Emerging markets demand creates 1000 jobs for Jaguar

10th November 2011

In September, the firm announced it was building a £400m engine plant in Wolverhampton, which could potentially create 2,000 jobs in the area.

The comment boards are simply glad that Britain still has some engineering infrastructure.

On the Telegraph comment boards smints writes:

"This is excellent news and hopefully the new efficient engine development JLR is conducting will create further opportunities within the UK. Many people lambast the state of our engineering and manufacturing sectors but we do still have the skills and work force. Take for example the newly developed Ford EcoBoost 1 litre engine which outputs 125bhp, it was designed and developed in the UK at Dunton and Dagenham. Unfortunately it will be built in Cologne but the UK arm of Ford also designed the production line that will be used in Cologne!"

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