A pick of the best investment apps for your Apple iPad

8th March 2012

Bloomberg for iPad

Any stock-picker will find this a handy tool to choose and track their investment choices. And while it's available for iPhone and iPad, it looks better on a bigger screen. The news section is well presented, and the app strikes a great balance between catering for both amateur traders and professionals. Plus it's free – so you can simply track your portfolio performance on the go.

The Wall Street Journal

Do you want to keep up-to-date with the latest financial news that might impact on your portfolio? Downloading the app for one of the most respected and widely circulated international dailies in the world – the Wall Street Journal – makes this simple. You can keep track of the financial goings-on across the pond which is essential these days to add to your media diet. Its slick design makes it easy to navigate and there's lots of interactivity in the pages, with videos, slideshows and other media coming alive at your fingertips. For basic use it's free – compared to the hefty subscription fees for the FT version.

iCurrency Pad

iCurrency Pad is an app that can simply do the sums which could be handy if you're thinking of investing in a stock in another currency, for example.  And if you're an investor who regularly deals with foreign currencies, having an app which presents you with graphs full of trending data is extremely useful. The information is presented in an easy-to-digest format – and all exchange rates are updated by the minute. And at £0.69 to download, it's well worth it.


This is a tool which allows you to make percent related calculations effortlessly by simply entering two values. This could prove handy if you're trying to work out the charges on a certain fund, for example, before investing. Or simply for day-to-day dealings, it makes a useful tool when tackling percentages. It costs £0.69.

Some of the others…

There is an array of apps that will track financial news, although we singled out Bloomberg and The Wall Street Journal above as they are among the slickest. You can find stock and mutual fund data, and other tools on some of these apps too – Morningstar comprises a mass of data and news on thousands of stocks and funds, and also check out MarketWatch, TheStreet, The Motley Fool, Yahoo! Finance.

The Economist's app is also worth noting, as while subscription to the full version comes at a price, the free component allows subscribers to read the 'Editor's Picks' of the current edition of the magazine. It's not a market focussed app, but is useful for in-depth coverage of all those important macro issues that drive market movements.

If you're interested in particular kinds of investments or activities, you can choose to download apps for these too. For example, are you interested in exchange-traded funds? Then add ETFdb to your collection. If you'd like to create and track some portfolios online, you can do so with apps such as StockWatch. Meanwhile, apps such as A+ Stock Screener will let you sift through thousands of stocks, filtering according to criteria such as size, P/E ratio, and more.

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