How Apple reveals China’s big secret

31st July 2012

World's Top Young Economists Discuss Where Their Field Is Going

With the field of economics taking a battering over the past few years, what better way to get the pulse of a field in flux than asking eight of the world's top young economists to identify the biggest unanswered questions in economics and predict what breakthroughs will define it a decade or two hence. Big Think


Money Talking: Has the Fed Run out of Tools?

Rana Foroohar and Joe Nocera give their thoughts on whether the Fed still has any weapons left in it's arsenal to boost the economy, how the drought will drive up food prices and how much steam the U.S. Manufacturing boom still has left. The Curious Capitalist


Doing A Cameron

As the conservative government feel the pain of boldly deciding to ignore the lessons of the Great Depression (by imposing fiscal austerity in a depressed economy), not to mention basic textbook macroeconomics, Paul Krugman delights in reminding his readers of a piece written by WaPo journalist David Broder, in which he urged Obama to "do a Cameron." Conscience of a Liberal


How Apple Reveals China's Big Secret

Dereck Thompson reveals how Apple's disappointing quarter is linked with China's economic slowdown. The Atlantic


Keeping the WTO busy while the Doha Round is stuck

Should we give up on the Doha Round and leave the WTO as a sleeping beauty? Patrick A Messerlin, a Professor of Economics at the Institut d' Etudes Politiques de Paris, contends that such a gridlock will be dangerous – we need a busy WTO. Vox Eu


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