Introducing: The Financialist

14th March 2012

Coping with Information Overload has become one of the biggest irritations in modern life, so says The Economist.

And we agree.

On a daily basis Mindful Money's editorial team sifts through dozens of blogs, forums, comments, tweets and social networks searching for nuggets of information outside of the mainstream that will elucidate our news coverage.

So we created The Financialist.


Everyone is a publisher

Over the last decade the Internet has seen a content transformation. Passive readers have become active producers.  We blog, tweet and comment on articles and Google indexes it all so that we can easily find it.

But now that everyone is a publisher the task of finding relevant and trustworthy information has become more daunting than ever.

Blogs often fill this void. They act as curators and point readers to useful information, as Joshua Brown recently did in his post: 20 Twitter feeds all financial advisors should follow.


The Financialist

We created The Financialist to help investors find relevant information from trustworthy sources.

It's a real time news dashboard that will give you a snapshot of what's going on in the markets right now.


Curated by real people

It's different because our news sources have been personally chosen (curated) by our editorial team, not algorithms.

Our sources are the one's we use ourselves and think that investors will also find relevant.


Rolling guest curator roster

But what really makes The Financialist different is our team of guest curators that bring their own unique expertise to the selection of news sources.

It's a way for readers to get an insight into what experts read. And you won't find this in any other aggregator.


Our current guest curators include

Technical Analysis: Tim Knight, Slope of Hope

Asia Pacific: Edmund Harriss , Guinness Asset Management

UK Markets: Darius McDermott , Chelsea Financial Services

European Market: Tony Levene , journalist

Socially Responsible Investing: Ketan Patel , Ecclesiastical Investment Management

BRICS: Cherry Reynard , journalist


The Financialist Insider blog

The Financialist Insider is a series of conversations with our guest curators. We find out what they read and how they navigate the never-ending flood of information that's available to us all.


We hope the site helps you find new and useful information. And as always, we'd love to know what you think it. Email us at 

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