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April 25, 2014 - Latest:

Made a payment to the wrong account? Has your bank signed up to a new code to rectify things fast?

24 April 2014

People who accidentally send a payment to the wrong account can expect swifter help from their bank from May 2014 says industry body, the Payments Council. A new voluntary code [...]

Five ways to boost your bank balance

24 April 2014

The economic downturn has forced many consumers to become very crafty when it comes to cost cutting, but new research suggests that is not exactly the case when it comes [...]

Almost a third of cash ISA holders plan to save more because of the NISA

23 April 2014

Around one in three (32%) cash ISA holders expect to save more as a result of new £15,000 Isa limit, while close to half (52%) believe it will make no [...]

Where to find an inflation beating savings account

16 April 2014

Just one-in-five savings accounts pay enough interest to negate the effect of inflation after the Consumer Prices Index (CPI) fell to 1.6% in March writes Kara Gammell. This is the [...]

Small energy providers trouncing the ‘big six’ with cheaper tariffs on Gocompare’s best buy tables

10 April 2014

OVO Energy has taken the top spot once again with its Cheaper Energy Fixed tariff with small providers dominating Gocompare’s best buy table. Gocompare should bear in mind that finding [...]

Saving for your children – what options do parents have?

9 April 2014

You might assume that saving for the future is the last thing on adolescent minds, but new research has shown exactly the opposite writes Kara Gammell. According to a survey [...]

Halifax to keep branches open late over tax year end while Leeds Building Society extends fixed rate ISAs to £15,000 from 1 July

3 April 2014

With the end of the tax year looming, Halifax has announced that the majority of its branches are to open late. The bank says it expects to open a new [...]

Can peer to peer lending make up for those paltry savings rates?

3 April 2014

With the average Isa paying just 1.65%, it’s not surprising that a number of savers are turning to the alternative finance market for higher returns writes Kara Gammell. The UK’s [...]

Fixed rate savings and the New Isa – which banks are setting the pace and should savers wait for better rates?

27 March 2014

Our new savings columnist Kara Gammell looks at the High street banks that are embracing the expanded Nisa and what is means for savers. After the worst Isa season on record, savers [...]

Santander extends 2 year-fixed rate ISA till 31 August 2014 so savers can take advantage of £15,000 cash limit

26 March 2014

Savers into Santander’s 2 year fixed rate cash Isa will be able to make deposits up to 31 August 2014 to take advantage of the new ISA (NISA) limit of [...]

Skipton to allow this April’s fixed rate ISA savers to broaden to July’s New ISA £15,000 allowance

21 March 2014

Skipton Building Society has declared itself ‘NISA ready’ and commited to savers being able to make use of their full new ISA allowance of £15,000 in July, even if they [...]

Chancellor George Osborne heralds a savings and pensions revolution in a populist pensioners’ budget

19 March 2014

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has heralded a savings revolution with a radical shake up of pensions, annuities, income drawdown and Individual Savings Accounts. The annual Isa limit [...]

Santander to increase the rate on its direct Isa saver to 1.6% from Monday 17th March

13 March 2014

Santander is increasing the rate on instant access on its direct Isa saver to 1.60 per cent AER tax free rate (variable) from Monday 17th March. The direct Isa saver [...]

Make switching savings account easier demands new campaign

11 March 2014

Up to £5 billion in interest is being lost for those savers whose money languishes in low interest paying accounts says as it launches a campaign for the Government [...]

Santander launching new Isa range on Monday including two year fix paying two per cent.

6 March 2014

Santander is launching a new range of cash ISAs available from Monday 10 March. The new 2 Year Fixed Rate ISA pays a 2.00 per cent AER tax free (fixed), [...]

Nearly one in ten admit to walking away from cash machine without taking the money

8 January 2014

Almost one in 10 people admit to walking away from a cash machine without collecting their money, according to research from thinkmoney. The budgeting account provider asked people if they [...]

More than 50% still wedded to their first bank

29 October 2013

More than half of consumers still have a current account with their very first bank and 45% have never thought of changing says new research. According to a survey from [...]

Icesave payouts range from £2,083,944.62 to a penny says compensation scheme five years on

8 October 2013

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) has revealed it paid out just over £4.5bn in compensation to 228,516 customers due to the collapse of the Icesave account run by Icelandic [...]

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