Europe’s crisis is re-emerging

5th July 2012


India and China: Friend, enemy, rival, investor

How can India make its economic relations with China less lopsided? For a start, a bilateral free-trade agreement will melt away India's $40 billion trade deficit with China. While more foreign direct investment from China would help, too. The Economist


Why Vladimir Putin Needs Higher Oil Prices

You would think that falling oil prices will make just about everybody happy. Not Vladimir Putin. Why? Because the economy that the Russian President has built not only runs on oil, but runs on oil that is priced extremely high. TIME


The origins of misbehaviour

A new paper shows how experimental economics can help explain why people in positions of power behave badly and how the standard political response to this misbehavior (to demand a resignation whilst maintaining basic structures of organizations) is often miscalculated. Stumbling and Mumbling


Dark economic clouds gather anew over Obama campaign

Patricia Zengerle describes how the administration's euphoria over last weeks' Supreme Court decision to uphold Obamacare will turn into gloom after Friday's job report for the month of June which is expected to come in as weak. Reuters


Europe's Crisis is Re-Emerging

The recent tranche of PMI data across the Eurozone shows that the implementation of austerity policy across the periphery, and now in France, continues to produce slow economic growth across the monetary union. Naked Capitalism


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