Is global trade about to collapse? Where are oil prices headed? A chat with Mish

27th July 2012

The Olympics and Economics

Building on its popular "World Cup and Economics" guide, Goldman Sachs explores the link between economics and the Olympic Games for the very first time, including a series of interviews with past Olympians and Olympic personalities. Goldman Sachs


Should we prick our bubble yet or sack George?

Should we sack George Osborne (even though his basic mantra that you can't borrow your way out of a financial crisis is sound)? Or prick the property bubble (which has left the UK with a slowly deflating economy)? Capitalist@Work


Super Mario is turning into Ben Bernanke

After Draghi's commitment to save the euro at all costs, the ECB president is beginning to sound like Fed Chairman Bernanke; "lots of plans and ideas to distort the markets in the short term and screw it all up for the rest of us in the long term." Fintag's Newsletter


China's Economic Slowdown: Why Stimulus Is a Bad Idea

According to Michael Schman, more stimulus spending to boost growth will only exacerbate the percolating dangers within the Chinese economy. "Instead, the current slowdown shows how badly China needs a new growth model, and the reform necessary to build one." TIME


Is Global Trade About To Collapse? Where are Oil Prices Headed? A Chat with Mish

In this interview, award winning economic commentator Mike "Mish" Shedlock explains why global trade will collapse if Romney wins, why investors should get out of stocks and commodities and how the fate of the Euro looks grim.  Oil Price


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