Knowledge Bank on Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – 933

1st January 1999

Find out what ETFs are, how to use them and trading strategies to employ with the London Stock Exchange's educational guide

The Investors Chronicle teaches you all you need to know on ETFs in its guide

For the latest prices and performance on all ETFs, use the London Stock Exchange's ETF search page

A great starting point – The Daily Telegraph's article gives you all the reasons why ETFs should be a part of your investment portfolio

If you want it short and sweet try The Motley Fool's 60 second guide

One of the most comprehensive sites – with news, educational information, trading tools and tips, podcasts, video and a load of other resources, ETF Trends offers a wealth of information on, you guessed it, ETFs

There's a comprehensive list of ETFs from around the world on Hargreaves Lansdown's site, complete with useful research

The FT has a great section that offers in depth coverage of ETF's (subscription required)

Trustnet has a comprehensive section dedicated to ETFs

As does Morningstar

The ETF Expert – with weekly podcast dedicated to the subject; all US-focused but of interest

Tom Lydon's ETF Trends is better-suited to the more adept ETF investor perhaps

If you're after a back-to-basics, step-by-step guide then a plain-talking, plain-looking ETF Database will do the trick

Tarquin Coe, author of the Coe Report, produces the ETF Review Service on Investors Intelligenc. If you want to go beyond equity indices and into bonds, currencies, emerging markets and commodities you'll have to pay though.

ETF Screen gives you the tools to evaluate the performance of the 800-plus ETFs available.


John Spence's ETF Investing on MarketWatch

Seeking Alpha is a leading investment blog and has a comprehensive section on ETFs

Dave's Daily ETF Digest is worth a look

If that round-up isn't enough for you then this site, ETF Expert gives you a round-up of the latest blogs and sites to talk about ETFs


If you like your ETF news updated minute-by-minute follow these tweets, dedicated to all things ETFs

ETF Database

ETF Daily News

ETF Trends

Tom Lydon

ETF Digest

Jason Kelly   


What is an ETF from  5min life Videopedia and Wild & Wacky ETFs from the same mob

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