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1st January 1999

Mindful Money is a social news and knowledge network.


Our Writers

We are fortunate to have a team of first-class writers on the Mindful Money team.

Covering all areas of finance and investment, our crack team will help you make sense of the news, as it unfolds, answer queries that you have, take you step-by-step through tricky issues, and be unafraid to give their opinions.

Alongside our team of experienced writers, who cover all areas of expertise and have been published in The Financial Times, The Daily Telegraph, Shares, Interactive Investor, Investment Adviser, Money Marketing, to name but a few, we also have some surprises.

Our unique take means that we are not afraid to call on people from outside the world of investment.

So we will harvest the thoughts, views and opinions of everyone and anyone, from organisational therapists to eco warriors, psychoanalysts to authors and academics; in short, anyone with the wherewithal to help us unravel and make sense of the investment issues of the day.

On Mindful Money everyone takes part equally; everyone has a voice – how well received they are depends on the quality of what they've got to say.

We want everyone to feel free to take part in the conversation on Mindful Money, so we're applying the spirit of online community forums to our work.  


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Our Publisher

Mindful Money is a new kind of publishing venture.

We have unconventional sponsors and an unconventional management ethos and style that puts ‘mindfulness' at the centre not just of what we publish, but how we manage our day to day interactions with each other.

What constitutes Content? ‘Content' means material including, without limitation, text, video, graphics and sound material, published on the  MM network.

Sponsors can use content with the consent of the Mindfulmoney team whose responsibility it is to ensure that contributor and community  sensitivities are observed and respected.

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