Everything You Want To Know About The UK Budget That The Mainstream Media Are Afraid To Ask

16th March 2012

Things aren't looking good for UK Plc, they say.

The credit-ratings agency Fitch, has followed Moody's in downgrading our economic outlook.

So, austerity's not the answer then?

But then there's the inevitable riposte, ‘lets get Britain back to growth'.

Well then, which one is it?

What's to be done?

Do we really have to repeat this Punch and Judy show every time there's a budget? Aren't you tired of this? Isn't it time to hear some different views?

Now theres the opportunity to do so.

Next week Mindful Money will be hosting a live sense-making event covering the budget with a team of macro-economists from the Mindful Money community.

So what's new about that?

Well, because these guys aren't the usual suspects, they wont be dealing in media friendly sound bites, metaphors, analogies and infographics. We'll also be fielding a team of Mindful Money's Social Reporters to work with our experts – and liaise with Mindful Money's readers and community members – to help make sense of the story behind the story of The Budget.

So tune in on Tuesday 20th when we kick off our coverage with a look at notable Budgets of the past.

Until then, please help get the ball rolling by sending in your questions, comments, thoughts and concerns to editor@mindfulmoney.co.uk which we'll be fielding to our experts and social reporters on the day.

Here are some questions we've crowdsourced from around the web to get you thinking. Can Mindful Money's readers and community members do better than this?

" What should the Chancellor do in his budget?

1. Bring in a 4% banking levy for as long as it takes to remove the deficit.

2. Remove the tax-burden for low earners.

3. Introduce a maximum wage and raise the minimum wage.

4. Set a better personal example and stop avoiding millions in tax.

5. Invest more in revenue inspectors / collectors and take the likes of Vodafone to court to pay what they owe in taxes."

We look forward to hearing from you.

The MM Team

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