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April 21, 2014 - Latest:

Home repossessions in the North of England outstripping the South by 44%

16 April 2014

The rate of home repossessions was 44% higher in the North than in the South of England in 2013, according to detailed research by e.surv chartered surveyors. e.surv’s analysis of [...]

Looking for a mortgage after 25 April? Get prepared for your spending habits to be stress tested by your lender

14 April 2014

Mortgage borrowers may find it more difficult obtaining the loan they want following the introduction of new rules on April 26 writes Jill Insley. Following an extensive review of the [...]

Fewer mortgages being offered on eve of tough new affordability rules for lenders and borrowers

11 April 2014

The number of mortgages being offered may be falling back as lenders change their systems to take account of a new tough affordability regime says e.surv, the UK’s largest chartered surveyor. [...]

Resist estate agents’ demands to match valuations to sale prices as house price crash looms, warns chartered surveyor

10 April 2014

Chartered surveyors must protect homebuyers and lenders against the mounting risk of a repeat housing market crash, a chartered surveyor has warned. Hotspot housing markets in London and Aberdeen show [...]

Halifax declares 10th April UK Mortgage Freedom Day (when your earnings so far match the annual cost)

10 April 2014

Halifax has declared the 10th April the UK Mortgage Freedom Day. The lender’s calculations suggest that on the 100th day of the year new UK homeowners will have finally earned [...]

Over 65s took out 16,000 mortgages in the UK last year worth £1.3bn

2 April 2014

Borrowers over 65 took out fewer than 16,000 mortgages in the UK last year worth around £1.3bn, the Lenders’ trade body the Council of Mortgage Lenders says. Some 4.5% of those [...]

High loan to value mortgages reach six year high as banks lend more before tighter regulations come into force

13 March 2014

Lending to high LTV borrowers reached a six-year high in February, as monthly high LTV loans topped 11,000 for the first time in six years, according to the latest Mortgage [...]

House prices soar 7.9% in a year. Estate agent says some regions “approaching madness”

6 March 2014

House prices have jumped 2.1% higher in the three months to February and are up a dramatic 7.9% on the same period last year according to the latest Halifax House [...]

House prices rise 1.9% in three months to January says Halifax

6 February 2014

House prices have risen 1.9% in the three months to January according to the latest Halifax house price survey. The annual growth in prices fell slightly but prices are still [...]

Landlords urged to switch to five-year, fixed-rate buy-to-let mortgages before prices rise

29 January 2014

Landlords have been urged to switch to 5 year fixed rate buy to let mortgages before prices rise by a specialist broker. Mortgages for Business says increased competitive pressures among [...]

Total mortgage lending for 2013 estimated at £177bn. Help to buy led to 13,000 transactions

21 January 2014

Gross mortgage lending was an estimated £17 billion in December, according to the Council of Mortgage Lenders jumping 49% from the previous December when it stood at £11.4bn. This is the highest total [...]

Eurozone house price inflation falls by 1.3%

21 January 2014

House prices, as measured by the House Price Index fell by 1.3% in the euro area and by 0.5% in the EU in the third quarter of 2013 compared with [...]

Council of Mortgage Lenders plays down expected impact of Help to Buy on borrowers, lenders and the housing market

10 December 2013

The Council of Mortgage Lenders has played down the impact of Help to Buy on the mortgage market and says predictions of it leading to hundreds of thousands of transactions [...]

Optimism that borrowers can cope with return to normal interest rates

10 December 2013

The Council of Mortgage Lenders is predicting gross mortgage lending will reach £195bn from an estimated £170bn this year. In 2015 it expects gross lending to reach £206bn. Net advances [...]

House prices rise 7.7% in twelve months says Halifax

6 December 2013

House prices have risen 7.7% in the last twelve months, and rose 1.1% in November says Halifax. The average house price in the UK is now valued at £174,910. Prices [...]

Buy-to-let to lending to reach £25 billion next year as three in five landlords plan to buy more properties

29 November 2013

Buy to let lending will reach £25 billion by the end of 2014, a 25% increase on lending in 2013 according to forecasts by Mortgages for Business, the specialist mortgage [...]

Bank of England to cease Funding for Lending for the mortgage market

28 November 2013

The Bank of England is to withdraw its scheme to provide cheap funding to banks which then boosts the retail mortgage market. It will continue Funding for Lending where the [...]

Nearly one in five overpaying their mortgage each month

20 November 2013

Almost one in five mortgage holders currently overpay every month though just 54 per cent of regular over-payers have just started doing so in the past two years according to Santander. [...]

No housing bubble. Prices have “crawled up” 11% in last five years argues property consultant

19 November 2013

The London Central Portfolio is arguing that Land Registry figures demonstrate that there is no property bubble in the United Kingdom. New third quarter statistics from Land Registry show what [...]

Downsizing your home raises £97,722 on average in the UK and 43% do so to reduce bills.

17 November 2013

Downsizing remains the main reason why people sell their home according to a report from Lloyds Bank. Some 43% of downsizers want a to move to a smaller property to [...]

Remortgaging valuations at six year high

15 November 2013

Remortgaging activity in 2013 is the highest it has been for six years, according to chartered surveyors Connells Survey & Valuation. The firm has calculated that in just the ten [...]

Repossessions set to fall below 30,000 for 2013 as numbers in arrears fall too

14 November 2013

The number of people with mortgages arrears as well as the number of repossessions fell in the third quarter of the year. The Council of Mortgage Lenders says the proportion [...]

Men more bullish than women on house price rises

8 November 2013

Men are outpacing women in the confidence stakes when it comes to the potential future value of their home says new research from Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks writes Philip Scott. [...]

Taking in a lodger helping 1.7 million British homeowners meet the bills

8 November 2013

An estimated 1.7 million or 9 per cent of UK homeowners now have a lodger in their home, up from 6 per cent in 2011, according to research from Santander Mortgages. [...]

House prices up 6.9% on last October says Halifax

6 November 2013

House prices in October were 6.9% higher than in October last year according to the latest Halifax house price survey. Prices in the three months to October were 1.6% higher [...]

Taking out a payday loan can “damage your chances of getting a mortgage”

30 October 2013

As the number of potential home buyers increases, mortgage broker John Charcol has warned potential borrowers that taking out a payday loan can significantly damage their chances of getting a [...]

UK mortgage lending jumps 28%

11 October 2013

The re-invigorated UK housing market is continuing to gather momentum as the amount of mortgages taken out has jumped by 28% over the past year according to new figures writes [...]

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