Community Views : What’s on the boards today….8th Feb 2011

8th February 2011

Wall Street Journal

"The U.K. government said Tuesday it was bringing forward an increase in its bank levy to raise an additional £800 million ($1.29 billion) in revenue this year in a move it hopes will help clear the way for an elusive lending and bonus agreement with the financial sector."

The Telegraph has covered this as well:

"George Osborne, the Chancellor, is to increase the levy on bank profits to £2.5bn this year – raising an extra £800m – and make it permanent."

Richard Fletcher thinks: "It's not a levy or a tax on banks, it's another indirect tax on us. In the same way the government 'fines' the utility company millions for something or the other. Who pays the fine? This government is just copying Labour's racketeering methods."

BBC Peston's Pick is also discussing this story:

Briantist writes:"Poor old George Osborne.

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