Axa Self Investor service offers 1000 funds on a clean share class basis

15th July 2013

Axa has introduced over 1,000 clean share class funds to its self-directed investment platform, Axa Self Investor.

In addition to the new funds, Axa Self Investor’s Favourites Fund Range, which consists of around 170 funds selected by the group’s specialist investment house, Architas, is now available in a clean share class format.

Andy Zanelli, head of retirement planning, says: “Axa Self Investor has been designed to help consumers to make smart, independent investment choices. This move to clean share classes leads the way in the self-directed investment field, and the addition of over a 1,000 funds gives investors the choice they demand with a pricing structure they can understand. There are no hidden fees or costs, just a simple flat charge to hold the investments and a simple flat charge for each fund they invest in.”

The move is part of an industry switch away from fund charges that included commission payments and rebates to fund platforms in their charging structures and effectively strips the fund charges back to what is paying for the fund management itself.

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