Five things investors learned in the last week

16th February 2014

1) Forward guidance has been amended out of existence. There are 18 measures governing the interest decision. One will not be 7% unemployment. We are still unbalanced says Mark Carney. Schroders had some pretty scathing remarks to make about what consumers would all make.

2) Lloyds Bank back into profit as Reuters reports. That 33% stake looks set to be ‘privatised’ again. Brokers are divided between buy and hold.

3) You can’t have the pound say the ‘Rest of the UK’ politicians proving the economic is political and the political is economic. What it means it reality is that Scotland can’t have a currency union and independence. The Economist assesses the issue.

4) Turmoil at Rolls Royce over bribery allegations in China and India. The shares are not doing well either but that may be due to defence cuts as the BBC reports.

5) The Bank of England governor Mark Carney does not mince his words. The PM’s plans for an EU referendum will hurt the economy by holding up investment he tells the Telegraph. The economic is political and vice versa but it is probably too early for it to be affecting individual investment decisions.

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