Hargreaves Lansdown publishes performance of Wealth 150 in last ten years

6th March 2014

With all execution only investment platforms changing their pricing plans, Hargreaves Landown has offered evidence of how well the Wealth 150 has performed in the last ten years.

In a note issued today, the firm says: “The Wealth 150 was launched in November 2003 to help our clients choose the best funds for their portfolios. Wealth 150 selections have outperformed across most major sectors with the most striking successes in the UK All Companies and UK Smaller Companies sectors.”

It says that the Wealth 150 selections has delivered 193% growth versus 139% from the UK All Companies sector average, and 304% compared with 227% from the UK smaller companies sector average.

The W150 selections have outperformed the sector average in 12 out of 13 sectors. The W150 has underperformed in the difficult to compare specialist sector which covers a broad and diverse range.




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