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February 10, 2016 - Latest:

VIDEO: How to boost your investment portfolio via ETFs

16 June 2014

Watch Mindful Money’s special webcast where editor John Lappin talks with to Edmund Shing, global equity portfolio manager at BCS Asset Management and Lyxor’s Ben Thompson about how investors can [...]

Mindful Money TV: Have emerging markers hit rock bottom. What to buy?

20 March 2014

Edmund Shing assesses the issue with analysis, charts and a commentary.

Mindful Money TV: the new £1.25m pension lifetime limit and taking out fixed protection

12 March 2014

Ian McNally, director at independent wealth manager Saunderson House, discusses the new £1.25m pension lifetime limit, how and why you should get fixed protection and other possible options.

A simple video guide to Junior Isas from Platforum with suggestions for the right fund platforms to invest with

7 March 2014

The Platforum has released an educational video aimed at showing parents some of the key issues surrounding Junior ISAs (JISA) in what the consultancy says is an unusual, engaging and [...]

The best funds for this year’s Isa with Chelsea Financial Services MD Darius McDermott

4 March 2014

Chelsea Financial Services managing director Darius McDermott talks to Mindful Money TV about funds that may be suitable for your Isa this year, whether you are building a portfolio or [...]

Is it a Bull or Bear stock market asks Edmund Shing (with slides and commentary for Mindful Money TV)

24 February 2014

Edmund Shing also examines the sectors to back his view.

The internet of things and other investment ideas for 2014 with Edmund Shing

22 January 2014

Mindful Money columnist Edmund Shing from BCS Asset Management gives his investment ideas, the themes, the sectors and how to play them. These include the ‘internet of things’ and oil [...]

MMTV: Where to invest in 2014 with Chelsea Financial Services’ managing director Darius McDermott

8 January 2014


MMTV: The rapidly rising state retirement age and how to plan for it with Hargreaves Lansdown’s Tom McPhail

20 December 2013

As the state pension age increases rapidly Mindful Money editor John Lappin asks Hargreaves Lansdown’s pension expert Tom McPhail what people can do to plan for it.

MMTV: Shaun Richards on the euro, the ECB, the Federal Reserve and tapering

28 November 2013

Mindful Money TV: Why and where the Bank of England is going wrong – with economist Shaun Richards

14 November 2013

Mindful Money TV – What do small employers have to do to comply with the new workplace pension reforms?

5 November 2013

Buck Consultants’ Philip Smith discusses what small employers need to do to comply with the workplace pension regulations with Mindful Money’s John Lappin.

Mindful Money TV: Neil Woodford’s departure – the options for investors with Hargreaves Lansdown’s Adrian Lowcock

23 October 2013

If your bank won’t give you financial advice any more what do you do – The Mindful Money podcast with IFA Peter Chadborn

17 October 2013

Plan Money director Peter Chadborn discusses what you should do if your bank doesn’t want to advise you anymore because you are deemed ‘unprofitable’ . Peter discusses managing your investments [...]

Mindful Money TV – workplace pension reforms: lessons for employers with Buck Consultants’ Philip Smith

10 October 2013

Philip Smith, pensions expert from Buck Consultants, talks about his experience of working with employer clients so far to meet the new pension regulations and the lessons he can share [...]

Mindful Money TV – Nutmeg to publish performance data in challenge to rival discretionary fund managers

3 October 2013

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