Britons spend £37 billion a year on holidays, and it’s making us happier

31st July 2015


Britons are spending £37 billion going on an average of 2.4 holidays a year.


Research by SunLife shows nearly three quarters, 71%, of UK households go away at least once a year and 45% go away twice or more.


Of those who take at least two, a quarter take three get-aways, 14% take four and fifth take five holidays a year. There are 2.5% of people who take 10 holidays a year.


Those living in Scotland, London and the South East are most likely to take a holiday, with 74% of people in these areas going away at least once a year. Those living in East Anglia are least likely to take a holiday, with 64% saying they taken an annual break.


Those living in Wales are mostly likely to go on multiple breaks and the area has the highest average number of holidays at 2.79. In the South East, the average holidays taken is 2.4.


When it comes to cost, the average spent on holidays by each household is £1,951 but this varies between regions. The biggest spenders are those in Northern Ireland, spending £3,219 on holidays every year – £1,268 more than average and double that spent in the East Midlands who spend the least at £1,472.


People in the South East spend £2,374 a year, which isn’t surprising when people in this area are most likely to go on two holidays a year.


Families with children are more likely to go on holidays than those without – 72% compared to 69% – and will spend more money. Those with children spend an average of £2,185 compared to £1,685 for childless households.


Those breaks each year are also keeping us happy and healthy as SunLife found there is a strong correlation between holidays and wellbeing and happiness. Those who were happy or satisfied with life take two holidays a year compared to those who took one who said they were unhappy or dissatisfied.


Those who said they were optimistic about the future take double the number of holidays as those who say they are pessimistic.


Ian Atkinson of SunLife said: ‘The link between happiness and taking holidays is really strong – showing that taking a break doesn’t just make you happier for that period, it makes you happier overall.


‘Per person, we spend an average of £16.30 a week on holidays, so it’s worth looking at putting that aside, seeing what a powerful affect holidays have on our wellbeing.’


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  1. Sherezade says:

    Perhaps the correlation between numbers of holidays and happiness is more about having the money in the first place to actually take two holidays?

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