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April 21, 2014 - Latest:

Better off Britons increasingly believe their heirs will use an inheritance for living expenses not for saving

14 April 2014

Better off Britons believe their beneficiaries are increasingly likely to spend their inheritance on paying for the cost of living at the expense of saving a new survey by Close [...]

Millions anticipate their debts will spiral further into the red next year

3 April 2014

While last month’s Budget indicated that things were improving for many, the situation is likely to worsen for the nine million households who believe their debts are going drastically to [...]

As EU bans roaming mobile charges from end of 2015, uSwitch says foreign mobile networks may bring cheaper packages to UK

3 April 2014

The European Parliament has voted to scrap mobile roaming charges across the European Union from December 2015 Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, says: ”The death of roaming charges can’t come [...]

EU rule change could shatter debit and credit card system warns UK Cards Association

2 April 2014

The European Parliament is debating proposals that would undermine the structure of the card payments system used by 47 million British consumers, trade body the UK Cards Association has warned. [...]

The six point check list for the end of the tax year

1 April 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown has issued a six point check list for the end of the tax year which we have included below. 1. ISA You can invest up to £11,520 per [...]

Gocompare warns duel fuel tariff customers not to fall back on to higher standard rates as deals come to an end this month

25 March 2014

Comparison site Gocompare has warned most energy duel fuel tariff deals are coming to an end and that customers could see bills rocket if they don’t shop around and fall [...]

SSE finally passes on government levy reduction to customers (with latest best buy tables)

19 March 2014

SSE customers will finally feel the benefit of the government’s levy reductions that were announced almost four months ago. The price cut on the 24th March – the last to [...]

Npower customers will see around £33 cut from bills on 28th February though it’s still £79 higher than last year

26 February 2014

npower customers are finally about to benefit from a 2.5% cut to their bills, following the Government’s levy reductions announced early December last year. The price cut due on the [...]

Flood victims need to check repayment and extra interest cost before taking on extra debt or mortgage holidays says Gocompare

24 February 2014

Comparison site Gocompare has urged flood victims to consider the repayment implications of any overdraft extensions or mortgage holidays they take out to tide them over. Several UK banks and [...]

Soaring costs of private school fees sees almost two fifths of parents considering withdrawing children

19 February 2014

Some 37 per cent of parents with children at fee-paying schools are considering taking them out of private education over rising fees according to Lloyds Bank Private Banking. An even [...]

Soaring private school fees sees almost two fifths of parents considering withdrawing children from private education

19 February 2014

Some 37 per cent of parents with children at fee-paying schools are considering taking them out of private education over rising fees according to Lloyds Bank Private Banking. An even [...]

More than half of affluent Britons unaware of inheritance tax threshold

17 February 2014

Affluent Britons could face unexpected tax bills on their estate because they have no awareness of the inheritance tax threshold. The latest Trends in Wealth Report: Heir today, gone tomorrow by Close Brothers [...]

Rural Aberdeenshire tops the 4×4 ownership charts followed by Kensington, Holland Park, Knightsbridge and Chelsea

13 February 2014

The number of 4×4 cars on Britain’s roads has increased by around a fifth in the last five years according to research by insurer Admiral. It also shows that Banchory [...]

Are joint bank accounts going out of fashion among younger couples?

12 February 2014

A third of couples in the UK do not share a joint current account – and a further third of couples who do share a joint account revealed that at [...]

Cost of raising a child hits £227,266 with families feeling the impact of benefit cuts

23 January 2014

The cost of bringing up a child has reached £227,266, up from £222,458 last year, with the first year of a child’s life seeing the largest increase. According to the [...]

Equitable Life payments have gone to 717,600 policyholders totalling £816m.

22 January 2014

The Equitable Life Payment Scheme has now made payments to 717,600 policyholders totalling £816 million. The scheme was set up by the government in 2011 to make payments to Equitable [...]

Cost of a funeral jumps 7.1% to £7,622

21 January 2014

The cost of a funeral has rocketed by 7.1% in the last year a University of Bath study has found. The cost for a funeral, burial of cremation now stands at [...]

Londoners most likely to forget their PIN number

21 January 2014

Two fifths of adults have had to order a new PIN because they’ve forgotten their existing one, a new study has found. According to research by budgeting account provider thinkmoney, many people [...]

E.ON price rise comes into effect this weekend with hopes it is the last rise of the winter from the ‘Big Six’

16 January 2014

The last of the big six energy suppliers’ winter hikes comes into effect this Saturday 18th January. E.ON will be increasing its prices by £45 or 4% for standard direct debit [...]

Npower still top of Consumer Futures’ Big Six complaints league

15 January 2014

Energy complaints information compiled by Consumer Futures shows that npower continues to receive the highest number of complaints (253.1)*, around eight times more than the best performing company, placing it bottom [...]

Five tips to help your money beat inflation

14 January 2014

Online investment management service Nutmeg has suggested five ways for consumers to beat inflation. Nick Hungerford, CEO and founder of online investment management service Nutmeg, says that while this week’s figures indicate [...]

One year on from the commission ban costs of financial advice have fallen says Hargreaves Lansdown

2 January 2014

The overall cost of accessing financial advice has fallen because of the ban on commission which reached its one year anniversary on January 1st. Investment platform and financial advice firm [...]

Families and money – are you a family of talkers, gifters or avoiders?

8 November 2013

More than a third of parents (35%) and two fifths (43%) of grandparents would not ask anyone within their family for advice about finances according to a new report The [...]

British Gas to hike prices by 9.2% on 23rd November with 7.8 million affected. Many will feel betrayed says uSwitch.

17 October 2013

British Gas is raise prices by 9.2% from 23rd November with 7.8million customers affected. The average bill will rise to £1,471.14. Analysis from shows that prices have increased by [...]

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