Best of the Finance Blogs: The US is not immune to the problems of Europe

9th March 2012

Prepare for Major Haircuts on Portuguese Debt

Portugal is about to blow up anytime now because sooner or later voters in Germany, the Netherlands, Finland will get "fed up with these repeated bailouts at taxpayer expense and demand action," writes Mike Shedlock. Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis


Gasoline prices didn't cause the housing crash

Felix Salmon thinks trying to identify the proximate cause of a bursting bubble is silly because: "That's what bubbles do, is burst. They all do it, sooner or later, for any reason or no reason." Reuters


The US Is Not Immune To The Problems Of Europe

"The U.S. will not remain an oasis of tranquility in a world that is either slowing down or already in recession.  The stock market is already overbought and overvalued at a time when earnings estimates are being revised down.  The odds of a significant downturn remain high." Business Insider


China inflation: still waiting

Despite the market cheer over China posting its lowest inflation rate in 20 months, Josh Noble tells readers not to get too carried away because "the data still looks pretty inconclusive." Beyond Brics


The worst outcome for the central banks

Charles Price says The Federal Reserve's stock market policy will eventually kill the bond market "if a self-sustaining recovery doesn't first." Minyanville


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