How Wall Street can stop worrying and learn to love financial regulation

13th July 2012

Don't throw away those theories just yet!

Tim Worstall argues that analysts should first understand what the efficient markets hypothesis actually says before they start throwing away some of the basic building blocks of neoclassical economic theory. Adam Smith Institute


Is Inequality Inhibiting Growth?

"As a reformed Europe starts growing, parts of it may experience US-style inequality. But growth can provide the resources to address that. Far worse for Europe would be to avoid serious reform and lapse into egalitarian and genteel decline. Japan, not the US, is the example to avoid." Project Syndicate


China's Economy Needs Spending Power, Not Steel Factories

As China's economy cools down, one way to boost growth is to spend more: but not on state-owned enterprises. Instead, a better approach would be for China's government to help its people and their economy by putting more money into public goods. Bloomberg View


FOMC Minutes Not a Smoking Gun

In a review of the recently released minutes of the fed's open market committee's June meeting, Tim Duy thinks the central bank is holding back from engaging in more monetary stimulus not because of the outlook of the US economy but because of a lack of faith in the beneficial effects of further quantitative easing. Tim Duy's Fed Watch


How Wall Street can stop worrying and learn to love financial regulation

Might Dodd-Frank not be that bad after all? A new report by Deloitte certainly thinks so. "Dodd-Frank is formally raising the bar on risk management, creating an opportune moment for banks to look at this as an investment rather than an expense." Wonkbook


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