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February 12, 2016 - Latest:

The Mindful Money podcast – the basics of building an investment portfolio with Plan Money’s Peter Chadborn

10 October 2013

If you have saved some money, maybe paid off most debts or inherited some money, it may be time to think about setting up an investment portfolio. We talk through [...]

Workplace pension reforms – should you stay opted in and what about your existing portfolio?

1 October 2013

Mindful Money talks to IFA Roy McLoughlin of Master Adviser. Roy, who advises employers and individuals, talks about why it is almost always worth opting in and what it means [...]

What we might expect from Mark Carney on inflation. The Mindful Podcast with Momentum’s James Klempster

23 May 2013

We talk to Momentum’s James Klempster about UK inflation and what the new Bank of England Governor Mark Carney may do.

The Mindful Money Podcast – Inflation and the potential impact on your portfolio with Plan-Money’s Peter Chadborn

7 March 2013

IFA Peter Chadborn director of discusses inflation and its potential impact on portfolios with Mindful Money.  

The Mindful Podcast – do better off investors need life and protection insurance with Lifesearch’s Tom Baigrie

27 February 2013

In the first Mindful Podcast, we talk to chief executive Tom Baigrie about whether better off investors need life, income protection and critical illness insurance.

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