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1st January 1999

Mindful Money is sponsored by two of the UK's leading asset management and investment companies –  Henderson and Schroders.

Their role

The sponsors act as expert commentators and contribute content to the network, while the editorial policy and community engagement programme is managed independently by the Mindful Money editorial team.

Why they are involved

Quite simply, they want to become a resource to the community so people can make more informed decisions about their investments.

In their words…

Garry Whitefield head of marketing, partnerships at Henderson Global Investors

"We are delighted to be associated with Mindful Money and to support this important initiative.

"The choice for investors increases relentlessly year on year with new and more complex investment opportunities offered by the financial services industry. Combined with the continued potential for heightened market volatility, the importance for consumers of careful investment research and analysis has never been so high.

"We hope that Mindful Money will provide a valuable resource to users as they seek clarity in navigating this challenging environment, helping to inform and identify relevant strategies that can meet their investment needs."

James Rainbow, UK head of marketing at Schroders Investment Management

"During the last few years we have seen so many examples of the news failing to tell the whole story.

"The internet is littered with people asking, so what, how does this affect me?

"What we saw in Mindful Money was a group of people committed to getting behind the news and unpicking the detail that really matters to people when deciding what to do with their savings."

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