Fidelity cuts fees for Asian Values investment trust

24th July 2015


Investors in Fidelity Asian Values investment trust will benefit from lower fees from 1 August.


It will be replacing the flat-rate annual management charge (AMC) of 1% a year  with a tiered pricing structure that charges a maximum of 0.9% a year on the first £200 million of the company’s gross assets.


If the assets of the investment trust rise above £200 million, the AMC will reduce further to 0.85%. The trust’s assets currently stand at £182. 5 million.


Kate Bolsover, chairman of the Fidelity Asian Values trust, said: ‘We regularly review our fees to ensure they remain competitive…Both the board and Fidelity believe that this change will be attractive to new investors considering Fidelity Asian Values and this will be to the benefit of investors in the company overall.’


Fees are not the only part of the trust that will receive an overhaul as Fidelity is also changing the benchmark of the fund.


From 1 August, the trust will be measured against the MSCI Asia ex Japan index rather than the MSCI AC Far East ex Japan index. The company said the index was for ‘comparative purposes’ only and ‘the portfolio manager continues to have the complete freedom to invest in the Asian companies of his choice and the change has no bearing on the investments held by the trust’.




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