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February 10, 2016 - Latest:

Financial fibs: 3 in 10 keep money secrets from their spouse

5 February 2016

Nearly three in 10 people keep financial secrets from their other half, with credit card debt being the most common fib.   Ahead of Marriage Week UK, BlackRock has looked [...]

Londoners are the best savers in the country

5 February 2016

People living in the capital are the best savers in Britain, putting away over £1,000 a month on average.   A survey by Charter Savings Bank revealed Londoners are putting [...]

Britons are the best savers in Europe

29 January 2016

Britons are some of the best savers in Europe, according to a survey of savings across the continent.   Research by ING that surveyed 15,000 people across 15 countries reveals [...]

10 ways the gov’t wants you to be richer in 2016

6 January 2016

When you look at your wage slip it may not feel like it but the government wants you to be richer in 2016.   The Treasury has set out 10 [...]

Savings secrets: one in 10 keeps a stash of cash from their other half

11 December 2015

Secret stashes of money and hidden debts are just two of the financial secrets Brits are keeping from their other halves.   One in 10 people confess to keeping a [...]

Just a third of Britons saving regularly

4 December 2015

Just one third of the UK population is saving regularly and less than a third even know their yearly ISA allowance.   A survey by AA Savings shows the average [...]

Comparison tool launched to help businesses compare savings accounts

22 October 2015

Comparison service Savings Champion has created a free online tool to help businesses identify the best savings account. The launch of the tool coincides with the publication of a critical [...]

UK households saving 300% more than in 1975

7 August 2015

Britons are constantly being told to save more but the average household has increased the amount they have in saving four-fold in the past 40 years.   Research by Lloyds [...]

The Battle of the Challenger Banks

31 July 2015

Challenger Banks lead the way offering 90% of the available fixed rates says Savings Champion in this sponsored editorial Amidst the backdrop of record low base rate and falling savings [...]

The Battle of the Challenger Banks

31 July 2015

Challenger Banks lead the way offering 90% of the available fixed rates says Savings Champion in this sponsored editorial Amidst the backdrop of record low base rate and falling savings [...]

£10,000 less of savers’ money protected after FSCS rule change

3 July 2015

Savers will receive £10,000 less compensation if their bank or building society goes bust.   From 1 January 2016, the limit for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) limit will [...]

Low interest rate has cost households an average of £5,000 in six years

4 March 2015

Savers have lost a staggering £130 billion from low interest rates in the last six years according to research from Hargreaves Lansdown equivalent to £5000 per household. The firm also [...]

Three quarters of Britons are planning to cut back and save this year

23 January 2015

Three quarters of UK adults are planning to adapt their lifestyle this year to help them save for the long-term.   A survey by insurer Standard Life shows 76% of [...]

How to beat the rate offered by NS&I ‘pensioner bonds’

16 January 2015

The launch of pensioner bonds has prompted long-awaited competition in the savings market. While pensioners scrambled to get their hands on the 65+ Guaranteed Growth Bonds paying 2.8% for one [...]

NS&I underestimate popularity of pensioner bonds as eager savers struggle to open accounts

15 January 2015

The launch of NS&I’s pensioner bonds has created panic amongst savers by underestimating the demand for the new products. Independent savings site, asserted that experts have been warning NS&I [...]

Are you a secret shopper? Half of Britons admit to telling financial fibs

7 November 2014

From secret shopping sprees to hidden debt, nearly half of British adults has admitted to telling financial fibs. Research by Standard Life shows 48% of people have told a lie [...]

One in three have less than a month’s income saved

7 November 2014

Over a third of people would not be able to survive for more than month on their savings if they lost their job. The latest Lloyds bank savings index reveals [...]

Save clever: how money saved early in life works hardest for you

31 October 2014

Saving for retirement may not be top of most young people’s to-do list but the pounds squirreled away earliest will work hardest for you over your life. As many of [...]

Gov’t consults on third-way ISA for P2P lending

17 October 2014

ISAs could be in line for another shake-up as the government is considering introducing a new ISA specifically for peer-to-peer (P2P) investing. In this year’s Budget, chancellor George Osborne announced [...]

Savings up to £1m to be protected next year

7 October 2014

Savings of up to £1m are to be protected under proposals from the Bank of England aimed at preventing the scenes witnessed in 2007 when customers queued around the block [...]

Best savings deals are closed to many

23 September 2014

Millions of savers who are seeing their returns squeezed by rock bottom interest rates are now finding that many of the highest paying accounts are out of their grasp due [...]

Skipton launches new fixed rate bonds and Isas

10 September 2014

Skipton Building Society has launched a new range of fixed rate Isas and bonds with rates increasing by up to 0.25%. The two year fixed rate Isa rises to 2.00% [...]

Customers switch to current accounts to beat poor savings rates

9 September 2014

Customers are switching current accounts in order to try and earn interest on their positive bank balances while savings rates remain at rock bottom, new figures reveal. Since the current [...]

Savers put record amount in stocks and shares ISAs

29 August 2014

The introduction of a super-sized ISA and pitiful cash savings rates led to record subscriptions to stocks and shares ISAs. A record £18.439 billion was invested into stocks and shares [...]

HSBC plans account upgrade for 1.3m customers

23 August 2014

HSBC is planning to upgrade 1.3 million banking customers to an ‘Advance’ account. From 10 November the high street bank will offer a new Advance bank account with as no [...]

Are you one of the 14 million Britons who could save more?

15 August 2014

Around 14 million Britons could and should be putting away more each month into a savings account.   A report by consumer group Which? has identified 11.5 million who struggle [...]

Scrap pensions in favour of cradle-to-grave ‘lifetime ISA’, says think-tank

4 August 2014

The government has been urged to scrap pensions and put in place a ‘lifetime ISA’ that follows a person from cradle to grave. A new report from the think-tank Centre [...]

The big bank backlash has begun! Savers switching to smaller banks

1 August 2014

Britons are shunning the ‘Big Four’ banks and switching to smaller banks, according to new figures from The Payments Council. The council, which operates and oversees the seven-day switching guarantee [...]

Skipton extends fixed rate NISA deadline to 8th August

30 July 2014

Skipton Building Society as extended the deadline for topping up its fixed rate NISA to the 8th August. Customers will be able to add to the £5,940 deposited under the [...]

Leeds is offering 4% on cash but you’ll have to lock in for a decade

25 July 2014

Leeds Building Society has launched a market leading savings bond paying a 4% interest rate but there’s a catch: you have to lock in for 10 years. The mutual says [...]

Challenging the dominance of the Big Four banks: expert reaction

18 July 2014

Consumer champions, challenger banks and comparison sites have implored the competition watchdog to bring an end to the monopoly within the current account market tin order to encourage product innovation [...]

Competition watchdog barks at Big Four banks over control of current account market

18 July 2014

The competition watchdog is planning an investigation into UK that should see it challenge the ‘Big Four’ high-street banks which control the majority of the current account market. Initial findings [...]

Two thirds of over-50s checking their savings rates at least every six months

8 July 2014

Two thirds of over 50s check the rates on their savings accounts at least every six months while six in ten over 50s switch savings accounts to get the best [...]

Banks get away with paying low rates of interest because many customers stick to the same account for years

8 July 2014

Banks are able to get away with paying lower rates of interest on savings accounts because many customers do not shop around enough says research from the financial watchdog. The [...]

Londoners savviest with money but less than half of UK review their finances each year

4 July 2014

As home of the nation’s financial centre, and the most expensive place to live in the country, it may come as no surprise that Londoners are the savviest with their [...]

Santander launches two year fixed rate bond paying 1.7%.

2 July 2014

Santander has launched a new range of one and two year bonds paying 1.4% and 1.7% respectively. The bonds are available exclusively to new and existing Santander 1|2|3 Current Account, [...]

Skipton launches new fixed rate Isa range

1 July 2014

Skipton Building Society has launched a new fixed rate ISA range to coincide with the new £15,000 limit. The rate on the one year fixed rate ISA has increased to [...]

Virgin Money tries to woo savers with better rates ahead of ISA changes

27 June 2014

With the imminent launch of New ISAs, providers are trying to tempt savers with better rates and easier access to their savings. Ahead of the introduction of New ISAs (Nisas) [...]

Bank of Gran and Grandad open for business: grandparents handing over as much as £50k

20 June 2014

The ‘bank of mum and dad’ is empty and younger generations are increasingly turning to grandparents for financial support. Nine out of 10 grandparents have given cash and loans to [...]

Savers, borrowers, investors and pensioners: just how will an interest rate rise affect you?

13 June 2014

Speculation about when interest rates will rise has been rife in recent months and Bank of England governor has added fuel to the fire, warning a rise could happen sooner [...]

Savers: opt for a current account and earn three times as much interest

12 June 2014

Kara Gammell looks at the way in which savvy savers can beat the rates available on savings accounts. Bank customers looking to boost their nest egg co­uld earn nearly three [...]

Twelve and half million may be saving without using tax efficient Isas

11 June 2014

More than one in every four adults in the UK (26%) are paying too much tax on savings and investments, NFU Mutual is arguing. As many as 12.5 million adults save [...]

Britain wakes up to saving! Over half of people now saving enough for old age

11 June 2014

The introduction of pensions auto-enrolment and a tentative pick-up in the economy has pushed UK retirement savings rates to their highest levels in five years. How to build an efficient [...]

Savings bonds: the best deals and a new 2% offering from Leeds BS

6 June 2014

Savers who are happy to lock their money up for 18 months can take advantage of Leeds Building Society’s market-leading bond, paying 2%. The savings bond is available in branch, [...]

Five ways to achieve your savings goals

4 June 2014

Our savings writer Kara Gammell looks at five ways to boost your savings. It’s a fact – people who set savings goals save faster than those who don’t. What’s more, [...]

Are long term fixed rate savings accounts really worth it?

30 May 2014

Mindful Money’s savings expert Kara Gammell looks at the accounts on offer and questions whether they will be worth the money if economic circumstances change. High street banks and building [...]

Crowdfunder Landbay aims to open up buy-to-let market to frustrated savers

17 May 2014

A new entrant to the crowdfunding market is providing finance to landlords and allowing savers to invest their money into buy-to-let without the hassle of owning a property. Peer-to-peer platform [...]

Leeds Building Society launches five-year 2.85% fixed-rate cash ISA

16 May 2014

Leeds Building Society is offering a new five year fixed rate Cash ISA with a best buy rate of 2.85% per annum. The new ISA, launched today, 16th May, matures [...]

Savings gap between men and women now at a staggering £15,009

15 May 2014

Women’s savings habits are lagging significantly behind their male counterparts, according to new figures from Santander Savings. At present, the average Briton has £20,380 held in savings, but this figures [...]

M&S Bank launches fee free current account with loyalty points and £100 gift card to entice switchers

15 May 2014

M&S Bank is launching its first fee free current account with experts saying it could shake up retail banking. The account has an automatic £500 overdraft, the first £100 of which [...]

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