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The Threat of German Amnesia

  • 29 May 2012

Invisible Hand, Greased Palm

"Without bribes, the argument goes, it takes much longer to do anything, and you end up with less economic activity-fewer Walmarts, less trade. Seen this way, bribes grease not just palms but the very wheels of commerce." The New Yorker


The Facebook economy

Reactionary piece by Ryan Avent, in which he takes to task those questioning the contribution the internet has made to economic growth following Facebook's botched IPO. The Economist


An Audacious Promise: The Moral Case for Capitalism

This short well-written essay by James Otteson explains why the charges against capitalism may not be as strong as one might think. Manhattan Institute


Barry Ritholtz on the Crisis: Causes, Cures, Corptocracy, and Suggested Reading

In this interview, Barry Ritholtz talks about the causes of the financial crisis and picks out a list of books worth reading. Capitalism Without Failure


The Threat of German Amnesia

"Do we Germans understand our pan-European responsibility? We must now ask ourselves whether we, who have profited the most from European integration, are willing to pay the price for it or would prefer to let it fail." Project Syndicate


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