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February 13, 2016 - Latest:

Aberdeen targets diversification with new fund launch

28 August 2015

Aberdeen Asset Management has launched a fund that aims to generate returns that aren’t dependent on ‘traditional asset classes’.   The Aberdeen Alternative Strategies fund, run by Russell Barlow, will [...]

Isa limit to increase to £15,240

3 December 2014

The Isa limit will increase to £15,240 from £15,000 from next April roughly keeping pace with inflation. There was no mention made of a total cap on Isa investments in [...]

UK equity income sees £1bn net sales in July

27 August 2014

UK Equity Income was the best-selling mutual fund sector in July with net retail sales of £1.0 billion out of total sales of £1.9bn. Tracker funds net retail sales highest [...]

India funds are best performers in May. Property best sector in year to date

2 June 2014

India accounted for 4 of the top 10 performing funds in May as the election drove the market to new highs. Property has been the top performer in 2014 so [...]

UK equity income sector sees record sales to investors of £500m in April

28 May 2014

UK Equity Income sector saw the highest net retail sales on record at £500 million according to the Investment Management Association. Overall net fund sales to retail investors were £2.9 [...]

From equity income to property to commodities: Our round up of this year’s ISA ideas from investment advisers and fund selectors

25 March 2014

Investment journalist Cherry Reynard has been writing about the various mutual fund sectors, summarising what they do, how they have performed and asking investment advisers, fund selectors and multi-managers for [...]

Isa ideas – government bond funds – too expensive or still a safe bet?

25 March 2014

Investment journalist Cherry Reynard looks at the government bond sector and asks has their time passed or is there still a case for investing? Government bonds are loans issued by [...]

The New ISA – what it means for you

20 March 2014

Chancellor Osborne gave savers an unexpected boost in this week’s budget, with significant changes to the Isa rules. He raised the maximum investment threshold, announced simplifications to the structure and [...]

Chancellor George Osborne heralds a savings and pensions revolution in a populist pensioners’ budget

19 March 2014

The Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has heralded a savings revolution with a radical shake up of pensions, annuities, income drawdown and Individual Savings Accounts. The annual Isa limit [...]

High yield corporate bond funds – all you need to know and some expert recommendations

18 March 2014

High yield bonds offer a higher income than conventional bonds – hence the term junk bonds and as that name suggests investors must be willing to take a higher risk [...]

Can Trustnet convince its users to convert virtual assets into real ones as it launches a new direct platform?

12 March 2014

Trustnet, the fund rating firm, has launched another platform service at direct investors called Trustnet Direct. The firm currently runs a well respected fund rating, analysis and investment news service. [...]

‘Vodafone effect’ helping sales of income funds this Isa season says Willis Owen

7 March 2014

Discount broker Willis Owen says that three of top five best selling funds this Isa season are income funds. The firm suggests that investors may be using the cash windfall [...]

Global Exchange Traded Product flows reached $27.2bn in February says BlackRock ETP landscape report

6 March 2014

Global ETP inflows finished February at $27.2bn spurred on by Janet Yellen’s February 11th address to Congress, which was well received by equity markets according to the latest BlackRock ETP [...]

The Manek ‘Growth’ fund may not often live up to its name but are there lessons investors can learn?

4 March 2014

Investment journalist Tony Levene looks at a famously poorly performing fund and asks what can investors learn? The British – unlike those folk across the Atlantic – love failure stories. [...]

Isa ideas – Absolute Targeted Return funds – good for uncertain markets?

4 March 2014

Investment journalist Cherry Reynard examines the Absolute Targeted Return fund sector and whether the recent name change has made a difference. This sector was previously the plain old ‘Absolute Return’ [...]

Hargreaves Landown charging more than big rivals for popular funds outside the cheapest Wealth 150+ says leading platform consultant

3 March 2014

A platform expert has suggested that Hargreaves Lansdown’s new pricing structure is more than the prices offered by many of its rivals for many popular funds. Holly Mackay, the managing [...]

Fidelity promises to refund the difference if investors find funds priced more cheaply on rival platforms

2 March 2014

Fidelity Personal Investing says that if their retail investment customers find funds priced more cheaply on another platform it will refund the difference for this year at least. The move [...]

Hargreaves Lansdown slashes the cost of investing in the Wealth 150+ by 24%

2 March 2014

Hargreaves Lansdown has cut the price of investing in many funds by 24% claiming that on a typical portfolio of £30,000 an investor will be nearly £1,000 better off after 10 [...]

Chelsea Financial Services emphasises fund research and performance but with price plans more expensive than rival platforms

27 February 2014

Chelsea Financial Services has announced its new pricing plans, the last significant player in the market to do so. For the first £250,000 of investments held investors will pay 0.4% [...]

Don’t sell Woodford funds says Hargreaves Lansdown – regular savers should not be concerned about continuing payments

16 October 2013

Hargreaves Lansdown is telling investors they do not need to sell out of the Invesco Perpetual High Income and Income funds despite Neil Woodford’s planned departure in April. It has [...]

Are commercial property funds bouncing back? Experts suggest some funds to think about

9 October 2013

Following one of the most spectacular ‘boom and busts’ of recent times investors are once again turning their attention to commercial property funds but are they worth investing in today [...]

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