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November 30, 2015 - Latest:

Asda slashes cost of fuel to less than £1 per litre

27 November 2015

Asda has taken a large step in the battle over petrol prices and slashed the cost of a litre to under £1.   The supermarket slashed the price to just [...]

‘Tis the season for accidents in the home

27 November 2015

December may mark the start of the festive season but it is also the prime time for home accidents.   Claims data from Allianz Insurance reveals 1 December as the [...]

Beware money etiquette on first dates and ensure you pay your way

26 November 2015

Unsurprisingly the issue of bill paying can be a tricky affair on a first date and a new survey highlights just how awkward a night out could potentially become. A [...]

Autumn Statement 2015 round-up: What it means for your investments & pensions

26 November 2015

Fund Calibre boss and Chelsea Financial Services managing director Darius McDermott, takes a look at what 2015’s Autumn Statement means for your pensions and investments… There was very little change [...]

Poverty among Britain’s younger generations surges claims new report

26 November 2015

Some 1.7m people aged 16-24 are living in poverty, 400,000 more than a decade ago, claims new research from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF). The analysis found that Britain’s young [...]

Double blow for the self-employed in the Chancellor’s Autumn statement

26 November 2015

The Chancellor, George Osborne’s plans for a “higher wage, lower welfare” economy is set to hit those who work for themselves, the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group (LITRG) has warned. [...]

Boost to public finances helps Osborne pay for tax credit climbdown

25 November 2015

The Chancellor was given increased room for manoeuvre in his Autumn Spending Review as a result of a £27bn improvement in the public finances, thanks to higher tax receipts and [...]

What to expect from tomorrow’s Autumn Statement

24 November 2015

As the Chancellor prepares to deliver his Autumn Statement tomorrow, tax experts at EY run through some of the measures he may be considering… Business tax predictions Chris Sanger, head [...]

A third of people have no idea what is covered by their home insurance

23 November 2015

Reviewing home insurance may not be at the top of everyone’s must-do list but those who avoid doing so could be at risk of their contents being under-insured, Saga Home [...]

Building societies launch fresh salvo targeting savers

23 November 2015

While it seems the big High Street banks have forgotten about savers with multiple rate reductions building societies have used this to their advantage, by offering a local alternative to [...]

Theft increases as shoppers take advantage of Black Friday sales

20 November 2015

UK consumers are expected to spend a record £1 billion on Black Friday and entice thieves in the process.   Next Friday (27 November) marks Black Friday, a day of [...]

Consumers face energy bill hike as winter white-out approaches

20 November 2015

Consumers face a £1.2 billion increase in energy bills as the worst winter in years is forecast.   The record cold winter that is being predicted will have a devastating [...]

Petrol heading towards the £1 per litre mark as the price of oil slips further to hit a six-year low

19 November 2015

This week saw the price of oil drop to $40.40, its lowest price since February 2009, paving the way for another round of pump cuts and making the sight of [...]

Men set to outspend women on their partner’s presents this Christmas

19 November 2015

The nation’s men look set to outspend women this Christmas, according to new research from credit card provider MBNA. The group’s survey revealed that men are expected to outspend women [...]

A third of UK households treasure their ‘collectables’ with Star Wars toys the most revered

19 November 2015

With the seventh Star Wars film set to open in cinemas next month, new research shows that ‘geek culture’ is in full force when it comes to keepsakes, with one [...]

Young Britons on track to have less wealth at each point in their life than earlier generations

19 November 2015

Young Britons are on course to have less wealth at each point in life than earlier generations did at the same age – unless the rate at which they are [...]

Half of all couples rely on both incomes to make ends meet

18 November 2015

Nearly half of all couples are dependent on a double income to pay for essentials, a new study reveals. Figures from LV= show that  45% of couples, equivalent to 3.2 [...]

Gender pay gap barely narrows, but weekly earnings on the rise

18 November 2015

The gender pay gap has barely narrowed over the past four years, but overall, weekly wages have risen 1.8% in the year to April, official figures reveal. The Office for [...]

Zero per cent credit cards ‘lead borrowers to take on more debt’

17 November 2015

  Zero per cent credit cards are leading to a worrying increase in people’s debt levels, a charity has warned. New research by the Fairbanking Foundation suggests that 29% of [...]

Britons on top of loan repayments in run up to Christmas, survey shows

16 November 2015

Almost 70% of Britons will be able to deck the halls this Christmas without having to take on any extra borrowing, according to the latest quarterly Lloyds Bank Lending Report, [...]

Nearly 1.5 million UK homeowners have ratcheted-up utility debts

16 November 2015

A massive 1.4m UK homeowners are in arrears with their gas or electricity bills, owing suppliers £161, on average claims new research. Worryingly, the survey found that a significant proportion [...]

It’s official! You do need a degree to understand financial T&Cs

13 November 2015

Consumers need a post-graduate degree to understand small print on banking and insurance products, a consumer group has said.   Fairer Finance found that a third of all insurance policy [...]

Parents turn to prenups for children to protect property assets

13 November 2015

The Law Society has seen an increase in prenups as parents look to protect hefty gifts and loans given to children for property.   Parents who are gifting or lending [...]

Which UK city has the best quality of life?

13 November 2015

If you want a better life then move to Edinburgh, which has been rated as having the best quality of life out of the UK’s 12 largest cities.   According [...]

Is there cash in your attic?

13 November 2015

A property purchase has led to more than a new home for one in 10 people who have discovered cash in the attic.   More than a quarter (27%) of [...]

How to shop smart on Black Friday by choosing the right credit card

12 November 2015

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday approaching, shoppers should make sure that they are using the right credit cards for their purchases. Black Friday 2014 was a record day for [...]

The cost of home insurance falls, but customers should prepare for price hike on renewal

12 November 2015

Home insurance premiums are continuing to fall with the average price dropping 5.8% to £114 in the year to September,  but price increases could be on the horizon when a [...]

NS&I to cut interest rate on ISA in blow for 400,000 customers

11 November 2015

National Savings and Investments (NS&I) is cutting the interest rate on its Direct ISA from 1.5% to 1.25% on Monday 16 November. Tashema Jackson, money expert at,  the comparison website [...]

Number of fire insurance claims due to electrical faults jumps by almost 30% in just three years

10 November 2015

The number of fire claims as a result of electrical faults has soared by 29% in the last three years, according to figures from Co-op Insurance. Given the surge, they [...]

Christmas is going on credit cards for a massive 14m Britons

10 November 2015

An eye-watering 14m Britons will put their Christmas spending on a credit card this year, according to new research from The comparison site’s analysis found that more than a [...]

More than two million grandparents have raided their pension pot to help out their grandchildren

10 November 2015

Forget the rumours of retirees gearing up to blow their nest-egg on fancy cars or expensive holidays as new research shows that 2.4m UK grandparents have either raided their pension [...]

Consumers vote with their feet – majority of UK energy switchers opting for a smaller provider

9 November 2015

In the past six months alone more than 60% of energy switchers have chosen a smaller supplier over the ‘big six’. New figures from revealed that more and more [...]

Planning to use a bank overdraft through Christmas? Think again and you could save more than £100

9 November 2015

Andrew Hagger of compares the cost of bank overdrafts and looks at a cheaper way to borrow over the festive and New Year period… With the Christmas spending season fast approaching [...]

Consumers warned to keep a close eye on credit card fees as new rules could push costs up

9 November 2015

Credit card providers are gearing up for the impact of the upcoming European Union cap on interchange fees by taking a long, hard look at their costs, rewards and interest [...]

UK dental care costs are a “postcode lottery” shows new research

9 November 2015

Private dental care costs in the UK are a postcode lottery as prices for routine check-ups can vary by £170 in clinics across the country, according to new research. Private [...]

Government to ensure everyone in the UK has access to fast broadband

9 November 2015

The government has pledged to ensure that every home and business can have access to fast broadband by the end of this Parliament. Speaking on Monday, Prime Minister David Cameron [...]

Many households set to endure £200 hike in energy bills unless they act soon

5 November 2015

Energy bill payers are being urged to check their current deal as many could find themselves up to almost £200 out of pocket when 11-fixed rate dual-fuel tariffs expire at [...]

Skipton re-launches its Special Edition Tracker savings account

5 November 2015

With lots of speculation over when interest rates will finally start to rise again, Skipton Building Society has re-launched its Special Edition Tracker savings account, a product that it last [...]

Tech start-up Briqs rolls-out “first ever” banking ID verification mobile system

5 November 2015

Technology start-up Briqs has launched the “first ever” banking ID verification mobile solution, which allows consumers to use their smartphone to apply for a financial product and complete their application [...]

Payday lenders ordered to repay £1.7m to customers

4 November 2015

The two payday lending brands, which were trading names of CashEuroNet UK LLC, have been ordered to pay redress to almost 4,000 customers. The FCA has been working with the [...]

HMRC is “failing taxpayers” with its “abysmal” service, say MPs

4 November 2015

HM Revenue & Customs is “failing taxpayers” because of its poor record on prosecuting tax evaders its “abysmal” customer service, MPs have claimed. In a report today, the Committee of [...]

Homeowners owed £980m in energy bill overpayments

3 November 2015

Homeowners are owed a total of £980 million in overpaid energy bills, new figures show. The data from, the comparison website, reveals that 10.4m people are owed on average [...]

Watchdog warning on borrowers trapped in long-term credit card debt

3 November 2015

The City watchdog has sounded the alarm over the debt levels of credit card customers in a new market study. The Financial Conduct Authority has also called for better information [...]

Bank of Mum & Dad on the rise with more than £30bn given to adult children in 2015

2 November 2015

More so than ever before parents are increasingly being relied on to support their grown up children’s lifestyles, according to the 2015 Lloyds Bank Family Savings Report. However, while most [...]

UK households engaged in ‘cold war’ over heating use

2 November 2015

Tensions are heating up in British homes with more than a third, at 36%, of households arguing with, or being irritated by the people they live with over the thermostat. [...]

More than 50% of Britons borrowed to buy food or pay bills in past six months

2 November 2015

The past six months has witnessed a steep increase in the number of people borrowing money to pay for essentials including food, housing and utility bills, claims new research. According [...]

More than 90% of Britons worried about online data breaches

29 October 2015

In the wake of last week’s data breach at TalkTalk new research shows that the vast majority of Britons are worried about the security of personal information online. An analysis [...]

What is the peak age of financial responsibility? 44 years old says income protection specialist

29 October 2015

At age 44 the typical Briton will hit their so-called peak of financial responsibility claims income protection specialists LV=. At this stage in life, the group’s research found that many [...]

Insurance Premium Tax hike set to cost motorists an extra £386m a year

29 October 2015

The imminent Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) hike from 6% to 9.5% is set to cost drivers an extra £386m a year. The move will take their insurance tax contribution to [...]

EU bans roaming charges from June 2017, but “mobile companies will find other ways to cover costs”

27 October 2015

European MPs have voted to scrap mobile phone roaming charges in the EU from June, 2017, but experts have warned that providers will try to find other ways to make [...]

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