Knowledge Bank on Emerging Markets – 1001

1st January 1999

MM Articles:

Emerging Markets: The 'three key sources of inflationary pressure'

Is China still an emerging market?


HSBC's global head of macro and investment strategy, Philip Poole, talks about the impact of rising food prices on emerging market currencies in this broadcast on Bloomberg Television's Countdown show.

Schroders Talking Point site has some interesting information on emerging markets. In particular, a search on ‘emerging markets' throws up a piece on the relationship between markets and GDP growth.

It also covers emerging market debt, which is an often-overlooked way to invest.

Henderson's global snapshot puts emerging markets in context. This is a PDF

HSBC can rightly claim to have a strong presence in the majority of emerging markets. As such, it offers not only global emerging market funds, but also specialist funds such as Brazilian or Russian equity: Market commentary here and fund range here

Gartmore also has a number of emerging market specialists and a microsite for its China Opportunities fund

This is the FT's emerging markets ‘hub'. This also has useful links to news on emerging market companies

The definition of an emerging market is mostly governed by the index providers and, as such the universe of emerging market countries is mutable. MSCI, and Standard & Poor's have the latest updates.

These sites also show the performance of individual stockmarkets. The World Bank and The IMF also have their own definitions

This site – designed to promote investment in emerging markets – has a wealth of information on how these countries are developing

This article on the Motley Fool makes the much-needed point that GDP growth does not always equate to stock market growth and shows how to pick the likely winning markets

Here's a list of UK-listed emerging market funds with performance data from Trustnet 

This is a good intro to emerging market investing and why investors might want to consider it from MoneyWeek

This Reuters blog gives the other side to all the hype surrounding emerging markets and makes the serious point that all the growth in the world is useless if you pay too much for it

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