Latest IT glitch delays vital payments for thousands of RBS and NatWest customers

17th June 2015


Yet another IT glitch has hit Royal Bank of Scotland and NatWest customers, this time leaving many  thousands missing payments that were due to be made overnight.

Around 600,000 payments of wages, tax credits and benefits were not paid into RBS customers’ accounts overnight may not be completed until the end of the week, the bank has said.

Payments of wages, tax credits and disability living allowance were among those that failed to be credited to accounts.

The Treasury Select Committee chairman and Conservative MP for Chichester Andrew Tyrie has immediately reacted to the failure, saying the delay in payments is “unacceptable”.

He called it a “serious IT failure” and noted it was “the latest of many in the industry”.

Tyrie says: “Many thousands of individuals and businesses have once again been badly hit. Customers that have suffered loss should be reimbursed in full by RBS. It is also important that credit scores remain unaffected.

“RBS is suggesting that the delayed payments will be processed ‘no later than Saturday’. This looks unacceptable.

“Restoration of payments should be a top priority. It is crucial for those in the greatest financial need and also those who find it difficult to go to a branch.

“These failures should concern both the conduct and prudential regulators. I will be writing to the Chief Executive of RBS, the Chief Executive of the Financial Conduct Authority, and the Chief Executive of the Prudential Regulation Authority to obtain reassurance that the steps necessary to bring a halt to these failures are being taken.”

A message on the bank’s website says: “We are aware of an issue which has resulted in a delay to payments and Direct Debits being applied to some customer accounts. We have fixed the underlying issue and we are working flat out to get these payments updated for our customers no later than Saturday. If you’re concerned about this issue, you can call 03457 242424 from mobiles, 0800 121 129 from landlines or visit your local branch where our staff are ready to help. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused, and will ensure no customers are left out of pocket as a result.”

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