Microsoft’s lost decade

1st August 2012

Microsoft's Lost Decade

Since the turn of the millennium, Microsoft has lost its supremacy to the likes of Apple, Facebook and Google. Moreover, the tech giant has also lost its mojo. So who's to blame?  Kurt Eichenwald says the finger points squarely at C.E.O. Steve Ballmer, Bill Gates's successor. Vanity Fair


Dos and Don'ts for the European Central Bank

Martin Feldstein believes that the selective purchase of individual country bonds is both unnecessary and dangerous. Instead, the ECB should look to buy and sell a "neutral basket" of sovereign bonds, with each country's share in the basket determined by its share in the ECB's capital. Project Syndicate


The Hangover: How Las Vegas Explains the Past and Future of the Economy

"The first American city of the new century is a dazzling metaphor for our collapse – hyperconstruction! preposterous gambles! concerted recklessness! – and, just maybe, the way forward." The Atlantic


The Three Rings of the Libor Circus (and a Sideshow)

David Warsh takes a look at the "Go-to-jail" ring, "Central Banking" ring and "bank management" ring of the labor scandal. (There's also a "Sideshow" thrown in there for good measure.) Economic Principles


The incredible shrinking UK economy – an update

Using data from 2011, John Ross concludes that in terms of its real international position, the decline in the position of the UK is by far the worst of any major economy. Socialist Economic Bulletin


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