A bit like trying to bag weasels

2nd June 2010

Trying to create a bridge between traditional journalism and the new style of Web 2.0, bloggy/citizen journalism (call it what you will, there seems to be a million and one names for it) is proving as hard as pinning a name on exactly what we should call what we're trying to do.

On the one hand you've got a load of professional journalists out there. They have great contacts books, know a story when they get the whiff of one and can put a nice top, middle and ending on a balanced, basically well-written article.

But we've all seen the websites of these traditional print media outfits. Some frankly look little better than they did when everyone jumped on the internet bandwagon back in the late 90s.  They're great on paper; less so on the screen.

But it's not just the look of these things that's holding them back, It's also because the writing is an altogether different style on paper than it should be on the web.

What we're doing here at Mindful Money is different. We're writing for the web; but more than that we're linking up everything that's on the web that's relevant to our audience.

We want to create a well-written, insightful site that for once connects the highly vibrant, highly educated online investment community have a closer role in what is happening in the investment arena.

But that's proving as difficult as, well to steal a phrase used by one of our writers (about a different topic altogether) it's a bit like trying to bag weasels.

So, I've run this ad.

Are you frustrated with the state of journalism today? Are you fed up with being asked to write the same old stuff with the same old angles over and over again?

Let's make it more personal – are you fed up with where your career as a journalist is taking you and asking yourself "Is this really it?"

Do you see convergence journalism, blogging, citizen's journalism, Digg, Reddit, Wikipedia, Moneysavingexpert, internet communities and Twitter as a threat or an opportunity?

Do you think the think the public is well served by our Fourth Estate or do you think the Media is failing to communicate what's really going on in the complex, interconnected and conflicted world we now inhabit?

We are looking to talk to journalists who are hungry for change and looking to make a difference, for a new kind of web journalism project that marries Web 2.0 technologies with web Journalism, internet community and organisational design.

The project will be emerging onto the public stage shortly and aims to change the public conversation about the role of the financial services industry, investing, and wealth management in the post-credit crunch era.

If you're inspired, appalled, have a point of view, or are just plain curious about what you've just read then drop us a line very soon

It's a bit different to your usual job ad for journalists, so I'm hoping it will capture the attention of the right people. Let's see what happens.




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