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Social Finance: The New Influentials – 2865

  • 6 January 2011

Background to the research

During 2010 the findings of two influential reports demonstrated unequivocally the importance of the web in shaping investors' investment decisions in the UK and the US.

Research objectives

Do super-connecters really exist?

If so, what accounts for their extraordinary reach and influence?

Who are they and where (geographically, professionally, psychologically) are they coming from? 

Are the super-connectors themselves connected to one another?

Are they functioning as individuals or do they constitute an executive level social web all of their own? 


Social Finance: The New Influentials

1. Key Findings 

2. Methodology

3. Learnings for Key Audiences: Investors, IFA's, Corporations, Mainstream Media

3. Network Map & Profiles  

4. Future Phases of Research 

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