Front Page: IMF should be reformed in favour of developing countries

31st October 2011



IMF should be reformed in favour of developing countries – Russia

Russia continues to insist that the International Monetary Fund should be reformed in favour of developing countries as regards their role in decision-making. Voice of Russia


Cos fume over China social tax

Indian businesses operating in China are upset by China's decision to impose social security obligations on foreign employees, which will push up the wage bill by over 40%. Times of India


Immigrant remittances outside Brazil six-fold jump in ten years

Analysts estimate $1 billion in resources that will leave the country this year, compared with $ 169 million in 2001, a distance of 10 years. O Globo


Cruise industry sails into new territory

Number of liners visiting Chinese mainland rose significantly in recent years. China Daily


Credit growth slows to 5.47% in September

Growth in credit demand by South Africa's private sector slowed to 5.47% year on year in September from 6.06% growth in August, Reserve Bank data showed on Monday. Business Day


Developed Markets


Shale Gas Fuels Legal Boom

The natural-gas boom in Pennsylvania is stoking legal battles over who owns gas that was worthless until a few years ago but now holds the promise of great wealth. Wall Street Journal


Best month for shares in two years

The shares market has ended another volatile month on global stock markets by posting the biggest one-month gain in two years. The Australian


Bank pressed to account for handling of financial crisis

Treasury select committee launches inquiry into accountability of Bank of England before it is handed more powers for financial stability next year.  The Guardian


Frontier Markets


Agadir Agreement members aim to benefit from EU

Countries signatory to the Agadir Agreement – Jordan, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia – are now studying the European Union (EU) model in applying the authorised economic operator (AEO) policy and other policies related to customs procedures. The Jordan Times


Qtel posts QR2bn 9mth profit amid robust revenue growth

Qatar Telecom (Qtel) has reported an 18% fall in its January-September net profit to QR2bn despite robust revenue base. Gulf Times


Russia support 10 billion

Following the outbreak of intent to support Cyprus by granting a loan of 2.5 billion, Russia appears ready for bilateral talks with member countries of the eurozone to provide financial assistance through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Politis


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