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February 6, 2016 - Latest:

Half of savers unaware of reduction in bank deposit protection

6 January 2016

Over half of UK adults are unaware that the protection limit for bank savings has been reduced. From 1 January the compensation limit for bank deposits offered by the Financial [...]

Payday lender goes bust after order to pay £20m in redress

6 January 2016

A payday lender that was forced to pay out £20 million to customers over its unfair practices has gone bust.   Cash Genie entered into liquidation after agreeing a £20 [...]

Is April set to be the month of pensions income disappointment?

7 January 2015

Some people are going to be disappointed by the pension income reforms when they can’t do what they could. First, it is very unlikely that many providers are going to [...]

Let’s hope a cap on ISA investments isn’t on the agenda for the Autumn Statement

1 December 2014

Could the Chancellor George Osborne, having given with one hand in the Budget, take away with the other, in the Autumn statement? Well, there is some renewed discussion of a [...]

Is this the last hurrah for poor value annuities? If it is, don’t get caught out…

28 August 2014

The gap between the best paying annuities – the income for life you swap your pension pot for -  and the worst has widened in the first half of 2014. This [...]

Guest blog – why the financial watchdog should not have banned Cocos from the retail market

15 August 2014

Cormac Hollingsworth, research associate at thinktank the Social Market Foundation makes the case for why the financial watchdog should not have banned bank bonds known as Cocos from the the [...]

Retirement guidance should help you make better decisions – but remember the system hasn’t been tested before

23 July 2014

If you are nearing retirement – in fact if you are just considering taking tax free cash – you about to be given a huge new range of choices when [...]

The retirement income reforms should be extended as widely as possible – a Mindful Money view

25 June 2014

The Treasury is mulling banning transfers from defined benefit pension schemes to defined contribution plans. The fear is that there could be a mass exodus from such schemes as their [...]

Is the Bank of England in danger of damaging its credibility on interest rate policy?

18 June 2014

It may not seem that way to him, but the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney needs to be careful he doesn’t develop a little bit of a credibility problem [...]

Will consumers really want financial advice from a computer?

1 June 2014

Would you be happy taking financial advice from a computer programme where previously you might have insisted on face to face contact with an IFA or at least human assistance [...]

Can we even begin to measure what forces are driving Central London property prices let alone thinking about controlling them?

20 May 2014

It’s not quite Dutch style tulip mania but the Central London property market may be subject to forces we haven’t seen before. Among other challenges, is it incredibly difficult to [...]

The grim reality is that banks which are too big to fail may always be with us – especially as they keep getting bigger

1 April 2014

If we are not yet safe from having to bail out the banks, what exactly has been the point of all this reform in the past five or six years? [...]

Is the emerging market sell-off a buying opportunity for brave investors?

30 January 2014

So Federal Reserve tapering has begun in earnest. On this trajectory, cutting the amount of bond purchases by $10bn at each or at least most of the eight Fed meetings, [...]

Comparison of platform and fund charges for Hargreaves Lansdown, AXA Self Investor and Fidelity

22 January 2014

Financial consultancy the Lang Cat has put together a comparison of platform charges for Fidelity, Axa and Hargreaves Lansdown which we include in the table below. This will help investors [...]

Can our pensions, savings and advice infrastructure help ordinary people cope with an accelerating retirement age?

5 December 2013

The increase in the state pension age has been inevitable for some time and indeed the process had already begun under the previous Government writes John Lappin. But the announcement [...]

No Bank of England veto over Help to Buy says Mark Carney in letter to Andrew Tyrie MP

28 November 2013

The Treasury Select Committee has published a fascinating exchange of letters between the Chairman of the Treasury select committee Andrew Tyrie MP and the Governor of the Bank of England Mark [...]

A Mindful Money view – a sensible decision to cap payday loan charges

25 November 2013

The Government has come to sensible decision to cap the amount payday loans firms can charge in interests and indeed in other charges as the BBC reports. This is something [...]

Ministry of Justice to get the power to fine claim chasers who abuse your data. But will it really deter them? A Mindful Money view

13 November 2013

The Ministry of Justice is giving itself the power to fine claims chasing companies – particularly those that are using data obtained through unsolicited calls and texts. Significantly, it will [...]

Five things investors learned in the last week

8 November 2013

1) Twitter’s IPO was pretty spectacular and at one time shares were above $50 on Thursday before falling back to around $41 by Friday close as the Telegraph reports. After [...]

Should you sign Which?’s 0.5% pension petition? Mindful Money thinks the jury is still out.

6 November 2013

Which? is a big campaigning organisation – and a publishing company – but in these difficult and expensive times, it has a very important role to play advocating a fair [...]

RBS is miles away from being normal – A Mindful Money view

1 November 2013

There is simply no easy way to return RBS to the private sector giving how breathtakingly badly the bank was run in the lead up to the financial crisis. The [...]

The Mindful Money View – the Forbes Power list is wrong – it should have been Obama not Putin at number one

30 October 2013

The mighty Forbes magazine will surely not lose any sleep over this, but Mindful Money does not agree with its power list. President Barack Obama is beaten by Vladamir Putin [...]

Note to investors – check the six year numbers not just the five

24 October 2013

We are now past most of the significant five year anniversaries for the dawn of the credit crunch and the Great Recession as the last half decade or so has [...]

Debt deal agreed for now – but America is being a bad economic citizen of the world

16 October 2013

Congress has struck a deal over raising the $17 trillion US debt ceiling. The US Republican Party including its Tea Party faction in the House of Representatives is set to [...]

Closed insurance funds – time to open them up to proper scrutiny – the Mindful Money view

25 September 2013

As an investor, have you ever had an encounter with a closed insurance company?  It is not closed like a high street shop, not the financial equivalent of an empty [...]

Current account switching day one – a revolution or a damp squib?

16 September 2013

Today marks the start of a new era in current account provision unless of course it doesn’t. Just about everyone apart from the big banks wants to see more people [...]

Women breadwinners on the rise but they earn 28% less than their male counterparts

16 September 2013

UK families with a woman as the main breadwinners have household incomes on average 28% lower than homes where the primary earner is male, according to research from Aviva. Data from Aviva’s Family [...]

Don’t wait for the financial watchdog to rescue you from poor savings rates

15 September 2013

The chief financial regulator Martin Wheatley certainly has a colourful vocabulary when it comes to describing savings accounts which are not working to his satisfaction writes John Lappin. In his [...]

Barclays hit with another $470m fine. When will it become a reliable, safe, core share holding again?

17 July 2013

The Barclays saga just got even more tortuous writes John Lappin. This morning the UK high street bank has been rocked by a $470m trading fine in the US for [...]

A quarter of home owners expect house prices to rise at least 5% in the next year

15 July 2013

Around a quarter of home owners expect the value of their home to increase by at least 5% in the next twelve months according to the latest quarterly Halifax Housing [...]

Cleaning up listings – more than a City of London issue – a Mindful Money view

11 July 2013

The trade body that represents billions and billions worth of equity investment the Association of British Insurers has put forward a plan to “protect” London’s status as a financial centre. [...]

Pay rise or not – should MPs’ pensions be more like the public’s?

11 July 2013

As part of the proposed increase in salary, MPs’ pensions will get less generous but are the changes enough asks Mindful Money editor John Lappin. Will MPs dare to give [...]

Upgrade to state pension deferral to be cut in half – is this the right approach?

5 July 2013

Is this the correct way to defuse the pension time bomb asks John Lappin? Up till now, the Government has run a generous scheme for people who deferred taking the [...]

Time to test your assumptions about your allocation to bonds? A Mindful Money view

27 June 2013

Do investors face a bond dilemma or not? The answer must be yes. It was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke who initially caused bond markets to get [...]

Willis Owen launches Your Space to help new surge of do-it-yourself investors manage their portfolios

26 June 2013

Discount broker Willis Owen says the number of do-it-yourself investors has surged due to changes in the way that independent financial advisers must now charge for their services. Previously advisers [...]

Launch of site to help consumers understand credit card repayments and those difficult APR calculations

26 June 2013

This is certainly an interesting development from the trade body which represents the UK’s credit card companies, the UK Cards Association. It has launched a website to help consumers struggling [...]

Is a smaller financial regulator really in the interests of investors?

20 June 2013

One of the less well noticed recommendations of the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standards was for a slimmer Financial Conduct Authority. This is the regulator that oversees your investments. It [...]

Would jailing top bankers make us safer? Mindful Money’s view

19 June 2013

Perhaps the UK’s driving legislation gives us the best frame to look at the Parliamentary Commission on Banking Standard’s latest report. As with drivers in a car, bankers should be [...]

Will the UK come to regret the departure of RBS boss Stephen Hester?

13 June 2013

In the past, Mindful Money has discussed the pros and cons of an early return of RBS to the private sector. We suggested that were one to view it as [...]

Should ill-health allow you take more from income drawdown than the Government currently allows?

13 June 2013

If you are unfortunate enough to have a long term health condition and are approaching retirement, there has always been some financial consolation in the fact that you can get [...]

More than a million over-65s are continuing to work

12 June 2013

The UK now has one million workers over the age of 65 as the Belfast Telegraph reports. At Mindful Money, we would love to think this represents a huge and [...]

Gap between buying and renting is closing again as house prices rise

11 June 2013

Owning a home remains 13 per cent cheaper than renting on average across UK but buying is now 3.2% more expensive than this time last year according to property search [...]

Distribute RBS and Lloyds’ shares to taxpayers, thinktank urges

10 June 2013

A think tank is urging the government to allow millions of UK taxpayers to have the opportunity to receive a stake in state-backed banks Lloyds and Royal Bank of Scotland [...]

The Mindful Money Manifesto – your views welcome

10 June 2013

At Mindful Money, we aspire to be more than simply a website that offers you news, advice and useful articles to help you manage your money. We also believe that [...]

House prices rise for fourth month in a row according to Halifax house price survey

6 June 2013

House prices are seeing a significant recovery according to the latest Halifax house price survey. Prices rose 2.6 per cent in the three months to May compared with the same [...]

If an employer tries to avoid auto-enrolment, they’ll catch them if they can

29 May 2013

A survey by the employer’s organisation the Institute of Directors has shown that a small number of smaller employers may be going to try and duck the regulations surrounding the [...]

Woodford’s avoidance of mining stocks may hold a little lesson for passive FTSE investors

29 May 2013

Invesco Perpertual’s star manager Neil Woodford has been discussing his portfolio and some excellent performance on his £1.3bn Edinburgh Investment Trust. He has suggested that at least one secret of [...]

How significant will the FTSE 100 returning to its all time high really be?

23 May 2013

The FTSE 100 looked like it was to return to its all-time high this week. Then bad news from China, IMF disapproval of UK economic policy and nervousness about the [...]

The City of London is resisting EU regulatory moves but can the UK – in or out of Europe – stop them?

19 May 2013

The City of London faces two huge challenges from the European Union. One is what is famously referred to as a Tobin tax which would see a levy on many [...]

Wedding season – ideas for more mindful gifts

13 May 2013

It’s that time of year when the bells start tolling for couples-to-be: cash registers ringing up the cost of wedding gifts. Mid-April to July is a hard time for bank [...]

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