Every American is experiencing a different economy

24th July 2012

Bankers Gone Wild

James Surowiecki believes when institutions tolerate, and even reward, bad behavior, all that self-regulation (which was the case in the Libor scandal) gets you is bankers gone wild. The New Yorker


Every American Is Experiencing a Different Economy

According to Michael Sivy, it's easy to forget that the economic statistics released each month are just averages. Therefore, in reality, only a minority of the U.S. population (typically the richest) has been in a moderate recovery for more almost three years, while the majority remains thoroughly mired in recession. Time


The One Capitalism That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Why are Japan's successes and its regional variations in East Asia airbrushed out of the history of modern capitalism? One answer: a peculiar Anglo-American prejudice against state led capitalism. Bloomberg View


Bubbles without Markets

Robert J. Shiller argues that before we pursue policies to rein in financial markets, we need to consider the alternative. In fact, "speculative bubbles are just one example of social epidemics, which can be even worse in the absence of financial markets." Project Syndicate


U.S. Cities With Bigger Economies Than Entire Countries

From New York to Honolulu, we know that the US harbour's dozens of metropolitan economies. But the real question is: how do these individual economies stack up against the rest of the world?  Click here to find out. Real Time Economics


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