How Zero Hedge makes your money vanish

12th July 2012

How Zero Hedge makes your money vanish

Noah Smith gives a review (I mean dressing down) of financial news website Zero Hedge: "The site is a big fat hoax. And if you read it for anything other than amusement, you're almost certainly a big fat sucker." Noahpinion


The New Global Economy's (Relative) Winners

As the global economy slows down, Dani Rodrik says those that will do relatively better will share three characteristics. First, they will not be weighed down by high levels of public debt. Second, they will not be overly reliant on the world economy, and their engine of growth will be internal rather than external. Finally, they will be robust democracies. Project Syndicate


Libor Manipulation: The Markets' Worst-Kept Secret?

Dating back to 2005, Peter Gumbel finds stacks of evidence to support the view that the shock surrounding the Libor fixing scandal may be a tad bit disingenuous. TIME


What's Wrong With the Federal Reserve?

Alan Meltzer says the Fed's excessive attention to the short-term and its reluctance to state the real cause of the high current unemployment rate-fiscal policy, is putting the central bank's independence at risk. Hoover Institution


Reality Check: Entitlements Don't Hurt Growth

"Don't believe the rumors of the welfare state's death. They're greatly exaggerated." That's the view of Matthew O'Brien, who uses one chart to bust the myth that cradle-to-the-grave government devastates economic growth. The Atlantic


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