Is the stock market really dying?

16th August 2012

Disaster economics and bond yields

With two-year bond yields in six European countries recently turning negative, there is good reason to believe investors might be more alert to the threats of disaster after many decades in which such risk appeared to decline. Vox Eu


Is the Stock Market Really Dying?

Just as there has never been anything wrong with the Broadway Theater that a hit show wouldn't fix, there's nothing wrong with stocks that can't be fixed by an economic recovery and a fresh bull market, writes Michael Sivy. TIME


Japan's Fiscal Crisis Comes of Age

After the recent agreement between the government and leading opposition parties to double the consumption tax – from 5% to 8% in 2014, and then to 10% in 2015, Yuriko Koike believes that Japan's political paralysis may have finally been lifted. Project Syndicate


Ryan and the Fundamental Economic Debate

With the addition Paul Ryan to the Republican presidential ticket, Robert Barro hopes the economic dialogue will encompass the enduring but still crucial debate about socialism versus capitalism. WSJ


Five years on, the Great Recession is turning into a life sentence

"Much of the debt will have to be written off. Whether this is done by inflation (1945-1952) or default (1930-1934) will be the great political battle of the decade. Pick your side. Pick your history." The Telegraph


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