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May 23, 2015 - Latest:

Pension reforms should “simplify silver divorces”

18 May 2015

With an ever increasing number of retirees separating and divorcing, David Smith, financial planning director at Tilney Bestinvest, looks at the impact the new pension freedoms are likely to have… [...]

All Tory “blue” budget to held on 8 July – what should investors do now?

18 May 2015

Prime minister David Cameron has pledged that his new government intends to execute all the plans contained in the Conservative’s election manifesto and Britons will find out how quickly they [...]

Just 1% of retirees are stripping out their entire pension pot

18 May 2015

Prior to last month’s pension system overhaul which gave retirees unrestricted access to their nest-eggs from the age of 55, many predicted it would lead to an avalanche of savers [...]

UK workers still woefully unprepared for retirement

18 May 2015

Only a mere 7% of the UK population is on track for the retirement they aspire to according to research from Aegon. No progress has actually been made in the [...]

Plan to deal with pension crisis thrown into doubt as Steve Webb ousted

8 May 2015

Concerns have been raised about the long-term plan to deal with the pensions crisis as the Conservatives gain power.   The coalition government, made up of Tories and Liberal Democrats, [...]

Experts call for post election pension stability

7 May 2015

Concerns are rising over the future of UK pensions as the population heads to the polls. Scott Mullen, director at My Pension Expert, has warned that “the political future of [...]

We’ve underestimated life expectancy, study warns

1 May 2015

Life expectancy is increasing faster than first thought leaving savers facing a dilemma about how to fund longer retirement.   A new study by Imperial College London calculations on longevity [...]

Pension freedoms could leave divorcees out of pocket

1 May 2015

Divorcing couples who believe they are going to get their hands on their spouse’s pension could find themselves out of pocket thanks to pension freedom.   An unintended consequence of [...]

Political parties line up “drastic reductions in pensions tax relief”

30 April 2015

Reading the pensions proposals within the major parties manifestos, anyone earning over £150,000 per annum would be forgiven for wondering what they had done wrong writes Matt Phillips, head of [...]

Introduction of pension freedoms sees annuity rates fall to an all time low

23 April 2015

Annuity rates have collapsed to an all-time low less than a month on from the introduction of the new pension freedoms, a new survey by Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts [...]

Pension freedom: “Will it be a smooth ride or a train crash?”

20 April 2015

So we have entered the brave new world of pension flexibility and freedoms. The question will be whether people will use those freedoms to enhance their retirement choices or just [...]

Relaxing retirement? We want to work, say pensioners

17 April 2015

Retirement is no longer a time for people to wind down, with two-thirds of pensioners wanting to work.   Research by insurer Standard Life shows 66% of 65-to-74-year-olds want to [...]

Up to 45% of over-40s would consider buy-to-let to boost their retirement income

16 April 2015

More than one in five Britons, at 21%, either regret or are unsure about saving into a pension to fund their retirement despite the launch of the new freedoms, research [...]

Pensions – four things to consider before investing in property

13 April 2015

Select Property Group discusses what to think about before investing pension money in property in this sponsored article. Landmark pension reforms came into effect this week, and those with a [...]

Tories pledge to overhaul inheritance tax and raise threshold to £1m

13 April 2015

The Conservatives have pledged to revamp the UK’s inheritance tax (IHT) regime by introducing a new allowance which would raise the threshold to £1m. Speaking over the weekend Prime Minister [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown increases Sipp cash rates

10 April 2015

Investors in Hargreaves Lansdown’s self-invested personal pension (Sipp) will receive a cash account boost after a change of trustee.   The HL Sipp will replace Hargreaves Lansdown Pension Trustees with [...]

‘Free’ advice and fake funds: 5 pension scams to be aware of

10 April 2015

Fraudsters are already homing in on pension cash just five days into the new freedoms, and there are five main scams they are using to try and part you from [...]

Pension freedom is here; don’t get caught in these traps

10 April 2015

Pension companies have seen a rush to access pension cash in the first week of pension freedoms, but if you want your savings make sure you understand the implications.   [...]

Pension freedom: just 1% of retirees plan to blow their savings

10 April 2015

Concerns that retirees would use new pension freedoms to blow their savings are unfounded, with just 1% planning to spend it having fun.   Changes that were introduced this week [...]

Pension freedoms: The biggest questions on investors’ minds‏…

9 April 2015

It has been an extraordinary first few days of the new pension freedoms writes Tom McPhail, head of pensions research, Hargreaves Lansdown… Investors have shown a keen interest for the [...]

As the pension freedoms go live, research shows savers are planning to retire later than they had hoped

9 April 2015

More than two thirds of financial advisers have admitted that their clients are planning on retiring later, compared to just five years ago as a result of a pension saving [...]

Confused by the new pension income reforms? Two financial planners outline the really important things to think about

7 April 2015

With the Freedom and choice in pensions reforms that have come into effect this week, you now have complete control over your money. But retirement planning remains daunting for many. [...]

Sponsor’s view – Pensions: 4 reasons why buy-to-let is such a strong investment choice

7 April 2015

Select Property Group discusses the benefits of buy to let investing as a source of retirement income below. This month’s pension reforms are set to hand a generation of pensioners [...]

7% ask Hargreaves Lansdown about taking all their pension cash, but only out of a few hundred Bank holiday calls

7 April 2015

Hargreaves Lansdown says that of the few hundred calls the firm received on bank holiday Monday about the pension freedom reforms some 7.7% are thinking of taking all their pension [...]

Pension minister urges pension investors not to rush their decisions under new Freedom rules

6 April 2015

Pension investors can now access their savings from today but the pension minister Steve Webb has warned people there is nothing magical about the 6th April and not to rush [...]

Edinburgh provides the best standard of living for Briton’s over 50s claims new research

3 April 2015

Edinburgh has been named as the top city for the over 50s in terms of living standards according to a new report from insurance provider RIAS. The analysis from the [...]

Falling inflation has given over-55s an extra £1,032 a year in disposable income

2 April 2015

Falling inflation has boosted the coffers of Briton’s over-55s and helped them better their savings habits as essential spending has plummeted by 7% in a year, according to research from [...]

Think carefully before converting your pension into a buy-to-let property

1 April 2015

Next week will finally see the arrival of the UK’s retirement industry overhaul, whereby savers will be able to do as they please with their nest-egg. While the new freedoms [...]

Just over 10% of retirees expect to cash-in on the pension revolution

30 March 2015

Just 13% of those aged over 55 are intending to withdraw cash from their pension above the 25% tax-free allowance according to research from MGM Advantage. With just a week [...]

Don’t ignore the benefits of financial planning – at the start of the tax year…

30 March 2015

Too many people ignore the benefits of sensible financial planning at the start of each tax year writes Chase de Vere certified financial planner Patrick Connolly. Below he explains how [...]

Pension freedom? More like pension serfdom says expert after DWP issues ‘Deprivation of Capital’ benefit rules

27 March 2015

New rules from the Department for Work and Pensions have been labelled a recipe for pensions serfdom rather than pensions freedom by financial firm Scottish Friendly Society. The DWP has [...]

Debunked: The top 10 most common pension myths

26 March 2015

Pensions have repeatedly hit the headlines over the last year with radical reforms announced in both the 2014 and 2015 Budgets. Despite the improved awareness of pensions that has undoubtedly [...]

Royal London proposes “radical solution” to retirement income market failure

26 March 2015

The Financial Conduct Authority’s final report on the Retirement Income Market demonstrates how far the regulator’s thinking has progressed since the announcement of freedom and choice in pensions one year [...]

More than a third of Britons about to retire still financially supporting family members

26 March 2015

More than a third, at 36%, of people planning to retire this year are still providing financial support to family members, increasing the pressure on already stretched future retirement income [...]

City watchdog sets out proposals for annuity market shake-up

26 March 2015

Consumers are missing out on getting the best annuity deals and the retirement industry must do more to help savers make better decisions, the City watchdog has urged. On Thursday, [...]

UK pensioner property wealth rockets to £861bn

26 March 2015

Retired homeowners have collectively witnessed their property wealth grow by more than £33bn in the past six months with the housing boom earning the average pensioner nearly £1,200 a month, [...]

British public far from convinced they can trust politicians when it comes to pensions

23 March 2015

With just some six weeks to go until the general election, political parties still have a long road ahead if they are to convince the electorate that they are a [...]

As new pension freedoms arrive the City watchdog urges retirees to be ‘ScamSmart’

23 March 2015

The City watchdog, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), has launched the next wave of its ‘ScamSmart’ campaign aimed at raising awareness among consumers on how to spot dodgy investment scams. With [...]

Treasury expecting tax take of more than £1 billion from annuity ‘resales’

19 March 2015

The Treasury is assuming a tax take of more than £1bn from sales of second hand annuities in the two years after April 2016 when the reform is due to [...]

Just as with endowment mortgages, this annuity reform could have unintended consequences

16 March 2015

The Chancellor of the Exchequer has conjured up a Budget giveaway in these difficult times for those with annuities, but it is, of course with people’s own money writes Mindful [...]

How to recognise con artists targetting your pension cash

16 March 2015

With the introduction of the new retirement freedoms just around the corner, the government backed Money Advice Service (MAS) is warning savers not to be duped by conmen and pension [...]

Further changes to annuity freedoms announced but “the devil is in the detail”

16 March 2015

Over the weekend the Chancellor announced that the government would extend its pension freedoms to around five million people who have already bought an annuity. Barnett Waddingham senior consultant Malcolm [...]

A third of people retiring this year are in the dark in regards to the new pension reforms

16 March 2015

Around a third of people expecting to finish work and retire this year are actually unaware of the new pension freedoms they will have at their disposal. According to research [...]

Five million annuitants set to get right to cash in their pension or convert it back into an investment pot

15 March 2015

Five million people with annuities in payment are to be allowed to cash them or convert the annuity into an investment. The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne confirmed his [...]

Pension freedoms: lure of buy-to-let is biggest risk to retirees

13 March 2015

The lure of buy-to-let property could leave pensioners in poverty if the housing bubble bursts, Scottish Friendly has warned.   The new pension freedoms will allow those aged over 55 [...]

Will retirees be able to escape their annuities?

12 March 2015

People who had taken out an annuity prior to the introduction of the new pension freedoms may be able to transfer the income in return for a cash payment according [...]

On average women underestimate the amount of cash they need for retirement by almost £300,000

12 March 2015

Women are dramatically underestimating the amount of pension savings they require in order to secure a comfortable retirement according to new research. The BlackRock Investor Pulse survey found that on [...]

Standard Life axes income drawdown charges as it prepares for new pensions freedom

5 March 2015

With the new pension freedoms just a month away Standard Life has announced it is removing the charges it currently applies to its flexible drawdown pensions. From April the one-off [...]

Labour claims the Conservatives will implement their own tax-raid on pensions

5 March 2015

The Labour party are allegedly concerned about the Conservatives launching their own tax raid on pensions in the budget on 18 March according to a report in The Times. The [...]

City watchdog puts extra consumer protection in place ahead of pension freedom

27 February 2015

The City watchdog has announced new consumer protection ahead of the pension freedoms to warn retirees about the risks of accessing their pensions.   The new flexibility that allows access [...]

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