Knowledge Bank on China – 973

1st January 1999

MM Articles:

SRI: Water shortage a significant threat for China's economic growth

Chinese dragon blows cold breath on Japan’s rising sun

Is China still an emerging market?


Marc Faber, the author of the widely-read GloomBoomDoom report discusses China

An article from The Times discusses whether China is in a bubble

Background data on China from China Today; the comprehensive resource for all things to do with China

This BBC article says with the inflation rate in China having surpassed the government's 3% target, it could have created something of a policy dilemma for Beijing. Any significant pick-up in inflation would suggest bubble potential

Will the floating of the remnimbi make a difference? asks Paul Kasriel

The English version of the Chinese Government website

The Shanghai Stock Exchange comes complete with all the latest news

This blog, belonging to the great bull of China, Jim Rogers is always worth keeping an eye on

This comprehensive round-up of articles on about the region lends weight to the case for investing in China

The Market Oracle imparts for views on what China is worth investing in

But MoneyWeek's Editor-in-chief Merryn Somerset Webb isn't quite as convinced

Neither is the FT's Sunny Tucker

Moneywise magazine looks to the future and asks whether you can risk NOT investing

The World News website offers a wealth of videos, views and information

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