warned interest rates could rise ‘sooner than expected’, and the fall out for over-indebted households could be very serious. Speaking at the annual [...]

Do what it takes to cool property market, chancellor tells Bank of England

6 June 2014

Chancellor George Osborne has told the Bank of England it ‘should not hesitate’ to cool the housing market should soaring property prices become a risk to the UK economy. How [...]

It’s easier to get a mortgage in France argue experts as average mortgage rates fall to all time low

4 June 2014

Rate decreases on government bonds and an increasingly bullish buyer’s market in France have pushed mortgage rates down to their lowest levels ever recorded. Average lending rates have now dropped [...]

Pensioner property wealth hits £807 billion

4 June 2014

The Over-65s have earned £1,346 in past three months from their homes, Key Retirement Solutions Pensioner Property Index shows. Retired homeowners have seen their property wealth grow by more than £6.3 [...]

Over 65 pensioner property wealth hits £807 billion in Britain

4 June 2014

The Over-65s have earned £1,346 in past three months from their homes the Key Retirement Solutions Pensioner Property Index shows. Retired homeowners have seen their property wealth grow by more [...]

First time buyers in London borrowing 3.83 times their income

28 May 2014

First-time buyers in Greater London took out 11,900 loans in the first quarter of 2014, a decrease of 11% compared to the fourth quarter of 2013 but up 29% compared to the same period in 2013. These [...]

Gross mortgage lending hits £12.2bn in April as RBS mulls income cap on lending in London

27 May 2014

Gross mortgage lending hit £12.2 billion in April with net lending of £1.1 billion according to the latest British Bankers’ Association statistics. This is the highest monthly gross lending since [...]

A brief Mindful Money guide to buy-to-let (with best buy table)

23 May 2014

Demand to rent has soared by 14% in the year to April 2014, with availability of rental property only increasing by 1% according to the Sequence National Lettings Index. So [...]

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