How Google can avert the next financial crisis

9th August 2012

How Google Can Avert the Next Financial Crisis

Mark Buchanan, a theoretical physicist, argues that the mathematical insight that turned Google Inc. into a multibillion-dollar company has the potential to help the world avert the next financial crisis. "If only banks made public the data required to do the job." Bloomberg View


The economic cost of increased temperatures

"Higher temperatures lead to substantially lower economic growth in poor countries," says Ben Olken, a professor of economics at MIT, who co-authored a new study looking into the impact that temperature rises has on long-term economic growth. MIT news


No More Growth Miracles

Dani Rodrik says that there are strong reasons to believe that the rapid economic growth in emerging economies will prove the exception rather than the rule in the decades ahead. To see why, he argues, we need to understand how "growth miracles" are made. Project Syndicate


Why Romney's Tax Plan is Mathematically Impossible

So the presumptive GOP nominee wants to lower the marginal tax rate by 20 percent; get rid of tax expenditures to maintain tax revenues, and ensure that the richest pay no less tax. However, quick analysis by Mike Konczal shows that the math simply doesn't add up. Next New Deal


The monkey's paw

Madsen Pirie has an interesting take on how the African legend on how to catch a monkey (placing fruit at the bottom of a narrow-necked jar so when the monkey reaches in for the fruit, its hand is too big to withdraw) has some parallels with the euro. Adam Smith Institute


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