Best of the Finance Blogs: A banker, executive, & attorney walk into a bar

16th March 2012

This old stock market

"Aging populations in America and Europe raise many economic concerns. A popular one is whether aging baby boomers will tank the stock market." Free Exchange


7 Ways of Seeing Goldman Sachs

Christopher Matthews rounds up the reaction to Greg Smith's now infamous op-ed piece and asks whether it's an example of "brass-knuckled American capitalism, or evidence that the financial sector has lost its way?" TIME


Budget: Santa Claus comes to town  

Neil Munshi says rather than committing to bold reform, finance minister, Mukherjee Pranab played Santa Claus by "doling out gifts left and right," as he unveiled India's budget for the fiscal year. Beyond Brics


The $110 Effect: What Higher Gas Prices Could Really Do to the Economy

According to Ross DeVol, the relationship between high gas prices, consumer spending, business investment and Federal Reserve policy "is more complicated than most people give it credit for." The Atlanitc


A Banker, Executive, & Attorney Walk into a Bar

Andrew Ross Sorkin: "Chief executives and bankers may make easy punching bags these days, but for every bad decision they make, there is often a lawyer who approves it – and most likely charges over $1,000 an hour for that brilliant advice." Weakonomics


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