Knowledge Bank on Behavioural Finance – 974

1st January 1999

MM Articles:

The Ordinary Madness of Markets: Inside the minds of traders (video)


If you want a time-honoured way to beat the crowd try this. Thisismoney sings the praises of contrarian investing

Worried you won't be able to spot a bubble? shows you how

The Economist's Buttonwood gives us a brief history of bubbles

A learned document from the World Bank from 2002, which obviously didn't have the impact the group might have hoped

George Soros himself on the 'gold bubble'

Schroders' view on the role of human psychology in financial markets

Schroders on herd mentality, risk and panic

Should you stay with the herd?The Times investigates

An interesting perspective on herding from a UCL professor, none the less

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