17,000 elderly motorists lost their licence last year

18th March 2016


In the past year 17,000 over-70s have had their driving licences revoked and half of motorists think elderly people should be made to retake their test every three years.


A Freedom of Information request by Confused.com has revealed that in the past year alone, 17,000 people aged over-70 have had their licence revoked or refused due to a medical condition.


Currently, the law requires drivers to renew their licence every three years when they reach age 70 and older driver are legally required to declare if they are unfit to drive. But half of the population disagrees with the law and think drivers aged over 70 should have to retake their test as well as renew their licence every three years.


In the UK there are more than 4.5 million drivers aged 70 and over who hold a full licence, including 239 motorists aged 100 or over – one male driver hold a full licence at age 108.


One in six Britons, however, admit that they are troubled by the behaviours or older drivers and nearly two fifths of people admit that they have an elderly relative or friend whose driving gives cause for concern.


It is no surprise then that 69% of Britons said they would alert the authorities if they thought an elderly driver was a danger on the roads. A total of one in 20 motorists have reported their loved one’s driving to the police, deeming them an unfit road user.


A quarter of people believe an age limit for driving should be put in place and one in seven people said it should be between 71 and 75.


It is not just older drivers that people have a problem with. More than a fifth of Britons think all motorists should have to do so every 10 years.


Matt Lloyd, Confused.com motoring expert, said: ‘We understand that driving gives older motorists freedom and independence that they require. However, there will come a pint when we may not have the ability to be a safe driver and that might be down to age or any number of other reasons. And as motorists we all need to recognize the importance of the need to be physically and mentally fit.’


He said that regardless of age motorists ‘should be mindful of their own ability and make sure responsible driving is their number one priority’.


‘Your safety and the safety of other road users are the most important things to consider. If you’re concerned that your driving is not as good as it was, don’t wait for an accident to convince you to stop,’ he said.

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