Is German economist exacerbating euro crisis?

20th July 2012

The Bad Society

"The attitude of indifference to income distribution is in fact a recipe for economic growth without end, with the rich, very rich, and super-rich drawing ever further ahead of the rest. This must be wrong for moral and even practical reasons." Project Syndicate


Is German Economist Exacerbating Euro Crisis?

Like no other professor, Hans-Werner Sinn has long shaped the economic debate in Germany with his bold theories. But his solutions to the euro zone crisis are often simplistic. And now many of his peers are distancing themselves from the influential Munich economist. Spiegel


China's strong domestic demand has reduced its trade surplus

With "The Great Trade Collapse" largely evaporating China's trade surplus with the rest of the world, two academics reveal that strong domestic economic growth has made China a major source of international demand. Vox Eu


2012 Olympics will give a (limited) boost to the U.K. economy

Even though the Olympics will provide "much-needed" growth to the U.K. economy in the third quarter, it's is highly probable that the rate of growth will fall back appreciably in the fourth quarter because there are negative economic consequences of the games as well. Wonkblog


US economic momentum, bullet-point-y version

Split into a list of "stuff that looks good" and "stuff that looks not so good," here's a portrait of the US economic recovery (or non-recovery, whatever it is.) FT Alphaville


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