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18th February 2011

The Telegraph

"The Government does not have a "comprehensive growth strategy" to support British industry, according to a report by MPs."

ben_arnulfssen says: "why is this a surprise? our whole system of governance is now choked with people with no relevant experience. Election and maintaining a grip on some sort of role is now driven by ideological and procedural considerations completely divorced from the real economy."

In the Guardian they are saying:

Muskie thinks: "There is plan? – other than the one to make everyone in the UK jobless except bankers and their toff chums!"


"'Selling England by the Pound' – Andrew Sentance, hawkish member of the Bank of England's rate-setting Monetary Policy Committee, has launched his most outspoken attack saying the Bank's inflation forecasts are too optimistic and risk damaging the country."

barry slater says: "Good on him for underlining the obvious. The Bank of England are a shambles and should be ashamed of their criminal. behaviour. They have been apalling in their forecasts…totally useless. Interest rates must start to rise NOW. The Bank clearly wont let the facts cloud their judgement. Bankers !"

While Gordon davison thinks: "'Large recent decline in the value of sterling' The pound is £1.61 against the dollar and about euro1.8 to the £. Historically as is. Andrew Sentance is a giant size pillock with an ego to match. Wonder who pays his salary and why ?"


"Sterling rose against the dollar and the euro on Friday on market talk another member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee had moved into the hawks' camp by voting for a rate rise in February."

See this story on the Wall Street Journal as well.

The Telegraph

"Bahrain killings bring Mid-East turmoil to epicentre of world oil supply. Escalating violence in the oil states of the Persian Gulf and North Africa have pushed Brent crude prices to a 30-month high of $104 a barrel, and raised widespread concerns over the stability of global oil supplies for the first time since the Mid-East turmoil began."

Relating to oil price in This Is Money:

"UK petrol still rising despite falls in Europe"

Richard Jones comments: "Why should we be surprised that once again big business is riding slip shod across the British public after all we are seen as the great cash cow of Europe! I know that there are countless email campaigns circulating but one I received recently does appear to have merit and that is for everybody to boycott a single supplier's service stations for a period of time. i,e, all boycott (say) Esso for a period of one month (march), this then will have the effect of handing a fairly recognisable message to the suppliers and may help to encourage them to play fairly with the consumer. May be worth a try!"

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