How Greek tax evasion sunk the economy

10th July 2012

How Greek tax evasion sunk the global economy

Why did Greece have such a massive budget deficit in the first place? One factor (among others) was outrageous tax evasion – which robbed the Greek government of funds. And as it turns out, this was a very big deal indeed, writes Brad Plummer. Wonkbook


The Post-Employee Economy: Why Sky-High Profits Are Here to Stay

"Robots have come to destroy our way of life, just as we saw in Terminator 2: Judgement Day, though not as we expected. They're taking our jobs, and are forcing us to reexamine how we value ourselves." The Atlantic 


Market hypocrisy

In attacking Barclays' Bob Diamond for distorting markets by manipulating Libor rates, Jan Boucek argues that many members of the Treasury Select Committee are hypocrites because nobody manipulates markets more than those in Westminster. Adam Smith Institute


Is the Wealth Gap Hurting all of Us?

In an interview, Joe Stiglitz says much of what goes on in the financial sector – and what is contributing to income inequality – is rent-seeking. The most dramatic example being the abusive of credit card practices and predatory lending which have made those at the bottom worse off. Fox Business


The Economist, Then and Now, on Bankers

A comparison of the magazine's stance on the banking industry during the time when the subprime market was coming apart (when it argued that Wall Street was overregulated), to its dramatic image and use of the pejorative term "banksters" on its cover page in last week's edition. Naked Capitalism

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