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7th February 2011

The Telegraph

"A growing market of middle-class consumers in the developing world will come to Britain's rescue during the next decade by driving demand for exports of hi-tech products and financial services, according to the Ernst & Young ITEM Club."

hospitaller thinks:"When Cameron was in China only weeks ago, the Chinese said that Britain did not produce anything that they wanted. Your thesis might need to be revised to take this into account."

The Guardian has also covered this story:

LANDLORDX writes: "We don't produce anything to export. Over 50% of UK GDP is spent on the increasingly useless and wasteful UK public sector. So there is little left over for producing goods and services for export. Unless we could export all our speed bumps, diversity coordinators and local authority HR departments…send them to Shanghai – now there's a thought"

BristolEd disagrees: "The UK is the sixth largest exporting nation and produces nearly half of an A380 aircraft when it is powered by Rolls-Royce Trent 900 engines. You wouldn't believe it, judging by the negative comments here! I think this article is spot on: our exporters have nearly ignored exports to the rapidly growing BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and also the MISTs (Mexico, Indonesia, South Korea, and Turkey), while concentrating their efforts in the slow gowing countries. Language skills need to be dramatically improved!"

The Telegraph

"AOL, the online company, is buying Huffington Post, the internet newspaper, in a $315m (£196m) deal that represents a big bet on the future of online news."

The Guardian community are saying:

DivisiveCotton says: "That will be the kiss of death for the Huffington Post then, lol. AOL is the internet company that can do no right"

FT Alphaville are discussing this as well:                     

User3242332 comments: "That's not the first time funny money has been thrown around in an AOL deal…."

So are the Wall Street Journal:

JEFFREY DUGAS wrote: "AO-who? Wasn't that a 1990s ISP that was known for shoddy service and busy signals? Its still around? Wow. Well, I guess misery loves company. I wish the two parties a happy stay at the assisted living facility for old tech companies and blogs after the marriage.

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