3 reasons why hosting the Olympics is a loser’s game

25th July 2012

Is There Even a Panic Button in Europe?

Despite the present danger to the Eurozone project, and, more importantly to the economy on which millions depend for their livelihood, the lack of panic is downright scary. Is Europe completely devoid of new ideas?  Or is everyone simply on vacation? Tim Duy's Fed Watch


Britain's productivity conundrum

Having the government subsidize employers to hire more people won't resolve the issue of declining productivity. The best way of fixing this can only lie in the market itself i.e. labour market reform. Adam Smith Institute


Modern Day Depression Vs Dow 20,000

With stagnant economic growth, high unemployment, the worst drought in half a century, and the looming fiscal cliff, America is looking more and more like it's in a modem-day depression. So much for that Dow 20,000 headline that The New York Times ran last week! Zero Hedge


Is the crisis 'decoupling' the Greeks from Greece?

Is the crisis ‘decoupling' the Greeks from Greece? It seems that way: "before the global crisis, Greeks's assessments of their own economic stance was in line with that of their country as a whole. But during the recent crisis years most Greeks thought they were doing better than average." Vox Eu


3 Reasons Why Hosting the Olympics Is a Loser's Game

(1) The bidding process is hijacked by private interests; (2) It creates massive over-building; (3) There's little evidence that it meaningfully increases tourism. The Atlantic


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